Reasons for doing office politics

Fear, Ego, Jealous is the main reason for people involved in office politics. If people are free from fear, ego, and jealous then there will be no politics in office. Among three fear and jealous are important. Fear is the reason in most cases.

Nowadays I am not involving in politics. How many groups are there, all think they are good and others are bad. I did think my stand was correct, other’s were wrong. Everyone one and every group thinks they are correct.

Sometimes Fear and Ego are good if applied positively.

People on top of everybody will be happy if all their sub-ordinates, colleagues are inferior to them in all the aspects. If anyone having skills equal or better than them then there will be politics to suppress the skills. Here is the reason for politics is fear. Fear of loosing the position. Plus jealous too.

In many cases, if you convey as I am not a threat to you either directly or indirectly then there will be no politics or harassment.

Afraid of losing the importance, power, money, respect will force to do politics. Jealous of people, who is not having sufficient skills to meet out their designation will do counter politics.

Politics is well embroiled, you get cold war with some of the colleagues. You try to put down your detractors and vice versa.

Imagine that if you are not working in your current company. Will you have cold war with your colleagues? Probably your answer will be No. You will not have politics. This is wrong. You will be having cold war and politics with colleagues of the other company you are working.

Company may change, people working around you may change, but politics are everywhere. You cannot escape from office politics, but you can ignore it. Just ignore it and concentrate in your work.

Learn to do politics or ignore politics. If you do not have fear, you will be less affected by politics. Let people kill their fear, ego, jealous to create cordial working environment.

If you kill you fear instead of satisfying it, you will be a different person from how you are now.

Every company is same and every colleague is same. It is you have to change. Do not except the company to create a fear free, politics free working environment. It is not the company which creates politics, it is you (employees) do politics to satisfy your fear and jealous.

Awareness about God consciousness and understanding the in-secure and perishable nature of the life can help you to get rid off fear and race condition.