Road Sense – We dont deserve freedom

We the people of India, dont deserve freedom. It is evident from observing our riding/driving behaviors in road. How we adhere to traffic rules, shows whether we deserve freedom or not. We dont deserve to be our rulers and administrators from observing how we build our roads, streets and how we maintain them.

We never obey traffic rules, we violate traffic rules, we never respect co-rider, co-driver. Big vehicles never respect small vehicles, small vehicles never fear about big vehicles. We overtake at will, we apply break at will, we intimidate fellow travelers in our sudden twist or movements.

During traffic jam, we move ahead in opposite lane.

We drive at mad speeds in narrow streets which are in pathetic condition.

We allow our children to ride/drive motor vehicles without driving license. We ride motorcycle without helmet and proper documents. We drive four wheelers without wearing seatbelt and without insurance.

We never be patience in traffic jam. We never be patience while standing in queue, anytime somebody will intrude the queue order, or somebody behind you, will overtake you in queue. Even in queues in temple to worship God have tension and no peace.

British should have ruled us for extra 50 years to teach road sense and road behaviors to inbuilt in our cult and build good roads and streets and teach our rulers and administrators as how to build road and street and how to maintain them.

Premature independence, freed the drunken monkeys to chaos the roads and streets. Chaos in our roads and streets.