Copper Kitchen Saligramam Customer Review.

I reside in Saligramam and my family is regular customer of Copper Kitchen located at Saligramam. Here I share our experience with Copper Kitchen.

We have been visiting and placing orders over telephone since 2015. It has been more than 4 years we consume from Copper kitchen. Mostly we place home delivery orders. Seldom visit restaurant.

Our favorite orders would be Naan, Panneer butter masala, schezhwan fried rice, noodles, Thandoodari chicken.

Taste is subjective. We like it.

Pricing is costly, which i feel.

One time, we are not satisfied with the taste of an item, and we complaint the same to the restaurant. In our next order, they offered a food item without charge (free) as compensation for the previous order where we made complaint.

Fate in Life

Many things in our life seem to be decided by fate. Overall belief in all the religions is Birth and Death is already fixed but few exceptions in Hinduism. Some believe everything is fate. Even I am writing this scribblets, it may be due to fate, and you read this article that is too is due to fate. Do not thing as you landed here unexpectedly by Search Engines.

True friends, becomes enemy. True lovers get fractured. All such situation can not be due to ego or misunderstanding. Many things are by fate. We never expect such incident before it happens. After it happened, we are obsessed with the thoughts as how we could handle the situation in better way. Our intellect, awareness, consciousness nothing can stop few things happened by fate.

Fate is always good. It does what is good. It is a balancer. If you believe in past life (previous birth), fate is a reflection of your past karma. Fate is a way to realize uncertainty of our life. Reality of our true value in front of God, Universe, and life. The value is nothing.

You never thought of breaking relationship with somebody. But all of a sudden you are driven to break it. It is a fate. You thought it is impossible to rejoin the broken friendship, but it will happen because it is a fate. Mind thinks hundred possibilities. Fate will come in hundred and one (101st) possibility. Fate breaks our attachment to life and creates detachment to life.

There is no use of worrying after fate played bad dance in our life. It is foolish to be obsessed with thoughts as we could have prevented such bad incident by so many if’s. No guilty feelings. Be positive and Be progressive. Everything is for the Goodness. Everything is God willing. What was happened and what is happening and what will be happening, everything is for the goodness. So just relax. Let things go. Let things happenings.

Old flowers died for giving way to new flowers. You lost something to possess something new. God knows what should be given to you. He will give it at right time at right place. Not what you ask or desire, but what God decides right to you. Whatever comes be happy and be cheerful. Live without expectation or ignoring frustration is a best way to adjust with fate. Till you adjust with fate, it will keep you tossing.

Fill your heart with God then the changes in the worldly affairs by fate will not affect.

Accept and do not Expect is a good way to deal fate.

Which is best investment

We do lot of investment for our future. Using money we invest in land, FD, Mutual fund, and shares, etc. Which is the best investment? Nothing is best.

Time is the best investment. Investing your time properly is the best investment for future as well as present. Every one has twenty four hours. The way we invest our time makes the different. Do not waste your time in unhealthy arguments, debates. They are going to yield nothing. Instead they spoil the relationship with debates. Invest your time in learning or planning yields best returns. Research and development yields best returns.

Invest your time as per your role. If you are a manager invest your time in managerial works rather than clerical or labor intensive works. If you are a software project manager invest your time in Analyzing business models, Team building, ensuring quality of the software. It is foolish to invest your time in data entry to populate database. You can depute some body in the lower hierarchy to do it.

Investing your time to relax after tiresome work, make you ready for another round of work.

Whether you spend or invest or don’t use your time, time will be lost. Time is an illusion. It is a Maya. Actually Time does not exist. There is no time, if there are no events.

There is a difference between spending and investing. You can not invest all your time then you can not live. You spend your time in the morning to reach office. Then you do your office work to earn. These things are not investment. Watching movie, entertainment are not investment. They are spending. You must spend your time.

What do you do with your remaining time you have after office hours and when you are free in the office? I am referring a time frame which is not spent for earning. We sell our time to buy money. We are not selling twenty four hours. Six to eight hours we spend for earning. That must be spent. What we do with the remaining hours. They can be invested in gaining knowledge, future benefits, relaxation and etc.

Invest your time in divinity is the best investment. Invest your time to create and establish new relationship.

Invest your time for good returns in the future. What you get in the present, which are the returns of your past investment.

