Heart Attacks False Belief and Hypothesis

Sugar, Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks. Which is the worst disease? Can diet and exercise prevent them? Are they genetically induced?

The above three are not induced by external bacteria or virus. They are body’s by products from our diet and depending upon the metabolic rate of our body. Metabolic rate varies from individual to individual.

There are various belief system or hypothesis prevailing in the society about heart attack.

Avoid eating oily foods to prevent Blood Pressure and cholesterol. It is really true? I am not sure and nobody gives guarantee for that. You consult a doctor, ask him a written guarantee as you will not have Blood Pressure Or cholesterol or heart diseases if you avoid oily foods. OK, include meat in the avoiding list. You become vegetarian.

Now consult a doctor and ask a written guarantee from him as you will not have sugar, BP, and heart diseases. Doctor will not give a written guarantee.

Because, he can not also give a written guarantee as people eat oily foods, meat must have sugar, BP, and heart diseases.

In reality there is no rule that eating oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should bring sugar, BP, heart diseases.

In the same way, there is no rule that avoiding oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should not bring sugar, BP, heart diseases..

Got it?

There are various hypothesis about foods and its effect in body.

The impact of food over body varies from individual to individual depending upon the metabolic rate.

Eating rice will bring Sugar, so eat Chappati(wheat). Eating Chappati will increase your body weight. So you will have Blood Pressure. Anyway you will have Sugar or Blood Pressure even though you avoid Rice or eat rice.

Skipping break fast will bring heart attack. Drinking hot water reduce cholesterol level.

Is it a scientific fact or hypothesis?

If a disease is genetically programmed to you by birth, what is the role of food in bringing the disease. If Sugar is genetically programmed, irrespective of you eat rice-sweet items or don’t, you will be a Sugar patient sooner or later.

If you cholesterol is secreted by your body which is programmed genetically, damn sure you will die by heart attack even you avoid meat and oily foods.

The role of Gene and Diet in bringing the disease is still a mystery, so leading to countless hypothesis and belief and ‘sayings’.

I like bajji (Capsium and onion) very much, but because of the fear of Blood Pressure, fat, cholesterol and heart attack I avoid eating it. There are list of foods I avoid because of the fear of disease and death irrespective of my likings.

I am not sure if Bajji brings the disease or I am genetically programmed.

I walk nearly four to five kilo meters a day to avoid disease. You must know it is painful to walk everyday when you are walking because of the fear of disease rather than you like to walk.

Walking for the sake of interest and walking for the sake of disease are totally different.

Act by fear and Act by like – both have drastic different. I feel walking by fear of disease brings other sort of disease psychologically or physically. It is better to stop walking out of fear, which may land you up on some other misery or mystery.

Walking can prevent the killer diseases or it can not prevent the killer diseases. I am not sure. I feel believing anything is a hypothesis. Because it works for somebody and does not work for others.

What works for me may not work for my brother or sister or friend. But what I do is if anything works out for me I started creating a new hypothesis and spread it. Rest of the people blindly follow it.

If a doctor cures your disease you immediately start recommending everybody to that doctor. But there is no guarantee that he can cure all.

When I look into the ‘sayings’, practices, prevention tactics, diet controls and etc to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack, I feel the whole humanity is living by hypothesis. Life is full of hypothesis.

Heart Attack is not a disease. It is a call. Call to bid farewell to this world. It is better to die by heart attack within minutes rather suffering for years and years in Sugar and Blood Pressure.

Even many saints and yogis ‘leave this world’ by heart attack, because it is quick and easy.

Preventing Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack is not going to stop you from Death. It is a fact not hypothesis.

Whether you follow diet control, exercise, regular checkup with doctor all may help you prevent the killer diseases, but you can not escape from Death. You may not die by sugar, bp or heart attack, but you will be die by some other disease or by accident.

The worst disease is ‘Health Conscious’, not Sugar or Blood Pressure or Heart disease.

‘Health Conscious’ prohibits you from eating what you like to eat and doing what you like to do. It forces you to eat what you do not like to eat and do what you do not like to do.

