Life cycle of Beautiful Woman

Beauty has a life cycle. Woman’s beauty stays for a time period. Do its duties as instructed by nature. Finally disappears from the woman.

Beauty accompanies a woman for 15 to 20 years in her life span. If a woman lives for 70 years, beauty accompanies her for 15 years, at the maximum 20 years. Remaining 50 years she lives as only a woman but not as beautiful woman.

Beauty joins with a female when she is around 15 years old. It stays with the woman for the next 15 years. After 30+ years old, beauty bids farewell to her slowly.

Beautiful woman thinks she is beautiful. It is false. Beauty or youth is not a property we can possess and maintain. It appears and disappears on its own way during a life time of a woman.

During this ‘beauty period’ woman receives the penetrating eyes of Men. Woman mistakes as men are seeing her. Actually men are seeing and enjoying the beauty resides with her. Like people occupy a house and live, beauty occupy the body of the woman.

If any VIP reside in our neighborhood house, we tend to look the house often. When they vacate the house we do not see the house. The house looses its center of attraction.

Woman’s body is a home, where beauty resides for some time. During the time every men living in her proximity look at her. They stop looking at her when beauty vacated from her body.

Remember, nobody is seeing the woman, men are seeing the beauty in her. It is a very short period compared to the whole life time. Beautiful Women are center of attraction to men for a short span in their life time. If it is a disturbance or honor, woman may consider it in anyway but they have to bear or enjoy for a while only.

Beauty may extend its stay with some women. Like some people live more than 90 or 100 years, some woman looks beautiful even after their middle age. They are able to attract the look of men when they are 40 years old or 50+. But it is rare.

It depends on various known and unknown factors. Food, exercise, mind set, normal conscious state, economy, genetic, standard of living, level of stress in life and etc are involved in extending beauty.

Many things in our life are beyond reasoning. Average beauty period of a woman is just 15 years in her overall life span.

Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging

Here I am going to discuss two types of blogging. Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging.

Blogging is a powerful, influential, and ‘easily operatable publishing’ medium. Anybody can start a blog and write about anything. But many bloggers do not aware of the risk in blogging. Any content we feed to internet may create an impact to its reader or left unnoticed. If it impacts it’s reader, the level of impact may vary from slight stir to big bang. At the time of writing we may not know how it is going to reach the readers.

Safe blogging deals with general, entertainment, informative, hobbies, techie info, movie/audio reviews, funny things, comedy and etc. The way content is written and the subject dealt will not hurt anybody or any organization or any entity. It may be interesting or not. These type of content provider or blogger may be a non entity in the society. The content provided is mostly materialistic type, already duplicated or cloned. For example, A.R.Rahman got oscar. Safe bloggers will write about this topic. These type of blogging are not sensational normally. They never face any problem about what they have written. Even they do not have scope for critics.

Risk blogging deals with sensational issues. It is a daring expression of writers opinion about any individual or organization. These type of bloggers believe in something and strongly express their negativity against other type of believers or disbelievers. It is a sort of ideologist content normally. It stirs the emotion of readers. Reader may be in support of what is written or against. Either positively or negatively readers will get stir. Risk bloggers are ideologist. Their content is very hot and sensational. They invite both fame and problems through what they have written.

Example for Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging:

Example #1:
a)”Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of our century. He is the highest run scorer in test matches and ODI. He is playing since 16 year old boy….”. It is a safe content. Nobody can create problem for the above content.

b)Suppose one says, “Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of our century. Even though he is best as individual, he fails many times in important and pressure full matches. He succumbs to pressure. In this point Lara is a better batsman in pressure handling. He rises to the occasion when situation demands…”. This is a risky content, it may stir the public sentiment of Indian cricket fans. Even Sachin or some Sachin devotees may sue for abusing his fame.

