Which will give financial freedom

Recently I heard one of my friend’s colleague is earning huge money from his blog. So he resigned his Job.

I thought if my blogya.in get popular, I could have earn sufficient money to give up my job. I will be free from work and attain financial freedom. Another friend said, if he succeed in his MLM business, then he will be free financially.

Every one has their idea of satisfying their need in one or other way. But in reality things will be different.

When blogya.in is monetorized I may loose the pleasure of blogging. I see it as my business not a hobby. When I start to expect something then I have to face either satisfaction or frustration. Blogging will become pressure to me when it becomes business to me. Then I have to ‘work’ to keep up the revenue generation expectation of blogya.in. Anyway I have to keep ‘working’ for something.

If my friend succeed in MLM, then twenty four hours a day will not be sufficient for him. He will be running on heels to ‘show the plan’ to many people. He will be busy attending or conducting more meetings. His downlines will be ringing his mobile phone.

I do not find anybody stop ‘working’ or feel their needs are satisfied after succeeding in MLM. While struggling in MLM it your part time business, when succeed in MLM it is your full time business.

Nobody in this world stop working till their last breath either directly or indirectly. There is no such thing like if you attain that then no need to work for our needs.

There is no end for need. Need creates more needs. Fulfilling one need leads to another need. If you need a car for traveling, then your car needs fuel, maintenance, and a driver, a parking space if you are in a crowded metro city. You need to work more to earn more after fulfilling your traveling need than before.

Whether MLM, Blog, innovative products, concepts, ideas, career goal, education and etc; nothing is going to fulfill your needs without ‘working’. It is the ‘working’ alone can fulfill your needs. Others are illusion or false ideologies.

So be ready and happy to ‘work’ for anything. Have enthusiasm to work.