What to buy – NS 160 or Hornet 2.0

What to buy NS 160 or Hornet 2.0 ? I was obsessed with NS 160 for long time. But, i am afraid to ride Bajaj bikes after having bad experience with Discover 150F. But my passion for NS 160 is not stopped until Hornet 2.0 launched.

Launching of Hornet 2.0 by Honda, shakes my obsession with NS160. Hornet 2.0 is a 180cc bile. It has better torque than NS160. It has broader rear tyre than NS 160. It has upside down forks. It has gear position indicator. But Hornet 2.0 is approximately 20000 rupees more than NS 160

NS 160 has almost same horse power as Hornet 2.0. It has perimeter frame. It has lessor torque than Hornet 2.0. It has less high speed stability compared to Hornet 2.0. It has four valve engine. It has oil cooled engine. It is approximately 20000 rupees cheaper than Hornet 2.0. It has better mileage than Hornet 2.0.

If i purchase NS 160, then i will retain my Honda shine for a while untill I settle down with NS 160 both physically and mentally.

Action Vs Thoughts

Is our thoughts deciding our life?  Is our life goes as per our thinking?  What is the impact of thoughts in life?

Thoughts are nothing to do anything with our life.  It is our actions deciding our life.  Life goes as per our actions.

Then, why so much important to thoughts?  Thoughts stimulates actions, our action impacts our life.  Our actions are influenced by our thoughts.

So thoughts are important, because it controls our action and in turn our action controls our life.

Can we detach actions and thoughts? Can we remove the influence of thoughts over action?  Yes, we can.   We can act by our intellect or logical mind instead of emotional thoughts.

Let our thoughts be anything.  Let it be positive, negative, happy, sad or anything.  But if we are alert while doing action or speaking, then we can execute our actions without the influence of thought.

You may think negatively, but do not let your negative thoughts influence your actions.  Always act positively and speak positively irrespective of your thoughts.

Be alert to not to let your thoughts influence your actions.

Don’t control your thoughts, let it flow.  But, control your actions, control your speech and be alert while acting or speaking.