Example #2
a)”Terrorism based on any reason should be banned. All countries should work together to stop the terrorism. Talibans moved their base to Pakistan from Afghanistan. It will be threat to India and western countries….”. This is a safe content.

b)Suppose one says, “Jihadhi based terrorism has struck the world in the last 10 years. Even the world super power America could not escape from terrorist attack. But for the last 10 years China has no such Jihadhi/islamic based terrorist attack. Chinese are not muslims, all terrorist group based on Islam or Jihadhi should attack China also. But no such incident in china. Is China so powerful as terrorist not able to attack it or the whole terrorism is the sleight of…”. This is a highly risky content. China may send a missile to the writer’s home.

Hope I have presented the difference between safe blogging and risk blogging.

If you belong to ‘Mr.Public’ society, never engage in risk blogging. You can not withstand the nemesis of your writing. You need to go office for your living. You depend on pay cheque. Your wife’ demands and children’s school fees and house rent are disturbing your sleep. You may need to work extra hours or even in weekends. You need say ‘Yes’ to your immediate boss. You curse the traffic while going to office but never mind to find a solution to it. You will watch both good and bad movies and criticize as good movies are good and bad movies are bad. You do not have any specific individuality to stand out in a crowd. Your main goal is to buy land or house and get ‘settle’ in life. Good education, good job, good salary are having important values in your belief system. Then never engage in risk blogging. Your family or you cannot survive without the salary if you are forced to face court or your day today life is disturbed. You are Mr.Public. Safe blogging is your domain, play there.

If you belong to ‘Mr.Individual’, you can blog about anything. You have nothing to loose. You can scold anybody and criticize anything. You may have ideology. You have principles. Your ideology and principles are having more value in your belief system than money. Even your family or personal commitments are secondary to you. You breath your ideology. This life is nothing to you, You are ready to sacrifice your life or you may have stupid followers to sacrifice their life for your sake. Either you may be dead poor or you may be very rich. You may be politician or public figure want more center of attraction. Facing issues, trials, problems are piece of cake to you. You have strong background. If you come under the above classification, you are ‘Mr.Individual’. You can write about anything.

Before blogging, analyze what type of content you are going to write and what type of person you are. If you are Mr.Public, engage in safe blogging. If you are Mr.Individual, engage in risk blogging and be prepared to face the nemesis of your writings.

Our government is not prohibiting us from starting a blog and express our thoughts. But it makes sure that we are responsible for the impact our expressions.

I have shown some example to distinguish between safe blogging and risk blogging. They are example only. Not my views. If it hurts you, please excuse me and don’t sue me.

I am Mr.Public. I have to go to my office tomorrow.

Dress Reflects Economy not Personality

Dress plays a major role in portraiting a man. Among men, everyone wears pant and shirt. But not the same quality. Each dress bear the wearers economic standard and status. Even dress is according to age wise.

Society is divided into three segments. Such as low class, middle class, and high class. Each class has its own quality of dress. By one’s dress, his class or status can be traced out. Prices of the cloth increases along with the improvement in quality. Price is fixed according to the products quality. Low class people can afford meekly, middle class moderately, high class inordinately. One can get the quality according to the amount he pays.

High quality dress shines, makes the man look better. It adds quality to the wearer. One who wears fine quality dress, he will get the quality of the dress he wears.

Middle quality dress portraits man as he is. It does not add extra beauty or facade to the wearer. The wearer of middle class dress, looks as he is.

Low quality dress depreciates the wearer. If reduces the personality of the wearer, wearer loose his original quality, which is suppressed by the worst quality dress.

High quality increases, low quality reduces, but middle quality portraits the same nature. The above quoted statement is for the safe of the writer, who belongs to the world largest middle class population in India. It is an out burst of a middle class self- projecting and self-justifying temperament.

Economic power plays the major role in designing the outer personality.

Dress does not determine the inner personality in real terms. Actually, economic condition of a man determines his personality for fifty percent. Rest is controlled by his mental temperament.

If a low class man after ascending to high class economic conditions, can wear high quality dress. His personality will change to rich man.

But a man in low class being in low economic condition, cannot acquire rich man’s personification, by buying high quality dress, by his hard saving. Because his mental temperament still sticks with real economic conditions.

