Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) may harmful to Trees and Photosynthesis

Trees and Plants need Carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. If CCS removes ‘carbon’ dioxide, plants may not do photosynthesis. We will not get fresh oxygen and food if no photosynthesis happening.

Carbon Capture and Storage will filter the carbon in the air. We are not sure is it going to remove all the carbons or excess carbon causing global warming.

Carbon dioxide is important for photosynthesis. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from air and release oxygen during day time.

If CCS filters the carbon in the air, How will the photosynthesis happen without carbon. Oxygen will not be released and Agricultural food products will not be produced if photosynthesis is not happening.

If there is no carbon in the air or less carbon in the air, may affect Plants.

The consequences of artificial removal of carbon may show some manageable negative sign, but is should not be a nemesis. CCS is like a pain killer, which I already mentioned in my previous article, but the side effect of the pain killer should not kill the patient.