Immediate Boss Harassment

Immediate boss harassment, one of the main reasons for job hops. People change their boss, company, but they do not quit working. They change their working environment but keep working.

This is a very critical issue to be addressed. Of course, there are few cases where immediate boss is harassed by sub-ordinates. Often, sub-ordinates are the victims.

This is mainly because of Ego. There is no way to stop the employees from moving to another company, when immediate boss and sub-ordinates get into friction.

In the management point of view, immediate boss is important. Of course, he is the one who gets the job done any way, but at the cost of losing quality human resources. He also increases the work load to human resource department by more interviews.

High human resource traffic is not good for the company. In long run there will be no stability. If you are a CEO or MD, please, think of the ‘pillars’ of your company. You cannot be where you are now, if they(pillars) were not consistent for long time. The more number of stable pillars, the more stronger and bigger the house will be. Your current pillars do not allow new pillars to rise up. The is the problem. If you like your company to be small, then you can be content with one or two pillars and need not mind about the rest of the employee force. Let them be crushed by their immediate superior(your pillar).

It is very rare to find good chemistry between immediate boss and sub-ordinate.

The reasons for friction between the superior and the sub-ordinate are Ego, workload or anything else. But, who is going to suffer? Ultimately, the company. Employee will move to another company, the boss too may get another employee. It is the company which is going to lose in the long run.

More leaders in the company will bring more productivity. More productivity leads to more business. Real leaders make leaders. The world’s ancient business model ‘religion’ is a concept of ‘making leader’. Leader has to create new leaders. Religions are alive successfully for centuries and centuries are following the ‘making leader’ strategy. This is applicable to companies too. A company needs to generate new leaders to progress consistently.

Immediate boss maintains himself as leader beyond competition. He does all gimmicks to keep his position intact and away from competition. He neglects to identify and nurture new leaders, which is very badly needed for the progress and firmness of the company.

I can not support either sub ordinate or immediate boss. I played both roles. I was harassed by my boss. Later, I moved to another company. There I was promoted to Lead few programmers, whom, I harassed in turn. I psychologically forced even talented programmers to quit. What I needed was obedience and surrender from my sub-ordinates. They had to keep my EGO satisfied. Later, I changed my attitude towards my sub ordinates. I became most lovable mentor of them..

Every individual has to change. Company has to implement strict policy towards human resource traffic stimulated by immediate boss harassment.

You do not continue if you are a sub-ordinate harassed by your immediate boss. The company is not going to listen to your grievances. It needs to get the job done anyway. Your immediate boss is vested with such power to get the job done. Depending upon your financial situation, change the company, or take leave often. Never waste your time and energy to bear or fight with your boss.

If you do not find a good chemistry, please change. This is applicable to both employee and immediate boss, because, both are not going to loose. It is the company which is going loose ultimately.

Immediate boss is also an employee. He too jumps to another company if he gets friction with his superior.