8hrs job without stress

Are we living to work or working to live, I feel working to live, I am going to the job, to live, to meet my expenses. I am not ready to dedicate my full day for working , then where I am living.

I do not consider working is living. Working/earning is part of living. We are spending almost 10-14hrs including travelling time of a day in working, then sleeping for some hours, spend little time with yourself, friends, family, habby and anything. Is it what we are destined to?.

In the nature, no living being is working after sunset. Birds go to their nest before sunset. Nature’s instruction is stop working after sunset. Farmers normally donot work after sunset. They live happily and healthily. Nature has tuned our body to work in such way only. Ancient man never work after sunset. Even Hindu Prunas war is conducted during day light only.

The stress of Long working hours leads to Low Productivity in both official and social life, irregular sleeping pattern, stress , de-coubling the relationship, and etc.

I accept there may be some emergency where exceptions are there. But exception should be rare not regular.

Long working hour stress is familiar with Sofware Industry but now it is extending to all industry from banking to everything.

Let us analysis what we are loosing and gaining by working more hours
(10-16 hrs a day).
There is no use of having money, when you donot have time to spend it.