Health conscious people do exercise, maintain their diet to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and cholesterol.

By having too much health conscious some people avoid those diseases but bring uncurable mental disease called fear.

Fear of disease, fear of death itself a psychological disease.


Right now everybody has Coltan in their hand, pocket, and bags. It is kept close to human chest and head.

Coltan at micro level mingles with everybody in the Age of Semi Conductors.

Coltan is a hard ore used in high performance semi conductors as capacitors to control the current flow. It is notable for its high heat resistance.

Coltan is widely used in mobile phone and hand held devices industry. It is used in Laptops and IPODs too.

There is a sudden demand for Coltan since 2000 due to expanding mobile phone market.

Awareness of Coltan and its impact in Globe especially in Central Africa is not known to common man who use mobile phones. It’s awareness is at the techie level.

Common man should have the awareness of Coltan and its appliances and its impact to humanity and environment.

A Century back Coal and Fossil fuels were unearthed. Now we face the nemesis. Now Coltan is unearthed, who is going to face its nemesis in the future.

Life of Addiction – Silicon Civilization

Addiction is a very important behavior in human life. It is a way to program our brain. Biological to mental many behavior and many things are happening because of addiction only. With or without our awareness we get addicted to many things. Some addictions are good and some are bad. Some addictions are genetically passed.

Once you are get addicted it is very difficult to give up. You must be well aware of ‘Practical Awareness’ to give up any habit or addiction.

From smoking to going late to office everything is addiction only. There are few people who always come lately to office. Because they addicted to ‘going late’. Even they do not know why they are late.

Some people are always happy and some are always sad. Somebody get friction with colleagues, superior, management wherever they work, they get addicted to office politics. Some people will change their job in short intervals, because they get addicted to ‘Job Hopping’.

I am going to discuss some addictions of ‘Silicon Civilization’, which are waste of time and energy.

Browsing Addiction
Browsing addiction which are major addiction to people who work with internet. More than 90% of the browsing is un purpose. Just a digression from why we start browsing.

Many software related people or anybody with access to internet browse in a useless way. For example, you are a web application programmer. You access internet or browse while programming or searching some technical help. But What do you do when you do not have anything to work, you are in ‘bench’. Even now you browse, without your awareness as why you are browsing.

Do not cheat yourself as studying or learning. If you browse one hour per day for learning which will have great impact in your career positively.

Many time, when I was sitting in front of computer without any work. I watched some feelings in my fingers. Even I do not have any purpose to browse, my fingers tempt to type something move the mouse, search something, finally browsing begins. It is because of addiction. If you are addicted to browsing, you will browse even without any true purpose.

Take an observation when you do not have any work and sitting in front of computer with internet access. No purpose of searching or browsing. Now watch and record all your activities. Many browsing are un-necessary. You land in a gaming site or chatting with a ‘friend’ or viewing porn or listen to music or reading this article or checking your email for 76th time.

When you do not have any work, sit in front of computer and try not to touch the key board and mouse at least for one hour. Now you can feel what is ‘addiction’. Some times without your intention your hands will ply over keyboard. Your mind creates so many flimsy reason to browse.

Empty mind is devil’s workshop is 100% true for programmers in bench and people who browse without any purpose. Try not to touch the keyboard for one hour a day while sitting in front of the computer.

Mobile addiction: Some people can not live without using Whatsupp, Facebook. Addicted to Whatsapp, facebook and keep disturbing others. Without any purpose use their study time and office hours to engage in Whatsapp.

In the same way people addicted to talk over mobile phone. The talk is no-stop. They keep talking, words and words. All are useless. Waste of time. Many people get into problem because of addicted to ‘non stop mobile talk’. For the sake of speaking discussing personal things, gossips, creating rumors, bad comments about others. Moreover speaking in public places, without the awareness that others can listen your speech.

Because of the mobile addiction, mobile phone and telephone networking companies are profiting. I heard a news as leading mobile company proprietor do not use mobile phone personally as not necessary to him. Mobile phone addiction is part and parcel of Silicon Civilization.

