Dynamic Definition to Material Life

If any philosophy, ideology, concept, formula give definite state or priciples to life then it will fail at some point.

No formula or philosophy or no rule fits all or suitable for all the situations.

Life is dynamic, changing from time to time and from person to person and from being to being.

Life cannot be approached with definite or rigidly structured rule or philosophy.

A dynamic definition is required to approach material life.

Practical Spirituality for Materialistic Man

Practical Spirituality for Materialistic Man

Too much of anything gives problem. No much of anything gives problem. We need to maintain a balance between too much and no much to be peaceful and balanced.

Balancing in all the needs of life and wants of life is important for a man of material life. Health, wealth, fame, recognition, importance, ego, pleasures, pains, success, failure, etc all are needed in proper dosage to be happy and stable in material life. Neither in excess nor in scarcity – balanced fulfillment of all is required to have a satisfied life.

If you are leading a material life, too much of spirituality is bad. It affects your material life. If you like or can not avoid material life, then do not involve in spirituality too much. Like pickle to cure rice ratio, keep spirituality a bit low and fulfill your materialistic demands. Distribute your efforts/time 80℅ for material life and 20℅ for spiritual life.

Identify what you want and where are you in the life and channelize your energy/efforts accordingly.

If you are into earning money, getting married, having children, bringing up children, then you need to address all the ingredients of material life.

Going to temple or your worshipping place, reading/reciting your religion’s holy books, doing prayer for material gains, doing charity, remembering God or Divine force if possible, avoid committing sins are your spiritual involvements. Rest you have to focus on your material life.

Mukti, samadhi, enlightenment, awakening, realizing brahman or aatma, mystical experience beyond mind, etc. are not for you if you are into material life. They are for a person who is into 100℅ spiritual life and completely detached from material life and have no commitments in material life.

There are yogic practices, breathing techniques, strict religious process, narcotic intakes to break the crust of I or melt the crust of I to connect with Divine energy. As a materialistic man, you do not try anything like these. You just live with the crust of I, do not break it. It is difficult for an uprooted tree to grow again. Don’t uproot. Just undergo and experience both good and bad of life without resistance like a tree which experiences all weathers and seasons patiently.

If you seek advice for your materialistic life problem, then get advice from an experienced person from materialistic life or atleast who is wearing your similar shoes. Do not seek advice from spiritual person for your materialistic life problems. Your material life is immaterial to spiritual person. His/her advice will not solve your problems. Be aware from whom you need to get advice. Sharing, lamenting are different from getting advice. You can share your grievance to some one you trust. But, you cannot get advice from anybody, especially from a spiritual person for your materialistic problems.

As a materialistic man/woman, you live with your fears and live with your desires. You pray for your fears and pray for your desires. Divine energy wants you to live like a human, that is why it has given you a chance to born as human. So, live, experience, die as a man/woman. Cosmic energy wants to experience, how it is to be you, so be you.

Enlightened Idiots

If you attain wisdom or enlightened, please keep quiet. Do not announce to others that you are awaken or enlightened. Please, do not start discoursing your blissful experience to others. Do not write books about your journey from ignorance to enlightenment. Your announcement, discourse, writings will not help others even little bit.

People around you, will mock behind you. People think you are mentally sick. An experience beyond words, can not be explained in words. If you try to explain your experience in words, it will confuse others.

First of all, try to understand, what people want. What is the desire. People are interested to listen about what they want, and what they like. Those who are interested in cricket, will read about cricket, watch cricket, discuss cricket with like minded people. If you are not interested in cricket, then any engagement with cricket will irritate you.

If someone aspires to pass Civil Service exam, then they will study, speak, discuss, read, analyze, and ponder over subjects to pass civil service exam.

Oh Enlightened idiots, if you talk about spirituality to people whose desire, want, interest are in some other thing, then they will get irritated with your talking or discourse.

