Oxygen As A Commodity

Do we realize that we are consuming oxygen at free of cost. Nothing is free of cost in the world except oxygen. Earth is giving the oxygen without expecting anything from us. Earth does not trade with humanity. But humanity makes everything tradable. Even, water is a selling product nowadays. Potable Water is sold. There will be a scarcity for oxygen if we don’t care now.

Every body knows oxygen and water is important for our life. Water is sold in bottles and pocket. Our grandfathers never thought of purchasing water. But we are purchasing water in our life time. We never think of purchasing oxygen in our life time, but let our next generation should not buy oxygen. Let oxygen be free, not a commodity.

Evey body in this world give something to take. We do/provide something for our living. What ever we take/consume we have to pay or barter something either directly or indirectly. But we never give or repay anything for consuming oxygen. Oxygen is freely consumed by everybody. Do we repay to earth for providing oxygen? Nothing.

Only trees recycle or refill the environment by releasing oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide. Stop cutting trees is the old slogan. Nobody cares… People and industries keep cutting the trees. Grow trees…not every individual can do it. If you are living in city, you can not find a space or time for growing a tree.

But people live in cities and everybody can do a small contribution to the earth. Like saying ‘thank you’ to the earth for providing oxygen.

Just grow plants in pots in your home.

This is the easiest way to refill oxygen consumed by everybody.

You can use balcony, terrace, and etc to keep pots and grow plants. This may be small or micro or macro level contribution to our environment. Little drops of water makes the ocean. Like that if every individual in the world grow plants, which will be a great change at global level. Global warming will be stopped or at least get reduced definitely.

It is individual responsibility to refill the oxygen consumed from the environment. Everybody must realize it.

Grow either trees or plants to refill the oxygen consumed.

You may be wealthy or middle class or poor, but you can grow a plant in your home in a pot. If every individual brings up a tree or plant, we can see the change in few years.

Just promote this message if interested. At least grow a plant in your home and motivate your friends to grow plant in their home. Our simple effort will stop Climate Change, Ozone Depletion and Global Warming. This may solve our water problem too.

Think of a simple contribution to the earth for providing oxygen.