Agile PHP – Want to use Simple PHP

I still want to use PHP without Namespace, PHAR, complex frameworks, and other enterprise enticing features.

I am using PHP from version 3.x to 7.x. For 11+ years ,PHP was my bread and better. I am certified in PHP.

The language of web, the bricks upon city of internet is built, is changing a lot to bite its share from enterprise, corporate market.

Good thing is, it is not withering its simplicity, easiness, originality yet.

There are many programming languages born, live, die. Some live longer and continue to live. PHP is one of the living language of web. Without PHP, internet would not be where it is now. It is evident and fact.

PHP is thriving, not because it is free and open source. There are many free, open source languages are available in the market.

Development is faster in PHP. Time to market an idea into business is faster in PHP compare to any other language and technology stack.

It is agile in responding to business changes. In a dynamic business world, day to day changes in business have to be implemented in software at lightening speed to survive and succeed. If your business reflects lot and frequant changes to software, PHP is the only choice.

A web application can be done in PHP, Perl, ruby, python, J2EE, dot net and so an. It is nothing like, this application can be done in PHP only.

The cost of development, speed of development, ease of maintenance and deployment, agility to changes, production ready – all matters in choosing a technology stack for business.

PHP is fast in deployment compare to other technology stack.

I am automating build and deployment for many enterprise technology stack. I see the challenges of production support, developers, release engineers in deployment. Large , high trafficking applications have its own challenges, pain points in development, testing, maintenance, and deployment. Technology upon application is built should ease out the pain points. But to the contrary, technology adopted by enterprises are adding complications. Enterprise IT professionals adding more difficulties to keep them employable, indispensable. A “hero is required” to cross every milestone. Delay, procrastination, Backout, Outage, more expense, lot of talk, blame game are popular in enterprises. Enterprise IT resources are are making (encouraged) to complicate simple things in order to exhibit their ability handle complexity and keep them indispensable and employable.

Use our intelligence, money, resource to keep things simple and small. Keeping simple is the only way to be Agile. Enterprises have to switch to LAMP technology stack, which can keep things simple and agile.

PHP is simple, plenty of resources at lesser cost compared to other tech stack. Huge community support. A common man with average intelligence can be PHP programmer. Source code is open. Need of Tech Hero is eliminated. If a PHP programmer quits or threatens to quit, other PHP programmer can take charge easily as long as source code is open.

Couple of decade ago, development was challenge, decade ago availability – maintenance was challenge. Agility to implement business changes is the challenge today, Not horizontal scalability or vertical scalability. Proper framework and cloud infrastructure can address both. Keep IT aligned with business is the challenge today.

Elephant is powerful, but not agile like horse. Horse is agile, but not powerful as elephant. If your need is agility, horse is your solution. You can not make elephant as agile like horse, whatever patch, workaround you try.

PHP has an edge over other tech stacks in web technology by keeping simple. But what Zend trying today is making things complicated to reach enterprise premises. Converting a horse into elephant. Getting subscription from corporates is different ball game in marketing.

PHP has a niche in web. Web is agile. It is changing every second. Web needs a tech stack which is agile. PHP is agile. Zend, please keep PHP simple and agile as it is always to rule web.

How to survive in abusive office?

Like domestic violence, work place violence is too bad, affecting both mental and physical life. But, it has less attention, awareness, social movements, and talk compared with domestic violence.

When your work place is abusive, how to survive.

You are threntened, ill treated, dumped, humilated, you don’t get the recognition, respect you deserve. Your hardwork is not appreciated. you are driven to have a self doubt on your skills, experience, achievements. You started longing for appreciation, attention. You are uncomfortable in your office.

If you face any one or more than one mentioned above, then you are in abusive work place. Either your colleague or your manager or immediate boss consciously and constantly abusing you to get something from you. Willingly or unwillingly you have do or provide what they expect from you. It should look like you are acting on your own, self instead by the force.