Chaos Theory – Coltan – Mobile Phone Usage

Chaos Theory can be understood from using mobile phones.

Are you using mobile phone? If yes, You are killing Gorillas. You force many people in central Africa to be a smugglers, slave labors, and miners. Many boys are driven to work in mines because you are using mobile phones.

Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. Every mobile phone users are causing civil war among the African Nations Congo, Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi. This is chaos theory. Your mobile phone craze is creating war in Central Asia. Hand digged central African mines are exploited for you.

Here is how the chaos Theory worked out with Mobile phone users:

Mobile phone needs a hard mineral called Tantalum. Tantalum is the industrial name. This Tantalum or tantalite is mainly mined in Congo a African Country. The original name of Tantalite in Congo is COLTAN.

Coltan has the higher heat resistance. It is used as capacitors in high performance semi conductors. It is used/needed in high performance circuit boards of hand held widgets. Coltan used to control the current flow in circuit boards of the mobile phones. Without Coltan or tantalite mobile phones may not have such a high performance. Or there is no alternative to coltan is found so far. Your mobile phones circuit board uses Coltan or tantalite to control the current flow.

To make a mobile phone Coltan is needed. Coltan is mined in Congo forest areas. No need to say how much demand is for Coltan in this Age of Semi Conductor. Like Gold Rush in California in mid 18th century, now a Coltan rush in Congo.

So Congo forest are ‘cleared’ for mining Coltan. The main area where Coltan is mined, also contains the Kahuzi Biega National Park, home of the Mountain Gorilla. No need to say what will happen to wild animals when deforestation done. You can understand that the count of Gorilla is getting reduced. Soon, mountain Gorillas in Congo will be listed in Endangered species (might be already listed).

Because of the high price and demand people started smuggling the Coltan from the Congo miners and sell it for high cost. Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi are selling Coltan even though they do not have Coltan mines. Coltan war and Coltan smuggling are happening at the borders of Congo,Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi.

Due to the rapid expanding mobile industry, there is a greedy demand for Coltan which resulted in emergence of Coltan Mines Labours. Coltan mines labor includes all age group of people. Like pressure on Indian software developers, Coltan miners are under constant pressure to dig more and more.

When you receive a call, attend a call, send sms, receive sms, listen to songs, watch videos and photos in your mobile phone or other hand held devices, please aware of the consequences of your action which impacting other part of the globe.

You and we are part of chaos Theory. Every call we make at the cost of disturbing the Gorillas life, some body smuggles and some body engage in war and some body works days and night in mines.

The environmental issues of using Coltan is yet to be researched.

Why you should not do freelancing

Freelancing is thriving in software outsourcing industry. But it should not be done. Though it may give additional income in short run, it has subtle negative impact on the life of freelancer in long run. This topic is applicable to any type of freelancing followed by a Day Job.

Freelancing Takes Away your Time.
Human is not a working machine. We are working to live or living to work? If you do freelancing along with your day job, your whole time is taken away. Even after coming from office you have to sit in front of your computer and continue the work till midnight or full night. You will not have time to spend with your family, friends. You will not have time to spend with what is interesting to you.

If you have any hobby, you cannot engage in your hobby. Keeping too busy may be a center of attraction for a short while. But in long run you miss out your human circle or your family, friends may forget you.

Freelancing gives More money without time to Spend it.
You will have more money but without time to spend it. It is meaningless. A money which not spent is practically does not exists. Earn money along with the time to spend it. You live when you spend your money.

Freelancing Create Tension.
Those who do not have computer in their home, try to do freelancing works secretly in office. In between office works they do freelancing works. This creates tension and fear. You should be fearing about what will happen if anybody trace your activity. Moreover, you will have more work load in short time (both office and freelancing work), which ultimately reduce your quality at both office and freelancing.

Do not depend on Freelancing Income.
Freelancers slowly develop confidence over their freelancing income and customers. They slowly under estimate or starting to neglect their day job responsibilities. Start thinking they can start a company on their own. Thinking of even giving up the day job, irresponsible to their immediate boss at office. You become rebellious or uncontrollable in your day job office.

