Global warming is a natural cause

Today, environmentalists are creating awareness about Global warming and Green house effect. Global warming, they say, may lead to extinction of living beings from earth; melting of ice berg causing cutting of land size leading to lot of socio-political and cultural issues.

What is the cause for Global warming? Scientists say many things as the reasons – Industrialization, de-forestation, smoke from the vehicles/ industries, etc. Whatever things, causing to increased carbon monoxide level in atmosphere, will increase warming. Ozone depletion, gases like chloro-fluoro-carbons from air conditioner and fridge are also causes for Global warming. Even in agriculture, Paddy (rice) fields produce more methane gas equivalent to industries.

In overall, environmentalists and scientists say, global warming is because of human activities and emphasize for change of this.

O.K. Now, let us argue the other way. Do you think, stopping the industrialization and going back to the primitive life will protect the earth from global warming? No, I emphatically deny this argument. It may postpone the global warming but it can not stop the death of earth (Eradicating the Atmosphere which supports to rise of living beings). We may postpone the life of earth for a few more generations of human beings. But, end of earth is inevitable.

We are aware that so many civilizations lived in the past. They attained cultural and scientific peak of their time. They believed, they were the best like we believe now. They reached the peak for some time and eradicated from the earth. They could not survive till date. The reason may be anything. Dinosaur roamed on the earth for some period. They did not industrialize their life. They did not create smoke. You could have imagined such an amount trees and plants they consumed which is much more than what consumed by human. Human has the awareness to re-plant the tree. Even though dinosaur lived in co-ordination with nature, they were eradicated. The reason may be anything.

Creation and destruction is a natural. We can not stop creation as well as destruction. The earth is created and will be destructed; the sun is created and it will also be destructed. Even, going back to barbarian or stone age civilization, we can not stop the earth from extinction. Scientists have also discovered the life cycle of Sun. Sun will grow bigger from its current size during its next stage of growth. When sun reaches its next stage, the place where earth floats, will be a part inside the sun, which means – the sun will swallow the ashes of earth. If sun slightly increases its diameter, then the earth may be burnt into ashes.

Sun may get its size altered. Sun might have lived half of its life span. Please, be aware, that sun, earth, star or anything in the universe for that matter, will have their own life cycle. Our scientist are yet to start their research in the inner side of the sun. Global warming, in my opinion, may be a cause due to changes in sun and not of human activities. Had the sun reduced its intensity, then, the term -GLOBAL WARMING might have got its burial in the dictionary long back.

Global warming may be a natural cause in the life cycle of earth or solar system.
Everything has got a life cycle from its creation to destruction. Global warming may be part of earth life cycle in the solar system.