Aging Process Happens at Mind

Aging process is reflected in body. But ‘aging process’ actually happens in mind, then reflected in body. Everybody has their one self-image. This self image is vary from stage to stage. During teen age, youth, middle age, at fourties, fifties, pre-sixty and post sixty, in every stage self image is vary from other stages.

This biological suit(body) changes as per change in mind. When years passed the composition , consciousness, awareness of mind is also changing. Consciousness is added with many garbage. We notice only the body’s aging process. But we miss to observe ‘psychological aging process’ in the due course of time.

People becoming fat and overweight , do not realize it day by day. But these everyday life activities slowly but steadily increase it. After few months or few years, they realize it all of sudden.

Like that mind changes slowly but steadily. But we do not realize the changes in mind forever. We let it change. Mind is a medium to interpret life. But we do not have any other tool to interpret mind.

A stress free and relaxed mind with a sense of well being can slow down ‘MENTAL AGING PROCESS’. Which ultimately slows down body’s aging process.

Job Hopping True Reasons

Job hopping is keeping the HR active in corporate world. Of course they too jump. It is very rare to find an employee working in same company for more than one year. From office boys to top management executive everybody finds difficult to work in the same company. Why people switch between jobs.

People change the working place, their colleagues, their Bosses but they do not stop working.

Polite and decent reason for job hopping are ‘Career Growth, Salary hike, Need to relocate’. Of course few job changing done for the above three reasons.

But not all the job hopping are done for the above three reasons. Real reasons are hidden. No one is daring to convey the real reason for appearing in the interview or leaving the current office.

Somebody decide to change the office but without knowing which drive them to change the office.

There are interview tips to tell ‘Career Growth’ as the reason. But the resume can tell whether career growth is the real reason or something else. If too much company names in the resume, it makes clear that Career Growth is not the only reason for that candidate. It means none of the companies he worked has scope for his/her growth. This cannot be true.

I like to introspect, what may be the other reason for job hopping, which is really ‘ changing office’. Job hopping can be termed as Office Hopping. People change office but do not quit the job.

Relationship stress

Stress is the reason in many jobs hopping. Type of stress may be anything. Here I am focusing Relationship stress.

Relationship between two people may lead the relationship stress in long run. Every relationship has impact on the people related.

Relation between colleagues, relation between superior and subordinate, relation between staff and the customer who utilize the service of the staff, here customer is a person out side of the company, a type of relationship evolved between employee and his/her family due to office.

Relationship between spouses will change according to their respective relationship with their office. Some time it may lead to break the bondage from spouse.

If the relationship between superior and subordinate is getting fractioned and stressful, the immediate solution is job hopping.

If the relationship between colleagues becomes stressful then job change will be a solution after long patience.

Relationship between office and staff. It will get stressful if the employee forced work in inhuman ways like no appreciation or recognition for work. Expect to work in long hours continuously. ‘Work theft’ by other staff with the support of office. There are many inhuman resource management practices to spoil the relationship between office and staff.

People aware of their ‘self-value’ change the office quickly or never allow others to execute inhuman practices over them.

People, who are mesmerized by loyalty and other illusions, realize after long time or after being a scapegoat.

What we eat has a by product wastage. Every food after digestion leaves wastage in our body, which has to be removed. Excretion.

Like that every relationship has a negative residue. Initially the quantity of ‘relationship wastage’ is very less. But in due course of time, it becomes piled and beyond tolerance. We do not know how to remove this relationship wastage and maintain the relationship forever.

When somebody joins the company, the new person is good to the office, and the office seems to be good to the new employee. No employee will remark negatively at the time of reporting. This is true that new staff never have any type of relationship with the company. This is same to company.

Later on their feelings will change or reverse.

How to avoid such relationship friction.

There are many etiquette to maintain relationship. Whatever you maintain that will collapse. All maintainable will collapse once maintenance is stopped.

During the interview or reporting time everybody will act, nobody behaves in their original character or attitude. Once the act ends friction begins.

You are able to move with a person with out any fear and hesitation, and you are allowed to be as you are. You are accepted as you are. You can sit as per your comfort in front of the person, speak as per your comfort, you can behave as per your comfort.

If you are not highly conscious about your behavior in front of the person, your relationship will not have residue. When you do not ‘maintain’ your relationship, and let it be as it is then your relationship is frictionless.