Practically, freelancing income is not a residual income. If you stop freelancing or if you do not get a client, you will not get additional income. Additional income is charm full when you have main income. If you do not have main income, you can not live within additional income. Always give top priority to your day job. Freelancing is not a residual income. Do not depend on it. It may disappear at any moment in your life.

Freelancing may Create a Guilty Feeling if your Day Job Boss is Kind and Honest.
You are accepted by your Boss as you are. Your heart beat is not changing when you see or speaking to your Boss. You are paid regularly and promptly. You have a good rapport with your Boss. In this case, you will have guilty feeling when he comes to know your freelancing activity. Damn sure you will have guilty feeling.

Work without rest, less sleep, tension, fear, over confidence, money not able to spent, and Guilty feeling will reduce your quality of life in long run. It will affect your self-esteem too. So avoid engaging in freelancing. Freelancing is not a financial security or residual income, it is a trap. Do not freelance.

How to Avoid Emotional Hijack

Emotional Hijack can be avoided by three ways.

1) Emotional Intelligence Quotient( EQ)

2) Ventilate emotions then and there

3) Unconditional love towards rest of the world.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient(EQ)

EQ is about managing your emotions. You should not be explosive in your emotions. You should be having control over expressing your emotions. Top business management people have high EQ. You can not read the emotions or reactions or feelings of the leaders or successful bosses in the world easily.

People having high Emotional Quotient never get hijacked by emotions.

Ventilate emotions then and there

Ventilating emotions then and there will avoid emotional hijack. You are not bottle necking or suppressing any emotions. Even your negative emotions are emptied after expressing it.

This approach is not possible for all the people.

Suppose in your office, your boss or immediate supervisor irritating you. You are angry because of their tossing. You can not express your anger to them then and there. If you do so, you may loose your job. So you have to suppress it behind a smiling face. Once you go home, you can ventilate the latent anger to your family members in some way.

Only the Bosses or leaders or people with the ability to provide can follow this approach – express your emotions then and there.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love will avoid emotional hijack. You will not have negative feelings to suppress by other’s activity. You treat everybody as your child or kid. So you will not get angry or irritated by other’s behavior towards you. So there is no chance for emotional hijack if you follow unconditional love.

Unconditional love is possible to you when you get rid off your inner negatives. Which is not possible for an average people who are obsessed to dodge wealth, health, pride, and other physical and ego needs.

The best way to avoid emotional hijack out of the three approaches is learn and improve your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ).

The best example for EQ is Black Mamba character in Kill Bill movie. The role was done by Uma Thurman. I am not aware whether Uma Thurman has EQ or not. But her role in Kill Bill I & II can be an example for having EQ.

When she wake up after bed ridden for several years, she does not express her emotions for loosing her lover and child. She does not cry. Till revenging everybody she does not let her emotions blow out.

Even while facing and fighting with the offenders she did not weep or get angry, but she supposed to be like that.

After killing the boss Bill, she returns to home. She cry for what happened so far in her rest room at the end of the movie while her kid watching TV.

She let her emotions when she decide to ventilate. Such control over emotions is perfect EQ.

Office Politics

People working for few tens as salary to few millions as salary. All are doing office politics. I do not know why people are doing politics.

Here is my analysis or hypothesis about Office Politicians.

People have no big inner motive to do politics.

Some motives are, Get closer to the Boss, by separating others. They keep blaming others and act well as good they are. They show more interest in the organization more than the Boss.

Make the boss feel so important to them. They are so favorable to him. All are fake, just politics. Getting close to Boss is a simple ego game.

All are acting. They are the people who run away from back doors during emergency. Politicians are good escapers.

All are due to fears. They fear for job security. If they do not have fear of loosing job, they do not do office politics.

Office Politicians pollute the friendly working atmosphere.

Skilled people never do politics. They do not have time to think of politics. They speak through their work. They have confidence and knowledge and real experience to survive anywhere and everywhere at anytime and all time. They give earnings to the

Office Politicians suck the company.

They make the really talented good human resource to move away from the company. They do all sort of cheap politics to disturb talented human resource by the fear that they may lose importance.