How to Estimate a Project for successful completion

All projects need clear goal, a preamble. All sorts of tasks involved in the project must be identified and must be precisely assessed for time duration. We need to have buffer time for unidentified hidden tasks. Complete smaller tasks comfortably one by one. See the smaller task alone; don’t see the big picture of final stage while working (it should be visualized during planning), if you see then you will have implementation block or ‘Action Constipation’.

Ancient pyramid, temples, sculptures, and paintings are spark of the genius of project management.

Many projects fail or people involved the project suffer like anything is due to improper project vision. Leaving many or some tasks unidentified, and not allocating sufficient time for completing small tasks.

Improper vision leads to confusion; you don’t know what do to or what is next. Unidentified hidden task collapse the time schedule leading to ‘hurry burry’ approach. Resource allocation is a big headache when hidden tasks are identified later and intruded into the middle of the project. Project will not take of if time assessed is unusually too long. Short time frame will lead to ‘Rush to Finish’ which eventually leads to project failure due to de-scoping or lack of quality.

For a successful project execution, actors who are going to implement the project should understand the project vision precisely. Break the project into small task and identify all tasks. Also aware that they may leave some tasks as hidden, be prepared to handle the situation when it spikes to the fore. Avoid predicting too long time for more comfort then project will not take off. Avoid predicting short time to satisfy the project owners, you cannot complete the project or you cannot work in next project due to excessive burnout. Be honest in timeframe. Be true to you instinct and experience. Discuss with senior or compare other projects done already. Don’t be a miser or spend-drift. Just be generous. After predicting the time frame add 20% to 30% of the time as buffer to handle unidentified task.

Project owners or stockholders has significant role in project completion. They should ensure that, executors have clearly understood the project goal. ‘Human is to be err’. They should accept the time frame extension up to 30% of actual time frame predicted. Example: if 100 days predicted to complete a project, but it is completed by 130 days, it is a good finish. They should be anticipate and appreciate this 30% extension rather than 100% or 200% or more. The whole time frame assessment is just a prediction. Please be aware of it.

A task will take away the time required to get it complete. Time cannot be squeezed. Let everything take it’s own time to perfection.

A cordial working environment and relationship, appreciation in time, periodical rest will ease out the project execution.

How to complete Big Project

Sculpturing a statue, filming a movie, writing a novel, constructing a building, doing small investment for big return, and developing a software all are projects. A project means anything broken down into small tasks leading to a big finish.

If you sum up the quantity of food eaten by a man’s full lifetime, the size of total food will become a huge mountain. During a course of time this ‘Food of Mountain’ is eaten in small quantity in proper intervals. Swallowing the big ‘Food of Mountain’ at once is impossible and leads to bottleneck. But we all do this eating project successfully without our consciousness. We do it consistently without minding when it gets completed. There is no pressure of time. We cannot swallow all at once. There is no bottleneck by time or quantity. Completion attained by consistency. This is the best attitude for project completion with an artist spirit.

Don’t expect the project completion or rush to finish. This expectation will make you tired rather than the work. No hurry No worry, just work for the day, and get the current task completed. That’s all. Consistency and time leads to completion. No human is completing anything.

Wound in Mouth

Wound can be happened anywhere in the body. But few parts are exception. Out of all the parts mouth is most important part. Because through mouth only we intake the foods. If any harm happen in the mouth, intake of food will be disturbed. This stringiest supply of food, reduce energy supply. This will lead to lot of tiredness. The irritating pain render by mouth is unparalleled by other pains. The skin inside the mouth is very sensitive. Lot of nerves gather there. This prolong, constant and irritating pains disrupts the mental stability. Unable to take food adequately, severe and cruel paining., both spoil, both body stamina and mental stability. Finally this lead to the crashing down of the victim.

Since my childhood I have been invaded by various decease, wound and internal anomalies. Each in it own course of time seems to be big, unable to tolerate. But all gives problem concerning with respective decease respectively. Constipation affect mental calmness reduce the blood circulation to brain, increases brain temperature. But all can be bearable. Viral bacterial or external attacks kill the man or at least leave the man to live. But most of them do not torture cruelly, they give fever and take away all strength. They do only their major function. Even loose motion is favorable. Ordinary cold is for nothing. Wounds do not disturb the body at large scale. Wounds are dangerous when injection is going on in wounds. But wounds at joins or elastic muscles or parts like ankles take long time to cure, because of the friction there.