In simple words if your heart beat is not changing often while accompanying the person then it is frictionless.

It is very difficult to find such frictionless relationship in office atmosphere. Even in home too. It is possible only among true friends, that is why friendship last for ever.

What ever relationship is maintained which will be broken after stop maintaining it. As long as you maintain it, you will have relationship residue.

Job hopping is not a way to stop dumping wastages by relationship stress. It is not a way to stop a person who is dumping relationship wastages over you.

If the relationship stress is the true reason behind office changing, you are wrong. Soon you will get in to the same situation in the new office. Other person will dump over you soon in your new office. There will be no end.

Everything is same everywhere. You have to stay in a company learn to adapt to all the situations, learn to fight for your rights without breaking relationship. Learn to keep yourself at comfort in all the situations as possible it can. Learn to ignore rather than fight some times. Learn all politics in the office.

Everybody in the office is not stressed out like you. Learn from other colleagues who handle the situation successfully where you failed.

Never change the job if the reason for changing is everywhere.

Visitor Tracker in Blogs

Do you know how dangerous it is to use third party visitor tracker in your blog? It affects number of organic search driving traffic to your blog (visitor coming to your site by searching in the search engines) . It will definitely reduce your blog’s page rank and increase the page rank of the free script provider you are using.

I have a bitter experience with using third party free tracker script.

Last year I wanted to track my visitors. I searched in the net and found a tracker site, which offers free tracking service. All you have to do is register in their site, you will be provided a javascript to integrated in blog (In all the pages). Later you can login to the site and check/view your visitors.

I do not like to tell their name.

I integrated the javascript code which tracks my visitor.

After two days, I was excited to see the visitors movements in my blog. An average 30-40 unique visitors per day. All have landed to my blog by search engine results. I checked the referrer url of every visitors. This was going well. There are many repeated visitors.

After a couple of week, I noticed that users driven to my site by organic search results get reduced. They are now from 20 – 30, or some time 15.

I doubted that, there might be fluctuation in the traffic spike. It is common.

After a month or two, this figure does not improve. Average users driven by organic search result was 20. Before integrating the Third party tracker code it was 40.

The tracker code inserted in all the pages of my blog by integrating in to the template. So in every page there is an out going link or out bound link.

Any webmaster can understand the importance of having more inbound links and less outbound links.

What is the impact of more outbound links? Outbound links which are irrelevant to your site. Search the net and know it.

So without my awareness, I created hundreds of out bound links from my blog by integrating tracker code, which points to a domain out of my domain.

After tracing out this issue, I removed the visitor tracker code from my site.

After a month, the visitors driven by search engines got increased. It comes to previous figure. I hope it will increase.

Well, I need to track my visitors, and how they are navigating, what are the pages they are visiting, etc.

So, I decided to have a visitor tracker software deployed in my server/domain.

The software should not increase the load of my server.

I decided my own visitor tracker script, with simplified or limited features.

I developed it in PHP/MySQL. It is simple one.

I installed it my server. I integrated its tracker code.
Now the tracker code points to a subfolder in my server. No links pointing out of my domain. A visitor tracker without creating outbound links

So my search engine driven traffic will not get affected by visitor tracker script, since it is operated withing my domain.

Freelancing – Project Price, Time Estimate

Newbies in freelancing will break their head for Project Price and Time Estimate for project. Of course, pricing and time estimate is one of the deciding factors in winning the project bid. How to quote correct price and time estimate in freelancing? Is there any logic or easy solution for price and time estimate?

Time Estimate:
There is no standard time estimate for any software projects. It is the programmer who asses the time as per his experience, skill set and pursue the client by convincing why he require such time. The more experience , skills, and confidence level the programmer has, will require less time at higher cost.

Follow your experience and instinct in estimating time. If you have already done projects which are similar to the requirement, time estimate will be easy for you. You can replicate the same time here. If the requirement is new to you, use function point analysis or use case analysis.

Honestly, what is right to you mention it. Never think if you commit for short duration, you will get the project in freelancing. Even if you mention long duration to complete the project, there is no rule that you will loose the project. All you have to do is give proper reasons for the time you required. Why do you require such time. Justify your stand. Break up the overall duration into simple units will be easy for the client to assess you.

