Identification with Education

We have a strong deep-rooted identification with our educational system. We are driven mad by our attachment with education.

We have our ego clubbed with education.  We look education as a source of income to make a living.

Respect, pride, money, economy, ego are all embroiled with education.

My 10-year-old son is not going to school often.  He takes leave often.  He is telling that he does not like school.  Recently, he was adamant as not going to school.

I was afraid that he might be a school dropout from 5th standard.  I could not digest my son is without education – a college degree. There was a trauma, cry from me at the moment when this Dropout thought raised.  Sub-consciously, I have strong identification with education.  When it is shaken, I have bad emotions, I became weak.

I feared what my son will do in future without education. What job will he do without a degree?  What level of respect will he receive from the society? Will he not feel inferior in front of educated people?

I could not accept to my son without education.

I see education as a recognition, source of income, an entry into corporate companies, a resume for sky scrapping salary, a security from fear of unknown, a source of confidence.

 For many centuries, education was not attainable to majority of people.  Education was circling in a closed circle.  Many people lived without education for centuries.

I am a second-generation graduate.  Back to my grandfather onwards nobody was educated.  My father is the first graduate in his clan.

In the last 50 to 75 years, education spread across the country and reached its peak now.  You cannot join government job without a degree.

I have to get rid of my identification with education.  It is a delusion that education is everything; it is a belief that without education life will be futile.

I am limiting myself with my identification.

I am putting my son within a frame of identification.

The belief system over education, make me do certain actions, and prevent me from doing certain actions.

I have to see myself without educational identity.  When I try it, I feel myself light.  Once I shed my educational identification, I would be able to see my son without education.

There are limitless possibilities for a man without education.  Don’t let my son restricted by the possibilities of education alone.

There is a life beyond education. Schooling has become such a stress nowadays.

Understand the Spy in your team

While discussing with your team, speak only publicly sharable opinions, thoughts.  Don’t speak anything which your supervisor or management should not come to know.

For example, when do you plan to resign your job – don’t discuss your plan in public.  Don’t criticize your manager or management in public.  When management come to know your plan, personal negative opinions, you will have bad consequences. How come management know your feedback when you discuss it with your close buddy?

There is always a spy in your team, in your colleagues.  He or She will cascade the information you leak.  You never know who is that spy.  One among your trusted colleagues is the management spy.

Don’t be skeptical about that spy or management encouraging spy attitude.  Managers need spy/information to manage the team,  Management should know the up to date pulse of its employees to manage them.

You can not identify who is the the spy.  But, be aware that there is a spy who eagerly waiting for your confession to inform the management.  He or she may get some favors due to their spying. It is best to avoid speaking what you don’t like your management to know.  Don’t speak such things with your colleagues or in public.

Flash sale participation in Flipkart – Redmi 8

Yesterday (12/10/2019), I participated in flash sale in flipkart to order a mobile phone – Redmi 8.

I am using Micromax Canvas Selfie lens Q345 for the last four years.  The battery started to drain faster nowadays.  I bought it for around 8000 rupees in 2015.  This is my second smart phone. My first smart phone was Zen ultrafine 701 HD, which served me for one and half years.  After one and half years of usage, its battery got bulged and drained faster.  I bought this phone for around 8000 rupees.

Sub-consciously my budget for smart phone is fixed around 8000 rupees.  For 8000 rupees what are the maximum features, I can get, I will purchase that mobile phone.

This time, I am looking for 4GB ram, 64GB rom, 5000 MAH battery.  Last month I saw Infinix HOT 8 phone, which meet my expectation and its price is 7000 rupees.  I did not buy this phone due to two reasons.  It’s flash sale is held on Thursday 12PM which I find it difficult to participate, because I need to go to office.  Second, Infinix is showing Ads in the phone, which I do not like it.

For nearly one month, I was looking into other phones.  Nothing suits my budget in the expected configuration.

Suddenly, I saw Flipkart advertisement for Redmi 8.  It has 4GB ram, 64GB rom, 5000 MAH battery.  There are other features.  Two things lacking, one Full HD, and powerful processor.  Processor is Qualcomm Snapdragon 439.

We cannot play graphic intensive games like Pubg without lag.

I do not play games in smart phone.  I do phone calls, browsing, whatsapp, youtube in smart phone.  For the last six years, my usage revolves around this activity.  So I am okay with SD439 processor.

I did run Apache web server, PHP application from my phone.  I did this in Zen ultrafone, which was 512 MB ram, and I do not know what the processor was, might be mediatek.  I hope Redmi 8 with 4 GB ram, and snapdragon 439 processor, can run Apache server and PHP application, if I experiment anything.  My six years old smart phone can run Apache, PHP, hope this latest phone can run too.

12th October 2019 12PM, flash sale began for Redmi 8.  It happened to be Saturday, my holiday/weekend leave.  So at 11.50AM,I opened flipkart site and waiting for Buy Now button to place the order.  At 12PM, buy now Button appeared.  I clicked it immediately. Don’t want to waste time by using credit card, waiting for OTP and extra process.  So, I choose Cash on Delivery and completed placing the order. Few minutes after placing the order, I saw the Ad for Motorala One Macro which priced for 10000 rupees.  It has a better processor where we can play games like pubg.  I oscillated for few minutes whether to cancel Redmi 8 order.  Then I am satisfied with Redmi 8 purchase, because I am not a gamer and motorala one macro has 4000 MAH battery, which is lessor than Redmi 8, and motorala price is above my budget.