What is expected from you might be varying. Satisfy the ego, submission, play a subservient role, do an extraordinary /dirty work, quit the job, express fear, accept him/her as your boss or anything. Jealous, salary difference, work pressure difference, felt competitive might be also the reasons for abusive treatment in your work place.

Legally, you are not obliged to do, but you are forced to do by abuse. You can not complain, since its your job. As long as you depend on salary, you are not going to complain or seek relief from your work place abuses. If you are such person, this article is for you.

Be aware that you are in abusive environment. This awareness is the first step towards the relief. Don’t fight. Accept the reality that you are being abused.

Believe in what you are. You are not what is expected from you by your abusers. You are not what is described by your abusers.

Don’t let listen to those who have already surrendered. They want you to join the band wagon, which they are already in.

Don’t hesitate to speak/ask to your abuser when you have to. Be intact to abusings. Let the abuser keep abusing, you keep move around.

Think, remember – Did you abuse anybody in the past, and present? Did you help in abusing? If you, seek forgiveness from God and never abuse anybody.

In your spare time, do what is interesting to you. Stop doing it when you loose interest. Don’t compel yourself do something in your leisure time.

Spend time with your friends, family members. Let your mind be occupaid by who you love or who is loving you.

Never never never quit the job because of being constantly abused. What is the guarantee that you will not be abused in the new office.

Accept the reality – Why you are working.
You are working because you don’t have sound bank balance, you don’t have ancestral wealth to sit and eat, you are not from well off background. You are working because you need money to live your life. By working you gain experience, strengthen your career, make you employable, sellable in job market. You work because you dont have capital or entrepreneurship to start a business. You work because you get a job.

So, you have to work for yourself as long as you can irrespective of whether your work place is abusive or not.

God provides to whomever He choose. God takes from whomever He choose.

Go on.

I passed RedHat – RHCE exam

I passed RedHat Certification – RHCE – couple of weeks back. I attended two months part time training at Plexus, Chennai. I sacrificed weekends for two and half months.

I already passed few certifications exam in different domains.

I feel RedHat exams deserve mentioned, because of the way exam is conducted. 100% practical exam. No choose the best answer from choice. No theory or written exam. RedHat exam is One hundred percent practical.

You should know EXACTLY what you should know to complete a task in RHCE exam.

Thanks to God , I passed in my first attempt with 300 marks in both the exams – RHCSA, RHCE.

Classes at Plexus were at high speed, made me feel like traveling in race car. I would be more comfortable, if classes were taken in much slower speed. No idea, whether I enrolled in rapid cross course.

The pre-examination training was crucial. At the end of my first day pre exam training, I had the gut feeling that I could score full marks. Pre-exam training was conducted at moderate speed. I had sufficient time to listen, practice, and write.

RHCE Exam:

Either, you have to memorize the commands/steps OR understand the concepts, explore man pages to pass the exam. I choose the second. Understood concepts, explore man pages for syntax and commands.

The more you practice, the more scope to pass.

Expect the unexpected in the exam. Whatever we practice or memorize or understood, there might be some surprise waiting in exam, if we commit any mistake or forget any steps. We have to troubleshoot Our mistakes.

Why cycles can’t be used by IT and Corporate Employees for Commuting in Chennai

Cycles can be used to commute if the distance between office and home is around 5 km.

Present day, corporate and IT employees travel 50 kms per day on average. Guys travel from Guduvanchery to GUINDY, AMBATUR to Siruseri – by and large one end of the city to other end. Provided many late night shuttling. In this life style cycling is not possible for commuting.

Cycling was possible to older generation where they live near to their work place. Like living near to their factory. Factories had cycle stand too.

But in present life style, even walking is not possible.

I use cycle with a conscious effort though my life style does not need a cycle in my day today life like people consciously walk in the morning.

We can’t blame ourselves as not being healthy as previous generations. Nowadays, our life style has less scope for natural physical activities.

Living near the work place will reduce the pollution like anything.

