Education, Degree, Certifications Vs Experience

What is the value of education, degree, certifications when compared to Experience. Which is more important?

Education or degree will get you an entry into a job or profession. How you will progress in the job or profession is not decided by your degree. It is your personal learning, hard work, dedication, God’s blessings should favor you to be successful in your job or profession.

Once you sail through in your job or profession, then years passing, and you gain experience. Experience gives you salary hike, recognition, and confidence. Now there are two candidates – one with degree and other with experience. Recruiter prefers candidate with experience.

Now another scenario , three candidates – Candidate A with degree, and B with experience, and C with both degree and experience. Now recruiter will prefer candidate C with both degree and experience.

Education/degree is like 0000 (zeros). Some number(experience) has to prefix the zeros to have value 1000. Education backed by Experience is more valuable than experience or education alone.

Education for clearing UPSC/competitive exams will not help in succeeding in career. Studying will help you to pass the competitive exam and get you job, but in order to work and engage in profession, it will be different learning and skill set.

Here is the order of precedents :

Education + Experience = more valuable

Experience = valuable

Education = no value

When we compare driving a car, here is an example – You learn where is the steering, clutch, break, accelerator, horn, indicator switches, etc. Now you have education about car. But you have not driven the car in real time. You have degree – you know where and how to use steering, clutch, break, accelerator, you know their uses. But you have not taken the car out in streets/traffics/road/highway. You will experience how it is to drive the car in real time. Without knowing how to use the tools, you can not drive the car. But knowing the tools alone will not make you a driver.

Knowing the tools of car is like Education – having a degree, driving the car in real time is like gaining Experience.

Experience matters.

We are celebrating 76th Independence day in 2023

It has been 76 years completed since we attained independence from British. There were many known and unknown freedom fighters who sacrificed their life to get freedom. Mahatma Gandhi, Baghat Singh, Subash Chandrabose, Thilagar, Bharathiar, Vaanchinathan, Thirupur Kumaran, Va.Vu.Chidambaranar, and Veera Pandiya Kattabomman to name a few. Countless unsung heroes who fought for the Freedom, we enjoy today. Let us remember and be thankful to those all freedom fighters both known and unknown.

India has progressed forward in many areas. Our GDP has grown tremendously from 76 years back. We have schools and colleges spread across the country to educate the people without discrimination. Our healthcare system has a steep leap forward. Women’s education and empowerment has reached a level which was unimaginative before 76 years,

World is undergoing Digital Renaissance and India is part of it. We progressed scientifically, we are able to launch Chandrayan-3 – an indigenously built rocket to moon.

Our death rate is reduced and birth rate increased due to medical advancements – as a result India becomes the first country in the world in terms of population as on date.

British ruled us for 350 years. Today British prime minister Rishi Sunak is from Indian origin.

What else? but Are we deserving the freedom we enjoy today? Are we worthy to have freedom?

India has progressed in many fields post independence. But it has drawbacks too.

India is a land of both Crops and Weeds. We have both good and bad.

Women’s empowerment has reached a level which could not be imagined before 76 years back, but India is not a safe country for women as on date. Gandhiji’s dream about women, who are able to walk alone in midnight is not possible till now. Gandhiji’s vision about women is still a dream, not practically possible even after 76 years of independence.

Our materialistic education has reached international standard. Foreign students are coming to Indian universities and colleges to study. Our materialistic education system promises to transform the students to become working masses or earning professionals. But where are we morally? where are we in brotherhood?

Recent Manipur riot proved that India is still under the clutches race, caste, communal forces. India is a secular state is mentioned in Preamble only, in practical there are communal riots happening here and there in our country. Caste is deep rooted in the Indian minds. India is growing negatively in race, caste and communal drives.

Grown up and earning Indian are not free from greed, jealous, lust. Still we see incidents of people loosing their hard earned money to Chit fund fraudsters for higher interest.

Brothers and sisters fight over distributing ancestral wealth, some times they may murder each other.

After 76 years of independence, we still hear political scams and bureaucratic bribery.

Women are abused by all sections of Men from all levels.

We dont respect traffic rules. No need to say about alcohol and drugs.