If the client pressures you for short duration, never agree or skip the project. Finishing the project earlier than the agreed duration will earn you good feedback rather agree to short time and complete the project in extraaaa time. Your reviews/rating are important in long run.

Use your experience or use case model approach to estimate time. Be true to yourself and educate your client why you need such time duration to get the project done.

Project Pricing
Do not think if you quote lower than other bidders, you will win the project. Do non think if you quote higher than all the bidders, you will loose the project.

You need to finalize what is your rate per hour. Depending the experience, skill set, location, working time, you can fix your cost per hour. For a beginner $5 per hour or less is best deal. The more reviews you have, you can increase the per hour rate to $10 or $15 or more.

Multiply your per hour rate with the time estimate. Without any inferiority complex as whether you are worthy of such price or etc. quote the price.

Price Negotiations:
If you are dear need of project/income, you can negotiate your price upto fifty percent. Instead of doing nothing do something atleast get under paid.

If you are busy with project(s), you have sufficient bank balance and regular clients, never negotiate the price.

At any point of time never negotiate the time you estimated. You will be in stress if you negotiate project duration. Moreover even you reduce the cost for winning a project without reducing the time, you can manage the loss by getting other small projects in buffer time. You can work in two projects – one big project and one small cum easy project. Such way you can meet your cost, reduce at one place and gain at other place. By any means, keep the ball rolling.

Same task can be done at different timings and pricing depending upon the programmer’s expertise. For example: WordPresstheme customization: This can be done within 15 hour by an Joomla expert. The same can be done around 1 week or more by a Joomla learner. Both can complete the task in their respective duration. Both have their own costing difference.

Client will choose bidder as per his budget and urgency to get the job done. If he needs Joomla them customization to be done within 2 days he will choose the expert irrespective of the price. If he does not worry about the duration (let it takes 1 week or more to get the job done), but his concern is price, he will choose newbie at lower price.

Both expert and newbie have equal chance in winning the bid, depending upon client’s situation and how truthful are they to them self.

Do not avoid projects(?) whose cost is very low. I won a project, its cost was $5. It was a complex bug fix in javascript. The client was from UK. When I fixed the bug, my client released the payment, I received around $3 after deducting commission. I was not fed up. The client contacted me again directly and asking me to fix other bugs. Slowly the relationship developed. Later my client did not post projects in bidding site or forums. She contacted me directly over to my email or chat. She paid me directly, so no commission deduction. Later on, I billed her around $300 to $400 per month. The business lasted for a year. Later when I moved to higher salary, I handed over my client to my friend who was a newbie in freelancing and struggling to get a project outsourced.

Some clients want to test the skill and reliability of the freelancer. So they come up with simple budget. Do not ignore them. It is like an ice berg. You may be seeing the tip of the ice berg.

As a freelancer, you should be aware of your skills, quote according to it. Never fake the client. If you fake, you may win the project, but you may not get paid. Never never never fake your client.

Outsourcing and freelancing succeeds across the continents when reliability and relationship established, not because of price or time estimate alone.

Wrong Lifestyle Causes Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure due to Wrong Life Style

Human Blood pressure is 120/80. Many people in the world are suffering from high blood pressure. These are many reasons for blood pressure. I like to discuss here the biggest and major reason called LIFE STYLE. Life style stimulated blood pressure cannot be cured by medicine.

BP is not a disease. It is an abnormal state of body. Consistent exposure to tense situation or working without taking rest, are all leading to rise in blood pressure. Tense, fear, stress are part of life. We get tense by some incident for a while soon we will back to normal mood. But continuous exposure to tense situation, make the tense as permanent stage of body.

For example when you go to your office lately. 9’o clock office you reach by 9.45 or after, when you are going to the first time, you don’t get tense and nobody makes the issue big. If you go often your superior will shout at you. Then whenever you start lately to your office, you get tense. If you continuously go to your office then every morning will become tensed morning. Even when you start early still you feel tense. Thing is subconsciously you have programmed your body to get tense in the morning. This lead to rise in BP level.

Whatever medicine you take, your blood pressure will not come down to normal. This can come down only after you change your attitude towards office going. If you start going early to office, you feel relaxed and normal within one or two months.

People going to office lately are prone to BP in later ages.