They keep disturbing the employees who really bring income to company. They have the urge to dominate employee who is economically beneficial to company. Many bosses are fools; they believe the hypnotism of cheap politicians.

Be aware of corporate politicians and their politics. This awareness will help to safeguard our self and also to counter play.

Job Hopping due to colleague’s resignation

How do you feel, if you colleague moving to better company with better offer?

You may like your current employer. You are so comfortable there. You are recognized by your current employer. You feel happy at your pay. Medium work load. Everything is going well. When your colleague gets offer from a better company with better pay your feelings towards the company is changing.

Your pay, work load, your comfort level, and everything are same, which you were satisfied with. When your colleague got offer you start comparing and loose your sleep. You start to hate the features from your current employer, which you liked them in the past.

For example in India, software industry is thriving well. Different level of companies is there from one employee companies to companies having employees in hundreds to thousands. The top ones are CMM level 5 companies like Wipro, TCS, CTS, Patni, Infosys, HCL, and etc. Employees keep changing the companies till they reach the CMM level 5 companies. But job hopping is happening in all sorts of companies, from small to CMM level 5. Employee working in small and medium size companies dream for CMM level 5 companies, but there are employees who quit/change from CMM level too. Job hopping is everywhere in all type of companies.

You work in a medium size company. You pay is little lower than CMM level/MNC companies. Any how you are satisfied. When your next sitting colleague get offer from a CMM level or MNC company, you get upset. You start to hate what you like in current company, you to want to move like your ex-colleague. You update your resume, start attending interviews. You prepare a mind state artificially as you cannot work in the current company any more. You start giving negative comments about current company. You may get offer from CMM level or MNC companies like your ex-colleague or you may get offer from same level of companies like your current company.

Since you have developed a ‘hate’ attitude towards your current company, you can not work any more. You forget that you started to hate your company after your colleague get offer from a big company; otherwise you will be keep loving your current company. You start to believe that the company is bad. You cannot work any more in the ‘worst work culture’, which was liked by you in the past.

Due to this artificial psychological pressure or an illusion, you accept offer from another company like your current company (just another company), because you cannot wait for CMM level or MNC company offer. You fail to notify the reason for your colleague’s move. They did not have prior plan or ‘interview efforts’ to enroll into big company. His/her move may be a chance or timing opportunity S/he did not move because the current employer is bad. They move because the future company is the best. They did not have negative feelings about the company like you. They made a ‘vertical upwards move’ in their career. You made a ‘Horizontal move’. Horizontal move is not necessary unless for valid reasons like relocation.

You move vertical or horizontal, but job hopping is done. But try to avoid horizontal move, if you are influenced by your colleague’s positive move. Be aware of your feelings about the company before and after colleague’s move. Regulate your feelings and keep them positive towards company. Be calm, for your turn. Don’t rush.

Remember there are employees who quit from your dream company for the same reasons like you try to quit from your current company. Certain situations are same everywhere.

Literature reflects its society

Literature Mirrors its society

Human personification and attitude towards life is related with its time and age. Human moral values are changing according to time and age. What was valuable in two hundred years back, is now neglected, what will be neglected in two hundred years is the center of attraction now.

Joint family was worshiped by generation before the last generation. But nowadays joint family is considered as foolish system. Society accepts the individual selfishness. Tradition and culture are keep changing along with time and age. Both language and civilization are not the exception from changing.

Everything is changing without giving trace for the deserted. How a youth can know about his grandfather’s life style. How to know about tradition, civilization, and moral values of our ancestors. No museum is portraying the life style of past generations.

But, literature portrays everything. Literature is a mirror of its time of creation. The characters depicted in the literature are the sample pieces of real human beings of its time. To get the unique features and common manners of a society at a particular time, going through the characters and society depicted by the literature of the time is enough.

The character and theme for the literature are taken from the real life characters and society of its time.

If you want to know about sixteenth century, study the sixteenth century literature. Do you like to know the impact of British rule in India or India’s attitude towards British rule. Study the literature of particular time.