We are in Digital renaissance, but we are also the victim of “digital robbery”.

What else? where are we with the freedom after 76 years of independence? was it better British continue to rule India instead of we rule our-self.

India as a land, it has both crops and weeds. We plant crops and let weeds to grow. The water we irrigate is consumed by both crops and weeds. We are continuously fighting with weeds, and spending our time, money, energy, and other resources to remove weeds.

Where are we lacking? what is our mistake? what let us to be in a situation where we do not deserve freedom?

Pre-independence, our moral educational system promises wisdom, ethics, and knowledge. Respecting fellow human, brotherhood are inbuilt in our moral educational system. A boy is taught to respect woman from his childhood. So when he grown up as adult, he respects woman instinctively. His moral values are taught in his childhood education.

We miss our moral educational system. What we have now is British designed materialistic educational system, which promises job, profession and earing. No moral values and ethics.

a² + b² = (a +b)² – 2ab ….. memorizing this formula will guarantee good marks in exam which in turn will get you good college and good job. Is this formula teaching anything about respecting woman, cast, race, communal, greed, jealous, lust? Today’s education makes a man/woman to earn, but not to live, not to respect fellow human being.

How to earn is taught by modern education. How to spend is taught by moral education. If moral values are not taught during childhood, then the grown ups will misuse the freedom we got from British.

To prove we deserve freedom, we need to train, teach our children to have brotherhood, respect woman, ignore greed, jealous, lust. Educational system has to nullify the drives of race, caste, communal from childhood. If we miss the childhood to develop moral values, then we will have “grownup adults/weeds” in the society.

We can train puppies, not dogs. We can groom children, not adults. By chance, adults may be streamlined by punishment, pain and fear, not guaranteed.

Before the conscious mind start functioning in life, moral values have to be injected into subconscious mind. This is possible only during childhood.

Law, court, police, government can punish criminals. But they can not prevent crime, they can not prevent a human becoming criminal. It is the childhood moral education only can prevent a human becoming criminal.

We as humanity the whole, transformed from barbaric life to modern day civilization. This transformation happened not because of biological or genetic evolution. It is because of cultural and scientific evolution achieved through experiments, experience and conscious mind. This cultural and scientific advancements has to be carried forward from generation to generation consciously.

Today at Independence day, we need to change our focus in childhood moral education to have better citizen of India in the future, and they should deserve the freedom. A land with only crops and no weeds. Only by changing childhood educational approach we can inculcate moral values in adults.

Can we kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 with a Dead Battery?

Can we kickstart a Pulsar NS160 BS6(Fuel Injection – FI) with a dead battery?

NS160 comes with a kicker even though it has FI – Fuel Injection. When starter motor has problem or push button (self start) has problem, then you can use kicker to start the bike provided battery in good condition.

FI – Fuel Injection and it is controlled by ECU – both require steady current/voltage from battery to function. If there is no current/electricity from battery to Fuel Injector or ECU from battery, then you can not start the bike using self start and kicker and manual push start. Nothing works with a dead battery to BS6 motorcycle including NS160 BS6.

Sometime, battery may be low and it may not have enough current to rotate starter motor/self start, but battery has some low power which is enough to function the FI and ECU. In such case, you can use kicker to start the bike temporarily. You should replace new battery soon.

In short, as long as steady sufficient current flows from battery to function FI and ECU, you can use either self start, kicker, manual push start – whatever is working. If the battery is dead, no current from battery to FI and ECU, then nothing will start BS6 motorcycles.

BS6 or Fuel Injection – FI motorcycles need a good battery to start even with kickstarter. Kickstarter is an alternate to self start, but not an alternate to battery.

We can not kickstart Pulsar NS160 BS6 FI with a Dead Battery

Solution to Problems in Life – Cult of Marriage

At young age, we feel confident mentally and physically, If somebody ask you, whether you will put your finger in fire or not, you will say with a Blind Confidence that you can put your finger in fire, because you do not know how it is to be put the finger in fire. You will come to experience the pain, burn when you actually put your finger into fire, then you realize it is very difficult to bear the burning pain. By the time you can not take out your finger from fire because you have already committed.