Many wrong attitude tends to rise in BP. People who hurry, burry for anything and everything, people who do not plan and work, instead of makes thing mess up, people who always criticize others. People who are not able to accept others as they are, people who are working long hours without rest/change, people who do not have proper sleep are all subject to rise in BP. For these kind of persons changing their attitude is the only medicine.

Obsessive thinking are also prone to BP.

If you are a boss and your subordinates are not obeying you and you are not able to fire them and this is consistently existing, you are prone to get high blood pressure. Be satisfied at obedient and reliable subordinate than intelligent sub-ordinate who never obeys you. When I was leading a team of programmers, I had this issue. I have to implement a ‘office politics’ to get those ‘guys’ out of my team. After recruiting fresher or obedient people I feel comfortable. Hope God forgive me for that.

Attitude, relationship management, self and people management are playing more role than food behavior to rise BP.

If your body weight is normal your BMI(body mass index)is perfect, but you have BP then it is due to one or more reason explained in the above paragraphs. Because I had all such attitude, and my BP raised little bit of the age 30. My BMI was perfect. Doctors gave only sleeping medicine. BP goes down to normal when I am taking sleeping tablets, prescribed by Doctors. Once I stopped the tablet my Blood Pressure raised little bit. I changed doctors . Thank God, One of the doctor advised me it is my change in lifestyle can set right my blood pressure.

I analyzed my Daily life. I went to office late in all days. Tension in all morning. My working hours was long an average 14 hours per day(software). Everyday was the deadline and lot of tension and fear in my office. I thought of learning yoga for relaxation, but I didn’t have time to practice yoga.

Then I changed my office where my working hour is 8 to 10 per day. No tension . I changed my home nearer to my office. No long travel and no late goings. I start to spend more time with my family. I played with my kid, chat with friends, visit relative homes.

I changed my life style. No more fault finder. Accepted peoples as they are. Started the habit of walking long whenever I have the time. Magic happens, of course it is not a magic. My Blood Pressure come down to normal level.

I had the medical records for the rise in my BP and for normal too. Nowadays I received offers from other companies with increased pay. All are far away from my home, must have long travel everyday. May lead to Late Reporting. But I denied all and I will deny all as long as my present company gives a life style with a sense well being.

I will be happy, if any one in the world is benefited by reading this information. If anyone is aware of impact of life style on our health by reading this article, I feel pleased. Blood Pressure is not the only problem stimulated by life style. There are many mind and body problems due to wrong life style. We consult doctors take medicine, spend money but no cure. If we have the awareness of lifestyle then we can cure it. Or even we can avoid it.

Drupal SEO

Today I meet one of my Internet dwelling friend. He does many research in internet. He is a SEO specialist. He is a blogger.

He told wordpress is best for Search Engine Optimization during the discussion. He suggested to use WordPress for blogging instead of Drupal. But I disagree.

I used Drupal for anything and everything. It feel it is a multi purpose framework. Lot of contributed modules are there.

Drupal has few special modules for search engine optimization. ‘URL Alias’ and ‘Path Auto’ are best for generating search engine friendly urls. These modules convert page title into url. This requires mod-rewrite enabled apache server.

Meta tags like ‘description’ and ‘keyword’ are also important for SEO. Drupal has ‘node-words’ module to specify keywords and description for each and every page. Users is powered with specifing keyword and description for home page, individual pages, and default setup too.

Drupal has ‘gsitemap’ module to generate sitemap dynamically.

It has ping-O-matic ability.

Technicall Drupal is powered to meet out SEO standard.

Above all, keyword density or content is the most important factor for search engine optimization. Those things has to be taken care by the web master. The software used is nothing to do with content.

A framework can not be specially designed for SEO. Search Engine Optimization is depending upon the content displayed in the browser. It is not depending on how the framework is running or what framework is used, which I feel.

It is the content which is going to decide the search enging ranking, not the software used either Drupal or WordPress. Both has the ability to meet out basic SEO requirement like Friendly url, description and keyword setup, and pingOmatic.

I was using Drupal for many years. So, I have discussed here what are the technical abilities of Drupal for SEO. If you know anything better, please share.

How to do freelancing / outsourcing

This is about software freelancing. How do get software work from US, UK, CANADA, UK, Australia and other developed countries.

Many of my friends who got fired or laid off from their companies. They asked me about how to do outsourcing as a freelance programmer. My platform is LAMP(PHP, MySQL). Here I will share my outsourcing experience as Web Application Programmer. I may not write things in a organized way, but sure you will get a better idea about outsourcing.