By and large, do not push/pressure spirituality to everybody. You are enlightened, it does not mean that everybody want to be enlightened, not everybody seek wisdom. Somebody wants money, somebody wants status, somebody wants jewels, somebody wants fame…etc. If you discourse spirituality to everybody irrespective of their wants, then you will be considered as boring person. Soon, people will avoid you.

Many middle age and old people have an inclination towards spirituality. They are not actually interested in spirituality or wisdom or enlightenment or mukti, They have problems and pains in their material life. They are trying to find a solution to their problems from spirituality. What they want is solution to their problem, not enlightenment or awakening or wisdom. Don’t misunderstand that they are spiritual seekers and do not start discoursing as how to become enlightenment to them.

Enlightenment is nothing but a stone getting awareness as it is a stone. What will be the change physically or externally to the “Awakened Stone”? it still remains a stone. That’s it.

If you are enlightened or awakened or in bliss, then why are you involved in this material life. Why are you attached to worldly/material values. Abandoned your worldly identities, disappear from “your world”, beg for food alone. Do not worry about others, people will get, what they want, when they are ready as per divine chaos. You don’t need to feed spirituality to others. Don’t give me beautiful cloths, when I am in hunger. Give me food, that’s what I want, not spirituality. Spirituality is not the want or desire of everybody.

Decades ago, wherever we go, there will be a MLM person enticing you to become his/her downline. Now, wherever we go, some enlightened person, start discoursing how to become enlightened, without even knowing whether we really want it or not.

We are into Enlightenment Torture nowadays.

Spiritual Life Vs Materialistic Life – relation

How spirituality related to materialistic life? Spirituality has no impact on materialistic life and materialistic life has no impact of spirituality. A spiritually enlightened man can be either rich or poor. Enlightenment does not decide your materialistic wealth. Rich or poor life, does not enlightened you. Enlightenment decides your feelings, emotions to the events, happening in material life. It does not control events happening in material life.

Material life has it’s own rules and measurements unique to person to person by divine chaos, which are completely not related to spirituality. If you want to study well, you have to read, memorize, write, practice repeatedly to score good marks. If you are enlightened or worshipper or go to temple or meditate or do prayers, which will not guarantee that you will score good marks in your school or college or competitive exams.

Being wealthy, healthy, respectful, proud is entirely related to material life. You cannot claim respect from others in material life because you are spiritually enlightened. Material world has its own value system and measurement as how to respect or treat a person based on wealth and productivity. If you demand respect from material world, you have to fulfill what material world is expecting. If you want to travel in first class in train, then you should be in a position to pay(money) for first class ticket. Which means you should have enough money or earn enough money to buy first class ticket. No compromise.

Becoming enlightened or not is the only choice given to human. Rest, everything is determined subjectively by person to person. There are rules and there are exceptions. No theory fits for all in materialistic world.

A poor man can be enlightened, and a rich man can be enlightened. A poor man need not be enlightened, and rich man need not be enlightened. Enlightened has no relation with wealth or any materialistic resources.

If you want materialistic benefits, then you have to provide what it wants, be adhere to it’s process. Fifty Fifty. To achieve anything in materialistic life, your effort is 50% and divine chaos favoring to you is 50%. To pass you need 70% from both your effort and fate.

Your effort and your fate, decides how you live in materialistic life. But your spiritual life is 100% your choice. You can choose to be enlightened or not. If you are enlightened, it influence your feelings and emotions to events in materialistic life. It does not control happenings in materialistic life.

You need to put your effort to achieve anything in materialistic world provided you have God’s blessings(fate) for the same. You are working in a company. You want to be well paid. To be well paid, two things need to be good. One – you have to perform well, you have to contribute. Second – your company has to perform well in the industry or market. Both are tandem, complementing each other. You are performing well, but your company is not performing the business well, then you will not be paid. Your company is performing it’s business well, but you are not performing well, then you will not be paid. Both you and your company are not performing well respectively, then you will not be paid. In order to be paid well, both you and your company have to perform well. Tandem.

To be rich in material life, you need not be spiritually rich. To be spiritually rich, you need not be wealthy. This applies to health too.