Why do I run a blog when there is no readers?

Why do I run a blog when there is no readers? Why do I run websites when there is no traffic?

The answer is here in Tamil language –

I started to blog for expressing about something which stirs me. Something which gives feast to my analytical skills. Of Course. I am proud being addicted to analyse. This addiction with limitation (not too much) improves my life and career too.

How to give free stuff in India

You can give your used or unused books, phones, furniture and anything to the people who are in need through FreeYa.in.

Either you can post what do you want to dispose or you can see what people want and give them directly. There is no middlemen or middling in FreeYa.in. The donator and the receiver can communicate directly. Try it to dispose your unwanted stuff instead rusting and dusting in your home.

Get Free Stuff in India

How to get free stuff in India?

Get Free Stuff
Get Freebies

FreeYa.in is a digital platform to share things freely from books, phones, furniture, to anything. People can dispose the used or unwanted things to the needy. Here giver and the needy can connect directly, no middle men.

In case, if you dont see what you want in FreeYa.in, then you can post what you want in the site. Anybody who see your post, with the ability to give what you want, by chance, may contact you to give it.

Either you can search existing free stuff posted in FreeYa.in or you can post what do you want to the world through freeya.in