At young age, your subservient and cordial spouse, will make you feel, your married life will be pleasurable and commendable . Rottweiler dog when it was a puppy, it was playful, obedient. When reaching adulthood, due to hormones surges, it becomes very rough, arrogant, dictator. You can not command it easily. In the same way, after a decade, your spouse transform into different being, you can not command or control them easily. They will dictate you like anything.

Cult of Marriage, demands more from you. You have to earn continuously, you have to spend your time, energy, mind for the welfare of your family. Either you are interested or not interested, you are committed, so you have to.

To be successful in Marriage Cult, you need to earn good money, buy a car, buy a home, enroll your kids in good school or college, conduct your kids marriage expensively, let your kids land in high paying jobs, foreign tour, spend lavishly for hospitals, earn respect from others and society, do a respectable business or work in respectable career, and many more and what not. To attain all these, you have to squeeze your energy, time, intelligence, and all resources to the maximum extent. If you do not attain, any of the above, then you are considered as failure, you and your life will be stamped a failure.

Understand the commitment involved in Cult of Marriage, then do marriage. Without understanding do not engage in marriage and grieve over later, which you can not change anything. You may be male or female, both have commitment, involvement, dedication, effort, apply mind, and energy. Depending upon your role, you have to constantly cook all days, you have to look after and run behind your kids. Or someone else or mostly your mother or mother-in-law will cook and look after your kids with dedication on behalf of you. You have to ensure that fees of school and college are paid promptly and your kids are studying well. Expense after expense will arise from every nook and corner. Your monthly budget will explode. You can not shout at the expense, because that will lead to arguments and sense of inability. There are never ending EMIs. Whatever you earn, this is the case.

Paying attention to family , spending time with family.,.. my father and grand father do not come across these statements. Dependency and seeking attention, appreciation from partner – all leading to frustration and skirmish after a decade of married cult.

Irrespective of how much you earn, you will be happy or sad when comparing with others. If others earn more than you, you will be sad, if others earn lesser than you, you will be happy. It is the comparison makes you happy or sad, not the salary or money you earn.

Post forties or fifties, you may want to wander in life without aim or goal or destination. Your commitments will not let you wander, you can not abandon anything. You may wander in cosmos lonely after you die.

You feel, your life is full of problems and pressure and you start seeking intervention of God, religion, spirituality, horoscope, corporate gurus, saints, yogis, yoga, pranayama, kriya and blah blah stuff. You try to decode your Karma and resolve it. Nothing will work out and nothing can give solution to your problems. Like pain killer, they are all Problem Killers. They change the focus of your mind from your problems for a while. For a while, you will forget your problems and enjoy the ecstasy and blissfulness of those divine concepts. When they dilutes and disappear, then you are entangled with your problems as usual. Like a man drinks alcohol to forget his problems, yes forget the problems, not to resolve the problem, you can take Divine medication to forget the problems for a while. But alcohol or Divine medication, nothing changes what is happening to you. You can be addicted to either of these to forget the problems but your problems exists in reality. Unless and until what is happening to you is changed, your problems will not be resolved.

Change brings problems and Change brings solution. Change can be brought by your action or global chaos.

We bury mango seed, irrigate mango tree, but we pray and worship God to bless apple from Mango tree. How God will bless apple from mango tree? Our prayers are like this only, we did something and expect other thing. God/Nature can not break its Dhamma even we are sincere in our devotion or we do mediation or we go to temple or we do charity or etc.

What is the root cause of problems? Your action in the past is the root cause of problems in the present. You can not change the present, it is the child of your past. You have to experience and undergo the problems of your present day, which are triggered by you in your past. Divine intervention can not do anything with the nemesis of your past action. Nothing can be done now. Accept, and undergo, your problems will leave you slowly or suddenly after certain period of time.

Do not seek Divine intervention for the current problems. They can not do anything. Apply Divine rules/teachings before taking any action in the present. Consult all the philosophy, moral, ethics of spirituality before doing something in present. Act or do not act based on the recommendation of Divine teachings irrespective of your interest or impulse. Human desire or interest or impulse are always leading to problems and sufferings in the future, which even Divine intervention can not do anything. Consult with Divine rules before doing anything in the present to avoid problems in the future.

