How to give up Habits

Habit means “A practice which is automated and hard to give up”. A regular tendency or sometimes an urge to be in a mood or do an action.

Habit is one of the features of human mind. The concept of habit is similar to the motion in universe.

There are countless and various types of habits in the world. According to the change of time, habits also change. Watching TV, eating snacks, drinking alcohols, smoking are all ‘known habits’.

There are unknown habits too. Often settle down in a particular ‘mood’, perform actions related to the mood. ‘Habitual Moods’ are unknown habits. We can not perceive it physically.

The reason for making acquaintance with an activity initially may be anything. The often repeated activity soon becomes habit. When an activity becomes habit we will be slave to that habit.

The expense for most of the habits are shooting up in both money and other resources like time, etch. People spend from minor to major portion of their income for their habits.

Giving up a Habit

For giving up a habit we need self control, self discipline, and mental consistency.

All who are trying to give up a habit will not succeed. Very few percentage are succeeding. In normal case we have to sacrifice few ‘failures’ in our efforts to succeeding in giving up a habit. It is like getting through Indian Government Competitive examinations. Some people succeeds instantly when they take oath to give up their habit. Most of the pledges to give up habit will go at astray.

There are two ways for giving up a habit. Slowly, but steadily we are addicted to habit. In the same way we can give up a habit. Secondly we addicted to habit suddenly like starting drinking when failed in love or something else. We can give up habit suddenly, but to give up suddenly we need formidable self control.

There is no habit in the world can be defined as beyond giving up. All habits can be given up by human effort. All men have the courage and self control to stop a habit. Escalating method is the easy and systematic way to give up any kind of habit at any stage.

Impact of Habit

There are two types are habit in practice. There are good habits and bad habits. Good habits are favorable to the practitioner and Bad habits destroy the practitioner.

Becoming a slave to a good habit is beneficial. We have to find good habits and practice it till we are slave to the habit.

In reality, becoming slave to bad habit is very easy, but giving up is very tough. Giving up a good habit is very easy, but get addicted to good habit is very tough.

Best temperament over habits is get the control over all sorts of habits. We should be able to command our habits to activate and deactivate, this is even applicable to our thought process and thought addictions.