Job Profile you never Quit

Many people desire to quit their job, want to escape from pay check/rat race. They desire for a residual income. They try to build a network in MLM. Some try to start a blog, a social networking site and etc. Some want to start their own business. By these activities they believe, they can attain financial freedom and security.

People believe job is not secure. You can list your own negative reasons for going to job.

But these are due to false belief and unnecessary fears over job.

I will tell you a job profile, you will never quit.

In your current job, you do not need to report in the morning by 9am or 10am. Of course, which is a the official time to report. But, you can decide your reporting time as per your work. You can reach 30 or 45 minutes late, no issues. At the same time if there is a need to report early, you will report.

This ‘flexible reporting’ will not affect your salary as long as you are doing your job well. An average six to eight hours you need to work per day.

There is no work pressure. Whenever a task is assigned to you, it is you have to confirm how much time and resource you need. You will not be pressured for less than what you assess.

If some of the tasks are beyond your skill or ability, you are free to convey as it is beyond your talent. The task will be re-assign to somebody else who can do the job. You will not be blamed or put down because of your inability. Both your strength and weakness are accepted.

Company will not pressure you to upgrade/improve your ability. It is you have to improve yourself. If you improve and upgrade yourself, company will appreciate in all the aspects. Otherwise, company will accept you as you are.

Salary will be paid promptly and more than enough. Every year there will be a hike depending upon your performance.

Company’s economy is very sound. Company has good business. Salary is consistent and definite.

No office politics stress. Opportunity is equal to everybody. Management maintains a ‘Win Win’ policy rather than ‘Win Lost’. At the same time, it will not interfere in relationship among staff. If you want to start a group/politics, you can but you can not put down anybody. If you do not want to participate in office politics, you will be protected against other political groups.

Nobody is allowed to put down others. Your team will be changed or different work will be given to you if you do not feel comfortable when working with somebody.

No firing. Company will not fire you at any cost. Firing is a negative management policy. So, no firing. Legal cases are exceptions.

Whenever you have problem, you can discuss with your management freely.

Yearly twice or thrice, you can have short time vocations.

You feel so comfortable in your office than your home. No fear, no tension.

If you are offered such a job profile or your current job will be changed like that, do you give up your job? Do you think of starting MLM or blog or any other residual income source?

You will find your job is better than your dream business. You focus only in your job not any other things. You will not update your resume. You will not appear for interview. You will continue in the company as long as possible.

Well, do you thing the job profile which I explain now is a joke or illusion or dream.

You are absolutely wrong. This type of job profile is available in your current company. Even your job can attain such a profile by a slight change in your attitude. You need to get rid of your imaginative fear over job. You have to get rid off over-expectation from your job.

At the same time, you should be ready to give up your job if things are not favoring or ‘Job Profile’ is bad.

Every company I worked I find one or more employees enjoying this job profile. In your company too you can find somebody enjoying this profile. They may be friend or relative or ‘piggy pather’ or extremely skillful or showing their back to their boss. Any how, they manage to get a comfort and enjoying their job.

Love the job or hate the job, both are in your control. Whichever you want you can choose. Some company – same job, for somebody it is a heaven and for somebody it is a hell. Something difference in the individual perception, but not with the company.

If you hate your job, please quit. If you love your job, please continue. Never mind anything. Sooner or later you will land up at the ‘Job Profile’ if you have courage to follow your instinct.