There are two things control your life. Your actions and Global Chaos. Both can bring good and bad to you. Seek Divine luck for goodness from Global Chaos which you do not have any control over it, simply accept it. Apply Divine teachings and discipline and rules before doing something in the present, where you have full control in your actions to avoid problems in the future.

Road Sense – We dont deserve freedom

We the people of India, dont deserve freedom. It is evident from observing our riding/driving behaviors in road. How we adhere to traffic rules, shows whether we deserve freedom or not. We dont deserve to be our rulers and administrators from observing how we build our roads, streets and how we maintain them.

We never obey traffic rules, we violate traffic rules, we never respect co-rider, co-driver. Big vehicles never respect small vehicles, small vehicles never fear about big vehicles. We overtake at will, we apply break at will, we intimidate fellow travelers in our sudden twist or movements.

During traffic jam, we move ahead in opposite lane.

We drive at mad speeds in narrow streets which are in pathetic condition.

We allow our children to ride/drive motor vehicles without driving license. We ride motorcycle without helmet and proper documents. We drive four wheelers without wearing seatbelt and without insurance.

We never be patience in traffic jam. We never be patience while standing in queue, anytime somebody will intrude the queue order, or somebody behind you, will overtake you in queue. Even in queues in temple to worship God have tension and no peace.

British should have ruled us for extra 50 years to teach road sense and road behaviors to inbuilt in our cult and build good roads and streets and teach our rulers and administrators as how to build road and street and how to maintain them.

Premature independence, freed the drunken monkeys to chaos the roads and streets. Chaos in our roads and streets.

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Who Am I

I am Gunaseelan Perumal, people call me Guna. I am from Chennai, India. I make out a living from Programming career in PHP technology.

Writing is my hobby, some times passion, some times an outlet, mostly my reaction to internal and external world.

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Fate Tension Anxiety Gene

If you are destined to be tense, have anxiety, then whatever you do, wherever you go, you will have tension.

Earlier, I thought that job stress was the only source of tension and anxiety. If I join a relaxed job, then i will not have tension, I thought such way.

Luckily, i got a relaxed job. No job stress, no tension and anxiety related to job. Am I peaceful now? No, i am not peaceful.

Tension from other sources occupied me. Tension about reducing bank balance due to more expense. Expense is exceeding income.

Car and bike anxieties are torchering me like anything.

Son not going to school on time or promptly.

My websites are not getting sufficient traffic to earn money.

All these anxieties were existing before when I was working with tenseful job. Due to job tension, I ignored other anxities. Only tension I had was job tension. Tenseful job gave more salary/income.

Now job is relaxed, but i have anxiety from other sources. Trivial things graped my attention and bothering me.

Anxiety or tension originates from your gene. If you are prone to anxiety genetically, then external factors can easily trigger tension in you.

If you are not prone to tension genetically, then external events can not make you tense easily.

Source of anxiety is not external, it is internal. If you are genetically programmed to have anxiety, then even small problems gives you anxiety.

What is in the seed, that becomes the tree. What is in the gene/fate, you become that.

It is very difficult or impossible to change genetic patterns. If the pattern is wrong, you have to suffer.

If you are genetically prone to tension, then you need a conscious awareness to ignore tension, don’t act by tension.

You have to remember that you are prone to tension, ignore it when it catches you. Definitely, you will have anxiety, if you are vulnerable genetically, but remember that and ignore it.

If you have fire, you will fire up when contacting cotton, try leaves, try wooden logs or any inflammable things. If you don’t have fire, then you will not fire up when contacting any or all inflammable things.

It is the fire you have is burning the cotton. Cotton is not creating fire in you. If no fire in you, you will not burn cotton.

Pulsar NS160 – Problems after 2 years

Government should ban all motorcycle reviews or ownership reviews which are given earlier to 2 years from purchasing the bike. Reviews after 2 to 3 years of purchase should be allowed and true. Review at brand new condition should be punished and stopped by government. Too early reviews misleading the buyers.

Motorcycle’s original build quality is exposed after 2 to 3 years of usage. We should give review afterwards.

