Stressed out – too many marketing and sales phone calls

I am stressed out due to too many marketing and sales phone calls i receive everyday.

I receive marketing/sales calls from personal loan, flexi loan, health insurance, investment plan, real-estate, donation charity calls and etc.

I availed personal loan in the past, i have life insurance as well as health insurance. I purchased a home/flat in the past. I gave donation to charities.

I receive 10 to 15 calls per day from the above industries. I am tired of talking to the telephone executives. Even i say, i am not interested, they are not leaving me. They keep trying to convince me. Each phone call last for 5 to 10 minutes. Sometime they chase me in whatsapp too.
I am stressed out of these marketing calls. Some marketing agency is selling my phone number as hot lead to many sources. Do not know what to do now.

I purchased another number,. It is a fresh number, allocated me to first time. Not been used by anybody in the past. I will not attend any calls from unknown numbers in my old number. Only for family members this new number will be given.

Really frustrated by telephone executives and driven to purchase second phone number.