Dress and Civilization and Globalization

Dress makes the complete man. An animal wears dress is man.

The primitive cloth of man were leaves and animal skin. There is no proper reason why man invented dress. It might be for prevention from natural forces like cold, winter, sun rays, and rain. It might be because of human’s natural instinct to look better and differently. Though dress might be for natural forces, later man developed a Sense of Dressing because of his instinct to appear beautifully.

Before the advent of dress, man was protected from natural forces by his hair running throughout the body. A thick layer of hair ran over his body. When he started to wear something, the need of hair was relaxed. Later human skin did not relay on hair for protection.

According to the theory of ‘Natural Selection’ the thick layer of hair began to fade from the body. It was fading from generation to generation. From generation to generation the quality of cloth and pattern of dress were developed better than previous form. As well as dress developed the layer of hair disappeared. Finally dress becomes like outer skin the human body.

Now dress is a mark of civilization. There are numerous civilization in the world. Like human, Civilization born, grow, change, and die. Great civilizations died in the past. Few civilizations are still thriving. Some are changing. One or two are about to born (Silicon civilization or Age of Semiconductors).

The pattern of dress depends upon the civilization and climate and major crop of its territory.

But nowadays the pattern of dress is becoming global. All over the world man wear pants and shirts for official purpose. Traditional dresses are occasional dresses. They are only for traditional festivals and functions.

In India the traditional dress of woman – ‘Sarees’ is becoming obsolete. Now in India the protocol of dress pattern for females are modernizing because of the influence of western civilization through globalization.

The traditional dress lost its value all over the world. Even muslims in non-islamic countries are changing their dress code according to modern trend.

Very few people in small number stick with traditional wear. We can not do anything for this change of dress code.

What is traditional now was a new trend in the past. What is new today will be traditional in the future.

Work without Stress

Today’s biggest problem to developing and developed countries is Stress to their working force. Nobody cares about it. Because Stress is a slow process. It can slowly spoil the your relationship with others.

People fight because of the stress but without aware of it.

Hidden reason for many divorce is relationship stress.

Many job jumping is because of stress. Once the stress is increased in the current job by whatever reason, people change the company. Soon in the new company, the same is repeated.

The causes of stress may be anything, but stress spoils the quality of life. We will loose our sense of well being.

High expectation, committing more than what you can deliver, fear of loosing the job, under paid job, working for long hours, working without taking rest in proper intervals, and immediate boss harassment are all related to job stress. People work happily in one company and jump to another company for higher pay then trap into the stress. Because higher pay demands higher productivity.

We should aware of stress limit. Like body weight increases stress increases without our knowledge. We feel it later on ,when it becomes the issue.

We can work out everyday to avoid increasing body mass, in the same manner we can practice certain relaxation work out in our daily life. So stress level will be in control. Yoga, meditation, music, sports, walking, aquarium are better anti-stress practices. One should aware which best suits him/her for stress relaxation. Practice it everyday.

Use your leaves offered in office. Take leave in proper interval. Go to vacation. Never do over-work continuously. Never work with tension. If tension mounted then stop working. Never fear of loosing job.

Do not think the current employment is the end of job market. There is no job security in the world. World is the biggest market with vast variety. You can sell yourself at the price you expect easily. World is big.

Never work under stressful environment. This life is one time, live peacefully and happily.

If there is any immediate boss harassment in your working place, disappear from the place without even intimation. We are not here to fight with such superiors.

Long working hours will not kill you, but kill your quality of life. Beware of Long workings.

Better way to beat ‘Fear of Losing Job’ is save three months of your pay check in your bank. Whatever happens you can get another job within three months. Your savings can meat out your life needs. Do not be in a situation as if your pay check stopped, depend on others or borrow money for your expense. Save some amount to balance job hunting time.

Your loyalty to company, efficiency, expertise level , say many ‘yes’ to boss and nothing is going to protect expect your bank balance. Your ability to work consistently is the key factor of your survival and success not your loyalty to boss. There is no royalty for loyalty.

