What is the Carbon Storage

Carbon storage is a major problem today since ‘carbon cycling’ is get affected by human activities. The carbon in the atmosphere is sucked by trees. ‘Clearing’ the trees and growing concrete jungles leave the carbon in atmosphere intact.

Moreover, we are using the fossil fuels(coal, oil) since last century. Fossil fuels are noting but a form of carbon. Tons and tons of carbon was unearthed, burnt and released into the air. There is no enough trees to inhale the excess carbon and chemicals or gases of carbon composites in the air.

Since green house gases are nothing but carbon composites, carbon – excess carbon becomes the reason for global warming and climate change.

Scientists and developed nations are investing time and money to deal with excess carbon. If we manage to suck the carbon from atmosphere, where do we store the captured carbons? There are lots of mechanism or chemical processes are available to extract the excess carbon in the atmosphere from all over the world.

The big challenge is where do we store the extracted carbons.

We can not manually bury the excess carbon deep into the earth like fossil fuels. Fossil fuels were buried in earth by nature. Moreover, we can not find a large site to bury such huge quantity of carbons. No country will be ready to be carbon dustbin.

Even if we managed to bury or store the carbon in the earth, it may contaminate the ground water or soil quality.

Store Carbon in Space
We can store the concentrated or condensed carbon in big containers. With the help of a space shuttle / rocket, we can throw the containers into outer space and push them move infinitely away from earth. It is highly cost effective and more ‘carbons’ will be released from rockets in the process.

Store Carbon in Sea
We can store carbons in the big water proof ships. Let the ships sink deep into the sea with the carbon. We need to make sure the ship is water proof. In this way more quantity of carbon can be stored into sea. Sea seems to be the alternative carbon storage house.

The finest solution for storing carbon is Growing Trees. Grow more trees. Trees are natural carbon storage houses. They are the ‘crux’ in carbon cycling. When trees are cut, carbon cycle will be incomplete.

Instead of finding a innovative scientific solution, we can ‘build’ natural carbon storage houses. Let us do not reinvent the wheel again, let the old wheel roll again to complete carbon cycle.