But problem inside mouth does major troubles to man. Along with their taking food is reduced. For strength, immunity, repercussion we have to take our food. If do not take food, we cannot augment our energy, intensify our immunity. This leads to the down fall of the total body. Once intake of food stopped completely for more than three days then we cannot even scrawl. Mucus membranes do not have capacity to clear off even dust. Because of disturbing food process, problem at mouth can be considered as a dedicated place should be prevented from any harm.

This is the first time in my life, I am suffering mouth pains. After deep analysis, I think anomalies or decease at mouth is suitable for a person, who wants to became thin from his bulkiness.

Fake Film Heroes

We have fans for film stars and other people belong to entertainment media. Film stars act as per director instructions. The character they play are imagination and they are not the actors real character. The actor may afraid for snakes in real life but in movie he fights with snake. But we started to believe the film characters as the real character of actors. Film actors become our real life role models and heroes.

Fan club among different heroes, fight with one another for the supremacy of their respective film actors. But the Actors will not fight among themselves in real life expect in movies.

There are many real life heroes living and lived without publicity. Actually they deserve the fan club and fans. By following them as role model, youngsters will be motivated in a better way. May army man fight for the mother land bravely. They do great adventures and scarifies. There are many scientist who changed the way of life. They are many spiritual and political leaders who changed the view of life and map of the world. There are many social reformers and environmentalist who are protecting humanity and earth. We do not have fans for them. They are real heroes in real life. We do not have fans for real heroes. But we have fans for reel heroes. If we have fans and fan club for such real life heroes, world would have been different from what we see now.

Why reel heroes are worshipped? Is human lack the reasoning ability to differentiate between real and reel heroes. No everybody can realize the difference. The fact is everybody wants to be the hero and do heroic fantasy. Everybody seeks the center of attraction. But in real life to become hero, it is not so easy. So people have day dreams. In everybody’s day dreams we are heroes. The hunger for heroism is satisfied in day dreams. The same thing is applicable for movie too. When seeing a movie, sub-consciously the viewer started to visualize the film hero’s character as him/her self. So we started to support the hero indirectly supporting ourselves. We become fan to that actor who played the role of the hero character, but sub-consciously we become fan to our urge to heroic fantasy. It is not the film heroes who impressing us. It is the individual character make up that develop a fantasy and fan-sprit to film heroes. If the individual make up is genuine and there is no comic heroic urge, then there will be fan club for real life heroes.

mysql remotehost localhost

We connect to mysql from php. Normally both php and mysql running in same machine. Sometime mysql running is some othere server. We connect to same server by mysql_connect(‘localhost’,,,,) and mysql_connect(XXXX,,,,) where XXXX may be remote server’s
IP address or remote server URL. My question is there any difference between localhost and remotehost connection? like Speed, performanace, etc.

If the portal has more traffic and lot of heavy transactions are there then, seperating the php and mysql is a good performance optimization. So the apache server’s CPU resource is left to handle php process and free from mysql processings. Mysql load will be handled by another server. So Two CPUs handle php and mysql respectively. Load is distributed. But at the same time mysql should be connected thru LAN or WAN not interenet(http protocol).

Anothere thought for brainstorming is, PHP connects to mysql through Socket or TCP/IP. Socket is faster than TCP/IP-networking. If php and mysql are running in same server then by default socket is used. The keyword ‘localhost’ identified and socket is used. Anything
other than ‘localhost’ TCP/IP is used.

This choice is more of ‘context based decision’ rather than standard solution, which I feel.

Mind set for Interview

Hi, my dear friend.

Yesterday you told me that, you were called for interview from the reputed MNC Company. You felt so nervous and obsessed over the interview.

Just relax. Do not push or rush yourself for anything. Just realize that this not a must win situation. You are already comfortable of current job. So be cool. Nothing is going to change your life. This is just another company. This is just another interview. This is just another day. Nothing special. No need to boost your self. No need to be obsessed by interview thoughts. Just relax. Joining or loosing this big company is not going to change your life upside down. God can give anything and remove anything from you. Be balanced and keep your mind calm.

No more nervousness. Your mind will be free soon. You will be so comfortable, expressive, audible and fluent in language during interviews. You will be as you. Remember you will get only what is due to you. So try without expectation.

Offline English Quran without Internet

Here you can download Offline English Quran, which works without internet connection. You can read, search, go any sura.ayat. Text version work well without net. Moreover, you do not need to download any app. Just access this Quran web app from you mobile or desktop browser. That’s it.

In order to play audio, you would need to be connected with internet. Otherwise, you do not need net connectivity.

Click here to visit Offline English Quran