In the world history, we can not find such a rapid changes in eighteenth and nineteenth century, in other centuries. Those two countries is a period of transition.

Literature of these two countries clearly revealed everything. The joint family system began to loss its value. A new class of people, called middle class are emerged in great number. They are mostly hypocritic.

Literature at the time of two world wars showed the complete denigration of old tradition and morals.

The novels like ‘Mrs.Dalloway, The spire,The Anglo-Saxen Attitude’ are tool to get the clear picture of psychological changes in people.

Works of T.S.Eliot, Bernard Shaw show the corroded pattern of their society. American literature gives the reason for their domestic failure, disappearance of family system, no value for love and religion.

If we go through the literature from the very beginning to current, We can find out the unnecessary changes in the role of human in society, in the name of development.

Stress Free Programmer

Software industry is highly stressful. But not all the software engineers are working stress fully. Only few, rest working without stress.

There are three types of programmers. Stress free programmer, Stressful programmer, and Smart Programmer. They are technically strong, having good experience, have communications skills etc. Especially in outsourcing companies, you can find the first two types of programmers.

Stress free programmers are always cool. Only clients or supervisor or immediate boss who is extracting work from them will get stressed out. They put the pressure on programmer. But stress free programmer sends the pressure back to those who give it.

Their logic is simple. Do what is easy to them. Stress free programmer do what they like and what is easy to them. Never work hard to fulfill the real requirement.

There is a module which has ten tasks. Four are easy and six are very tough. After completing the four easy tasks, stress free programmer will inform the module is ‘completed’.

It is their superior or client has to test and point out the remaining six tasks.

The lazy programmer will avoid the work in various ways. They simply drag the days without accomplishing anything. They stay in the office for days and nights but without little progress.

For stress free programmer asking ‘help’ means give the code not guidance.

They intelligently stimulate other hard working – result yielding programmers by asking ‘help’. Hard working programmer squeeze his brain to solve the task assigned to lazy programmer.

Somehow the stress free programmer get the code from hard working programmer and paste in his file. There are several ways he tries to get the task done without breaking his head.

Some time the client get stressed out by getting the job done from stress free programmer. He will close the contract and move to other company. Soon, the cool programmer will be relaxing in bench.

Here is an example of how stress free programmer work without stress and make his client go mad. Programmer and client may sitting across the continent or sitting in same office.

The task is creating a HTML form for reservation booking. In the form there are fields to enter ‘From’ and ‘To’ date. Both must be validated.

Assume that current date is : 2007, March.

Programmer will validate the fields are empty or left out. He conveys to client as the form is completed. Now client test the form, he will raise a bug ticket as the system is allowing expired dates. If the current year is 2007, booking can be done for future years, but not 2006 or 2005 or below.

The programmer ask the client to explain the bug in detail. Soon he will do some work in the form and conveys the bug is fixed.

Client will raise another bug as current year is not allowed in booking. Programmer will argue as he has done as per previous bug. Booking can be done for future years. So current year is not possible.

Client has to explain as if the current month and year is March 2007, booking can be done for April, May… of the current year as well as future year. Programmer will fix and close the bug.

Client will rise another bug as month is not validated. After several rounds of ‘bug re-opening’ and heated arguments, programmer will fix the month as current month or future months. He closes the bug.

Client will raise another bug as month names older than current month is not allowed to book. System should allow months older than the current month. Programmer will argue as he did exactly as per the previous bug – current month or previous month alone allowed in the booking. If the current month is march, January or February cannot be booked. He will argue with client as he did exactly as client required earlier.

Client has to explain if the current month and year is March 2007, Jan Feb of 2007 should not be allowed. But Jan Feb of 2008, 2009 or more can be allowed. Now Programmer will fix month validation and close the bug.

Again client will find another bug in date. The logic applied to month has to be applied for date/day too. Client will not raise the bug now. Because of the stress in getting the job done from stress free programmer, he will close the contract move to another company or keep the reservation process manually.

Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Seconds have to validated in a sequence in reservation process.

Stress free programmers keep the stress at client end.