Your mental and physical fitness and skill set are the most important things to earn than anything. Preserve it. Protect it from Stress.

Power Consumption causes global warming

Power Consumption is a big threat to environmental safety of earth. The consequences of human scientific power consumption and other scientific applications lead to hole in ozone layer.

Do you thing is human scientific way of power generation right? I do not think so. It is wrong. Like bugs in software programs, which do not give much harm at the initial stage, but later result in software crash.

In long distance scaling, slightest variation may not be spotted out initially, but result in a big blunder later. Example: A missile target is set to 90 decrees angle east from its base. The target is 1000 miles away. Mistakenly the angle is set to 90.001 decrees. This may not be much different in numerical figures, but biggest difference in the final target. 1000 miles away target by 90 decrees and 90.001 decrees are two different locations.


During the course of human civilization and scientific development, a minute error happened. That is coal, oil, nuclear reactors and dams. They are sources of power generation. These errors were not spotted out in the past. Now they are fatal mistakes.

The nemesis of using coal, oil, nuclear reactors, dams may extinct Life from earth. God keeps coal and oil deep into the earth and away from human contact. But we have dug them out.

We are doing mistakes to be unmistakable. Errors are correctable. We can correct our self.

Now we have to find alternate sources for power, which are environmental friendly. We have to find it and preserve our Bio-Environment. Wind, sea waves and Solar are other best alternates. As per today’s scientific norms they are harmless to environment. Lets transform to Bio-Electicity.

But the impact of bio-electricity will come to know only in the future.

Power Consumption refers to Electricity, fuel Usage.

Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a Solution or Problem?

Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) a Solution or Problem to global warming?

Instead of reducing the carbon emission, clean the Air from carbon emitted. This is what carbon captured and storage methodology.

Assume that dons and dons of carbon captured and deposited in the CCS machine. Where will the captured carbon go? How to dispose it and where to dispose it?

There are two ideas suggested by scientists.

First is throw the captured carbon into the outer space of the earth. Assume that, it will ‘cover’ the earth from sun rays and reduce global warming.

Space is a garbage, collecting rocket and satellite wastes already. If CCS implemented, space will be a dust bin for carbon.

There is no guarantee for, carbon thrown into outer space will not come to our surface due to earth’s gravitational force. There may be ‘black rain’ in the future.

Second idea is bury the carbon deep into the earth. This seems to be better than the first idea. Let the carbon go back to its original place.

We dig out the coal. Now bury the coal in the form of carbon to its original place. So, we can re-use the carbon after few hundred years or more when the buried carbon becomes coal.

We may not know, how the land and ground water will be contaminated because of buried carbon. There may be rise of carbonated water from earth. Our scientist will come out with a solution to treat the carbon contaminated water to potable water.

We seed a problem now and find out solution to solve it when it sprouts out.

Developed countries may deposit or bury their carbon waste in developing or under developed countries. Developed countries may be cleaned from carbon by converting developing and under developed countries as carbon ‘dust bin’.


For me CCS seems to be pain killer, but not a permanent solution to the root cause. It may give some relief initially.

The money, time, effort will be invested in implementing CCS can be diverted to create new forest and protect existing forest. Forest(trees) is the natural carbon capturing and storage plant.

In overall, CCS is not going to solve the problem. It may postpone the problem and allow it to rise in different form in the future.


If you do not know what is CCS, please read further.

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) is a new terminology in global warming to me. Developed countries and scientists see CCS is one of the way to fight global warming and climate change.

CCS’ main focus is to filter carbon dioxide emission due to fossil fuel usage. Like Coal, Petrol, Diesel, etc.

CCS is a methodology to filter carbon from air. Assume that a huge machine size of a sky scrapper building. It sucks the air. Filter the carbon available in the air. Captured carbon is deposited. The purified air is released out.

In simple words – Assume that you have fish tank or Aquarium set up in your home. You can see a motor running in the tank. There is a filter at the bottom of the tank, which may be buried under the pebbles or sand in the tank. Excretion of fishes are filtered and deposited at the bottom of the tank. Every two or three months, filter has to be cleaned.

