How to sell new books online by small publisher or writer

If you are a new publisher or writer, and want to sell your newly published book, you can visit – where you can sell your new books as well as old books.

Just click “Sell” link and choose “Condition” as New. Then, submit your new book details. That’s it. You dont need to pay commission to anybody. You can give your email or phone number, so those who are interested to buy your book, can contact you directly. You take care of receiving price/money through gpay or any online payment method and courier the book to the buyer address. No middle man or commission to anybody.

You can start selling your new books at few clicks immediately in

If you are a small publisher or new writer with few books published on your interest or passion, struggling to promote your book via internet, then here is a good opportunity. You dont need to maintain your own website to promote your books. You dont need to undergo complex procedures to sell your book online. In you can post your books details in just few simple steps and clicks. Online opportunity for small publishers to sell their books instantly.

Who Am I

I am Gunaseelan Perumal, people call me Guna. I am from Chennai, India. I make out a living from Programming career in PHP technology.

Writing is my hobby, some times passion, some times an outlet, mostly my reaction to internal and external world.

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