Here is the checklist to start your freelancing:

3 years of professional Experience
Your platform may be anything, but you must have 3 years of experience in your domain to be successful in freelancing. You must have minimum 3 years of regular/professional work experience from a company.

Three years of real time programing/project experience. Which means you must complete at least 3000 hrs of programing. Your bench period should not be calculated.

You must work independently at least for a year. Without the support or technical help from your senior/team-tech lead/friends, etc. You must be self-starter. No one should trigger you do start or do the work. This self-initiation is very important in freelancing. You must be a ‘commando’ in your domain without any supervision.

English Language Proficiency
You should be comfortable in your written English(reading and writing). You need not possess very high standard in English language, but you should be able to convey what you like to say.
I hope if you are able to understand my English, you can understand your client’s written communication.

You must have good computer with a high speed broadband internet connection. You should be familiar with Skype, Whatsapp, and other chat engines.

If you are working and need to do freelancing for extra income, never never never use your office infrastructure and office hours for your freelancing. It will create fear, tension and reduce you quality and productivity both in office and freelancing.

When you need to do freelancing/Outsourcing

Do freelancing when you really need to do it. Successful freelancers, either freelance or go to job. They do not mix both. If you are going to a job and your salary is sufficient then do not freelance. Combining both will create stress and affect your quality of life.

Please do not freelance if your salary is more than enough to fulfill your material needs of your life. Spend your ‘after office hours’ with your friends, family, and other activities which you like to do without expecting any return.

I either freelance or go to job. My friend who is successful in both job and freelancing, either pursue a job or freelance, but not both at a time.

The best practice is do freelancing when you do not have job or your salary is insufficient to fulfill your basic needs.

What I have mentioned here are Maturity, Attitude, Expertise, and Infrastructure. You may posses all or lack in something. Even you lack in something, you can start outsourcing if you are in dear need of money. Need is Skill. Sooner or later you will automatically develop the skills needed to be a freelancer if you keep trying.

Hi geek, if the information provided in this page is not sufficient to you, please look in other pages.

Aquarium and Peace of Mind

People believe Aquarium can bring peace of mind. It keeps blood pressure at normal level, avoids heart decease, reduce stress. Is there any scientific proof for ‘medical attributes’ of Aquarium?

My hobby was aquarium. I kept lot of color fishes. My favorite is betta (we called it is ‘fighter’ in my city). I keep Gold fish, Moly family and cuppies. During my school days, I spent great deal of time with my fishes. Fighting tournament for betta, mating demonstration of betta, live view of moly and cuppy kid’s birth are sensational moments in my aquarium life.

Till I caught red hand by career, one of my favorite past time is Aquarium. I did not have time for aquarium activity after wards. Soon I have tension and stress related problems. I decided to re-setup my fish tank.

After coming from office, I spent time with my fishes. Within in a week all my tension mood disappeared. I felt a positive difference.

But, tension and stress erupted in my home after two weeks from I set up fish tank. My wife wanted me to spend time with the family. We have a kid. But I spent my time with fishes. This created a tension in my family.

Whenever I sit in front of my fish tank, I received ‘heavy firing’ from my wife. She started getting tense when I site in front of my fish tank and escalated her tension over to me.

Later, Aquarium became the source of my tension and stress.

How can we believe Aquarium give peace, reduce tension and stress? Because, it gave tension and stress to me.

What is true about aquarium? Both are true.

Aquarium has colorful fishes moving here and there. They get our attention quickly. While watching them, out thoughts about problems, tensions, family and office issues and etc are stopped slowly without our effort. Our mind is filled with fishes. Thoughts of fish do not give tension or stress. Some time it takes us to tranquility.

It is not the Aquarium, which gives peace of mind. It is the thoughts in our head gives peace or tension. Aquarium stimulate or change our thought pattern. It fills our head with the mood which gives peace or do not give tension.

So thoughts or mood stimulated by Aquarium can give peace of mind.

If we are able to change or keep your thought always cool and happy in all the situations, we do not need Aquarium to be relaxed.

Instead of Aquarium, I started spending my time with my family. Play with my kid. Have happy day dreams, remember happy moments in my life. Fill my head with happy thoughts.