In common man understanding the same can be assumed with CCS process.

Instead of reducing carbon emission, it filters the carbon emitted.

As on date CCS is not yet implemented.

Sense of Wellbeing

Sense of wellbeing is the quality of your living. How we live is more important than how long we live. Till our last breadth, we should be happy and healthy.

Do not think that rich people have sense of well being and poor do not have. Money is not any way related to sense of well being. It may be one of the ingredients to get sense of well being, but not as a whole. Your economic status, social status, and other social tagging are not related to sense of well being.

What is sense of well being? It is a state of mind, which reflects in your action and speech. Sense of well being is entirely depending on the ‘emotional well being’. As long as the employees are having sense of well being their chances of job hopping is less. Relationship breaks due to lack of well being feeling.

Benefits of sense of well being are many. It reduces the aging process. Increase our immunity. It gives a cordial relationship with people around us. Sense of well being is just opposite of stress.

Enemies of Sense of well being

First enemy of sense of well being is stress. Stress can be of many types like work load stress, relationship stress, financial stress, old age stress, and many more. When you have stress you will loose sense of well being and vice versa. Lead a stress free life. Avoid getting stress or learn to relax.

Second thing which kills our sense of well being is our negative feelings or moods. Angry, fear, tension, jealous, urgency, inferiority complex, hesitation, obsessive thought pattern, hate, boring feeling, worries, depression are negative feelings or moods which take away our sense of well being.

Nothing in the universe is in our control, expect our mind. Mind is the only thing we can control. But we try to control outer world rather than inner world. We can avoid loading these negative moods into our head. It is not easy to ignore these feelings, but we can ignore these moods by practice. These negative feelings can influence you, but cannot change a single bit out of you.

If you live without stress and negative feelings, then you can realize what sense of well being is. There is no word to explain what is it? Stress management, mood regulator may be a high self management concepts. There is a simple way to have sense of well being. Which game was interesting to you when you where in childhood or boyhood or when you lived happily. Play that game again. Play with full fun and laugh. Then sense of well being will embrace you. How many of us playing after started to receive salary.

How to give up Habits

Habit means “A practice which is automated and hard to give up”. A regular tendency or sometimes an urge to be in a mood or do an action.

Habit is one of the features of human mind. The concept of habit is similar to the motion in universe.

There are countless and various types of habits in the world. According to the change of time, habits also change. Watching TV, eating snacks, drinking alcohols, smoking are all ‘known habits’.

There are unknown habits too. Often settle down in a particular ‘mood’, perform actions related to the mood. ‘Habitual Moods’ are unknown habits. We can not perceive it physically.

The reason for making acquaintance with an activity initially may be anything. The often repeated activity soon becomes habit. When an activity becomes habit we will be slave to that habit.

The expense for most of the habits are shooting up in both money and other resources like time, etch. People spend from minor to major portion of their income for their habits.

Giving up a Habit

For giving up a habit we need self control, self discipline, and mental consistency.

All who are trying to give up a habit will not succeed. Very few percentage are succeeding. In normal case we have to sacrifice few ‘failures’ in our efforts to succeeding in giving up a habit. It is like getting through Indian Government Competitive examinations. Some people succeeds instantly when they take oath to give up their habit. Most of the pledges to give up habit will go at astray.

There are two ways for giving up a habit. Slowly, but steadily we are addicted to habit. In the same way we can give up a habit. Secondly we addicted to habit suddenly like starting drinking when failed in love or something else. We can give up habit suddenly, but to give up suddenly we need formidable self control.

There is no habit in the world can be defined as beyond giving up. All habits can be given up by human effort. All men have the courage and self control to stop a habit. Escalating method is the easy and systematic way to give up any kind of habit at any stage.

Impact of Habit

There are two types are habit in practice. There are good habits and bad habits. Good habits are favorable to the practitioner and Bad habits destroy the practitioner.