Why Electric Bicycle is not Good to Environment?

Electric bicycle is not good to environment contrary to its popular belief ‘ it is go green’. It may pose similar threat to environment like fossil fuels, chloro-flora carbons in the future if it is adopted massively like petroleum powered motor vehicles. How?

If you think, pollution of petroleum can be avoided, then go for manual cycling instead of electric bicycle. The electricity you use to charge is generated from burning coal, or nuclear reactor. The more you consume electricity, the more pollution you cause somewhere else, if the electricity is made out of burning or colliding something.

Beware of battery profeliration and its careless disposal.

More numbers of cycle batteries will be available than car, automobile batteries. If these bicycle batteries are not disposed properly, then it will harm the environment. After few years, we will be grieving over careless handling of batteries from the cycles left to rust. Cycle left to rust is a common sceen can be seen in our neighborhood frequently.

Stress in Decision Making

Taking decision is not stress free. If we postpone taking decision, our stress level will increase. Actually decision making is stressful if we don’t have sufficient data.

Decision by Fact vs Hypothesis
When we have facts, we do not need to take decision, because facts will tell what to do. When we do not have facts, we have to make decision by hypothesis.

To take decision we need bravery rather than intelligence. Of course intelligence is must, but bravery is best for taking decision. The decision making ability is must for an administrator. It needs for all human being, but for administrator it is essential.

Foregone decision must be avoided. Decision according to situation or circumstance is best. Circumspect is a man of decision. He knows the decision to be taken according to the environment.

Worrying after taking decision is useless and foolish. It is better to think thousand times before taking decision. But decision should not be retreated after embracing it. It is impossible like recalling an arrow after bowing it. Like words, decision is a slave to us before taking it. After taking decision, it will be our master.

Taking decision is the one of the major ingredients of leadership quality. A leader without the ability to take decision is like a pen without nip.

We should not expect all our decision would be right. To take a right decision, it needs larger experience and greater analytical power. Out of two analytical is important. Do not worry about the wrong decision, because right decision can be taken from the experience gained at wrong decision.

It is best to take right decision. It is acceptable to take wrong decision. But, it is worst of all to be indecisive rather than taking decision.
While taking decision do not be worrying as it may go at astray. Do not fear to take decision. Decision must be taken at any cost. Right decision makers are like winners in the game. Wrong decision makers are like runners in the game. ‘Indecisivers’ are spectators to the game. So take decision when and where it is to be taken.

There are very rare and few circumstance when decision should not be taken.
A problem is solved by a right decision. It is left as it is by indecision. But become worse by wrong decision. In such situation it is better to avoid taking decision. Time can solve many problems.

First, find out whether this situation/problem really needs a decision/solution. If it is true, take the decision without hesitation. If it is not true then leave it as it is. Whether to take decision or not is also a decision.

Can web apps win Native apps

Will Web apps win native apps?

Web apps VS Native apps = ?

What will be the impact of web hybrid apps in smart phones?

Is there a scope for Web Apps in mobile platform?

Native apps for android are buzzing since 2008, whereas hybrid apps are sprouting in recent times especially after phonegap buzzing in the industry.

Whatever concept/idea can be implemented in web apps is already available in native apps – not like they can be done in native apps, but they are already done in many variations and in many duplication.

If you think of doing a photo gallery or audio player – there are variety of multiple apps already available in the stores. Developing one more app for the over crowed concept/ business model has no scope or meek possibility for monetization.

Html5 has great scope for redefining the user experience and interaction with millions of active legacy websites and billions of new websites going to blossom. But in app world where this fit in?

Html5 canvas can do wonders. But the same wonders are already done and available in app stores.

Trying and implementing the capabilities of web in mobile platforms, might be good for techie to demonstrate his ability. It is a sort of ability demonstrated or verifying new capabilities attained. But, its scope as app for monetization is questionable, other than landing in job or keep employable to a techie, where hundreds of variations already available in app store.