Now I do not need Aquarium to have peace of mind.

Kite Meditation

If you want to meditate without effort or practice, please take a kite and fly it. What saints and yogis doing after several years of practice, which you will perform when flying a kite.

During my boyhood, one of my sport activity is ‘kite flying’. Kite flying is not a recognized sport, so I can term it as my hobby.

During evenings and holidays, I spent time in flying kite. Blowing air sufficient speed is needed to fly kite. From October onwards it is a good season to fly kite.

Many parents object their kids for flying kite. Many think it is a dirty act, which will spoil education. Many of my friends were hiding their kite from their parents. Me too. I have never seen any girl kid flying kite in my city. It seems to be a Boys hobby.

After reaching college, I stopped flying kite. Shifting house often too stopped me from kite. Once I caught up by evil hands of career, I forgot Kite from my life.

Now I am a busy software engineer in India. Whole world knows, how stressful it is in India. How much time on Indian software engineer spending per day for his work.

Recently I got three days leave(holiday) for Diwali festival.

I was spending time in my apartment terrace. Suddenly I noticed a rope was running across my terrace. I grabbed it immediately like a reflex. I rolled it. The length of the rope might be nearly half mile. At the end of the rope there was a kite knitted. This kite might be set free after loosing a ‘deal’ with another kite.

Anyway, I was so happy to get a kite with rope. My boyhood memories about kite flying re-blossomed. I decided to fly the kite.

But few negative thoughts raised hesitation to fly the kite now.

I am a software engineer now. Leading 5 to 10 programmers. I am married having a kid. I am leading a upper middle class living standard. Is it a manner or etiquette for a man with such social position to fly kite like a ‘boy’. Many ‘respectable’ people will have a evening walking in my terrace. What they might think when I will be busy with kite. Moreover, kite flying is an activity for boys from lower and lower middle class society. In my apartment video games is the right choice for boys.

So my social and self image and the area/society where I am living give me hesitation to fly kite. Everything in my thoughts, but nobody conveys me orally as ‘do not fly kite’. But my imagination and thoughts goes in such way.

I realized, I have to overcome my ‘self’ first then the society. I decided whatever shame come to me I have to fly kite. I decided to do what like to do rather than what I suppose to do. Never worry about others opinion. Even my wife laughed at me when I invite her to ‘kite flying’. Later she enjoyed it. She regularly joins with me for flying kite.

After 15 years, I fly the kite. Without any difficulty ‘my grabbed’ kite takes off. It raises and settle down quickly in the sky. My hands and fingers still remember the skills/dexterity required to fly kite. I let out 70% my rope I have. My kite goes high, it becomes tiny dot.

During kite flying, my only focus is kite. Eyes fixed at kite and keep watching it. My eye vision has a long distance focus, which is short distance always by starring at monitor. Now it is a change.

My mind stops thinking, wandering, and worrying. My conscious released from time, space, and ‘self’. It slips into tranquility. Eyes fixed at kite, hands maintaining the rope. That’s all. I do not feel anything other than rope and kite. I become empty. The overall mood I get while flying kite is absolutely similar to the mood after meditation but without any effort.

It is a great relaxation and change from my regular life.

Are you a busy professional? Do not know how to relax in your free time other than going to bar. Learn kite flying. You will enjoy it and may attain tranquility without doing meditation.

Bright Sun Shine Without Heat

Sun rays are not equally distributed in all the parts of the world. Only ‘Equatorial line’ which is running across the earth have abundance of sun rays. Moreover, different seasons have their ration in distributing sun rays. Summer gives more and winter gives less.

I like the Bright Sun rays without heat.

Sun rays is bright at noon, but it is very hot to bear. Sun rays at pre-evening time from 3pm to 6pm is a wonder. In this time, Sun rays are bright but not hot. They are neither hot or cold. The sky is clear and clean from clouds. Above your head vast blue blanket. This is ideal time for playing. This evening sun rays are free of cost. It is nature’s gift and it is precious.

If you are living in an apartment, go to your open terrace. Spend time there in the evenings. If you have small mountain near by your dwelling, claim it. You can have a different view. Birds flying below to you. Your eye vision can stretch out to few miles away. This is good to your eyes.

I like to spend time in my apartments terrace under sun rays without hot. It makes me happy and sometime leading to tranquility.