Becoming a slave to a good habit is beneficial. We have to find good habits and practice it till we are slave to the habit.

In reality, becoming slave to bad habit is very easy, but giving up is very tough. Giving up a good habit is very easy, but get addicted to good habit is very tough.

Best temperament over habits is get the control over all sorts of habits. We should be able to command our habits to activate and deactivate, this is even applicable to our thought process and thought addictions.

Time Machine See you Past and Future

Time Machine can help you to face problems and choices by making you see yourself.

There are many science fiction stories have the plot of Time Machine. With time machine we can travel between times.

But personally I do not believe the concept of time itself. Time does not exits in reality. Time is an illusion. If there is no events, no need for time.

Let us come to time machine. If you are traveling in time machine you go back in the past, you can see yourself. How do your react, what do you speak when you meet yourself.

Can you prepare a questionnaires what would you like to ask or can you guess what your younger version will ask to you. What kind of advice ‘both of you’ will exchange.

If I see my ten year old younger version, I remember what were the situations I faced 10 years back, How did I react. Now I am 32 years old. At 22 years of time my belief cum value system, faith are totally different from what is now. Situation, problems, choices, opportunities, interest, needs are totally different. Both are me (version 22 and version 32). But both are two different persons in many aspects.

The success and failure, comfort and struggles, loses and gains might have sculptured me a lot.

At 22 years old, I made few decisions, selected few choices. Some were right move, and some were wrong move, I realized that later on. Now I know, what was the right decision. But past is past. Let it go.

Even now, I am taking decisions, but only my future version of 42 years old knows the result. I do not bother about the results of my decisions. We can take decision by our experience and knowledge what we have now.

There is no use of knowing the right solution for the wrong decision taken in the past. The knowledge will not help you any way to take decision for a current problem. Similarity of the problems may reduce your tension level but results may differ.

I do not mind my decisions when I was 22 years old. But I concern about my feelings, my mental reflexes to the old problems. The impact of problems over me.

During my 22, I was emotionally imbalanced while facing the problems. I worried too much unnecessarily. I hesitated a lot. I afraid a lot. I was obsessed a lot.

The big problems at 22 years old are not at all a problem now. Problems were problems. I had to take either right or wrong decision. But my emotions were definitely wrong. I could be emotionally balanced. No needed to worry, no needed to be obsessed. No needed to stuff problems to head. Which I realize now. I could have handled the situation calmly. I mean I could be emotionally cool while facing the problems. I could have seen problems easily than assuming the world is going to end.

The importance I gave to the problems was too much, now I realize. I bottle necked many emotions. I could have expressed, which I realize now.

The only feedback I like to give to my ‘past version’, is that he could be normal instead of got tensed to problems and decision making. He should have stop worried. He should not have hesitated. He should not be afraid. He could be emotionally well balanced with a sense of well being in all the circumstance.

Nobody knows what is right or wrong solution to a problem until taking decision. No need to re-write the decisions taken in the past which was wrong later on. But ‘He’ could be cool, steady and stable to the problems he came across. No obsess or no hurry or no guilty feeling in the past.

Now the situation changed in the Time Machine. The ‘future version’ of myself after ten years has come to see me. Myself at 42 years old has come to see my present(32 years old).

As a senior what will be the feedback/advice to me by my ‘Future Version’ after a decade. I too have problems/choices now like my past version at 22 years old. Still I am emotionally imbalanced to my problems and decision making. Still having fear, hesitation, tension, hurry like my old version.

My ‘future version’ will give the same advice, what I have given to my ‘past version’. Because my problems are silly to him. It is good to be balanced, detached from problems,decisions,choices and results. ‘He’ will say to me as ‘Problems are problems, some decision have to be taken. Right or wrong will be known later on. But keep cool and relaxed always’.

Have a dream that you are going to meet your past and your future will meet you. Visualize the advices for the problems, choices you face at different stages of your life by different versions of yourself.

How many of you have come to realize now that if you have expressed your willingness, you could have got many things which you missed in the past.