Will Web Apps be adopted

I see lots of html5 demos in internet, but I see them as ability demonstrated.

Ability demonstrated – Will it be used, adopted? Yes, they will be consumed by the industry like how web applications were consumed after out casting desktop application.

We are in a transition period – what is web, what is surfing, what is website and what is an app – everything is being redefined and reinterpreted due to mobile penetration. No more websites, only web apps.

Dynamic websites eliminated the desktop applications where frontend and back end running in same machine or distributed through networks. I remember FoxPro or dbase or devoper2000 application either as standalone or distributed across close networks in the same premise. Birth of web application made those standalone applications obsolete.

New capabilities of html5 will make native apps obsolete. When web apps can access device accessories like camera without phonegap plugins, native apps will become legacy applications. Because from browser without installing anything we avail what native apps provide. History will be repeated, but when? no idea as of now.
Exception may be to graphic intensive games.

Advantage of Web Apps over Native Apps

One of the major advantage of web apps. It is they don’t need to be installed like native apps. Use and throw, don’t store it in your device. Apps installed can consume battery, CPU, memory, space even when not used. They are active by their services/deamon even when they are not used. Check out the Nexus 5 battery drainage issue in Google. Device browser can run web apps or websites with the capability of native apps.

I hate installing apps which require internet connection , because the same can be done through html5 as web apps / web sites without the need to install.

Witness the transition is going to happen.

Rashad Khalifa Quran – English Translation

Rashad Khalifa’s english translation of Quran is awesome. Everyday reciting has improved my English language. Precise usage of word. Simple sentence. Improvement to vocabulary.

When I read it, I get the feeling like, I am reading something which is universal to All Humanity, rather than something which is restricted to a specific people/sect who identify/group themselves in dress code, long beard, specific names to be called.

I am not worrying whether Rashad Khalifa is a messenger or not. What I enjoy is his beautiful English, which I don’t see in any other English translations. If anybody read Rashad’s translation without prejudice or forgone decision, he/she will agree that his translation is the best source of path to Submission.

I accessed this in my smart phone and listen, read. Quran player link

Actually, my friend Nooril Hassan presented Rashad’s translation to me to improve my english language. He encouraged me to read everyday. Nowadays, a day is not passed without reading it. Every time, I read it, some verse inspired me.

Is Facebook useful to man

Is Facebook useful to us?

Facebook has become a connecting medium. That’s the only use, I see. Whatever good and bad happen in all the connecting medium, all is happening here too like in public gathering, mlm meetings, marriage, festivels. People use these platforms as per their need and interest.

Somebody promote their business- use the connecting medium for marketing or get new friends or keep in touch with friends, relatives or use Facebook for self exaltation.

Apart from these what is the use. Does Facebook stop me from rushing to office by Monday morning. Anything, which is not helping a man in his efforts to fulfill his basic needs, are making money out of him. Earlier we used tap-recorder, grammaphon, Walkman to listen music. Steve made the musical system much more easier than what was yesterday. But a man’s struggle for existence is not shared or reduced by these tech giants.

Still millions of people out there, who can not afford for an iPad or computer or smartphone. Technologic advancements are not empowering these majority section of people financially.

These technologies don’t reduce the price of basic need of a common man. Technology is addressing the comforts of people, but not needs. There is no technology which produce surplus rice, vegetables, cloths to distribute them at free of cost – where people no longer struggle for basic needs.

If you buy the technology, it will give you comfort, but it will not stop you from going to job or work to make a living.

Rashad Khalifa Mobile Quran

Quran English translation of Rashad Khalifa is available for mobile phones. This will play the audio as well text of each ayat/ayah.

For android phone users click here to download.

For apple phone users click here to open.

For Amazon kindle users click here to download.

Other phone users like Firefox OS, Tizen click here to open Mobile Quran.

Desktop or Tab users click the above link to play Quran in mobile.

To listen to audio, you device or browser should support HTML5
Watch this demo video