My pulsar ns 160, did not give any problem till two years or warranty period got over. Afterwards, clutch or clutchplate having issue. bringing bike to neutral gear is very difficult. Low end torque and low end pickup got reduced or not upto newness state.

Some tuk tuk sound from vehicle when riding over bumbs and pits with pillion.

Engine turned off automatically in slow speed some time, annoying issue. Engine RPM reduces below 1000rpm and engine turned of automatically some times in slow speed in traffic, need to rev a bit to prevent engine off in traffic or slow speed.

Gear shift is must in low speed or tung tung sound from engine appears.

Rusting in fuel inner cap, water logging during raining season around inner fuel cap.

Many time, engine malfunction light glows, do not know what to do, Some time the light goes off automatically after 1 or 2 days, sometime it is taking more time. Is Bajaj experienced enough to make motorcycle with Fuel Injection, I dont know.

There is sag in mono suspension. When the bike was brand new, I had to tip toe the bike while in stationary. Now, after two years, I am flat footing while in stationary. Mono suspension is sagged a bit. My body weight is same for the last two years.

I am giving my bike to Authorised Service Center every 3 months before the due date. So, far my bike has clocked 11000 kms only in 2 years of ownership.

I am getting frustration with these problems. Engine performance reduced from newness state after 2 years. Regular service is not preventing problems. Service Centers do regular periodical checks only. They do not pay attention to specific problems. For specific problems we have to depend on local mechanic to fix it.

I still love my bike’s(NS160) performance above 5000 rpm or above 60 km/hr speed. 60 to 70, 70 to 80, 80 to 90 km/hr speed in my bike is still awesome and entertaining. I cruise at 70 to 80 km/hr in highway, that feeling is superup. Bike’s midrange in highway is still thrilling. I go to highway weekly once or twice and ride my bike in highway for 2 to 3 hours… Absolute Blast, Enthralling. If your restrict your highway cruising speed around -80+ km/hr, then this bike is more than sufficient. Still in-gear acceleration is adrenaline surge. Look of this bike is appealing as “Definitely Male” tagging of pulsars. That is the reason, I still keep this bike with me, otherwise I would have sold/thrown it in second hand market like I sold Discover 150F within 2 years from purchase.

Biking culture is at its peak in India, Bikers are conscious about their bike too much. They see every problem through a lens. Bike manufactures should understand the bikers mind, and build bikes with at most quality and train, equip Authorized Service Centers.

My previous motorcycle honda shine, was serviced at local mechanic, for three and half years, it did not irritate me at any point of time. There were problems occurred, but they were sorted out by local mechanics then and there. I did not give honda shine to Authorized Service Center after free services exhausted.

I am hesitating to give my BS6 ns160 to local mechanic, since it is FI and having engine/FI malfunction sensor, which can not be turned off by local mechanic. Moreover, I assume, BS6 engine oil is different from BS4 engine, I just assume, but I may be wrong too. So I am hesitating. But, I am pretty sure, local mechanic can service the bike better than Service centers because local mechanic pay attention to specific problems apart from regular checking. I am going to enquire my local mechanic whether is he able to maintain BS6 motorcycle with FI. If he accepts, then I will give the bike to him for servicing henceforth.

Before, purchasing NS160, I was in dilemma as whether to buy Hornet 2.0 or NS 160. Then I purchased NS160. Now I feel that, I should have purchased a bike from Honda based on my experience with Shine.

If I am buying next bike, then definitely it will not be from Bajaj stock based on my timely tested experience from Discover 150F and NS160. If anybody ask my suggestion as which bike to purchase, I would say avoid Bajaj based on my timely tested, costly experience with Bajaj bikes.

Honda means, more money, but peace of mind. Bajaj means less money, but no peace of mind, provided performance guaranteed. Your choice… money or peace of mind or performance at affordable price.

In the last two years, I enjoyed performance from NS160, it is enough. Now I want peace of mind – Honda Shine.

Update : 19-01-2023 : Today, Gear shifting became very hard and many false neutrals while riding the bike. Few times gear change is not engaging. It became difficult to ride the bike. I took the bike to Authorized Service Center. They checked the bike and replaced new Clutch cable, costing 434 rupees including labor charge. Now gears are smoothly engaging like a new bike. I am happy now.