Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) a Solution or Problem?

Is Carbon Capture and Storage (CSS) a Solution or Problem to global warming?

Instead of reducing the carbon emission, clean the Air from carbon emitted. This is what carbon captured and storage methodology.

Assume that dons and dons of carbon captured and deposited in the CCS machine. Where will the captured carbon go? How to dispose it and where to dispose it?

There are two ideas suggested by scientists.

First is throw the captured carbon into the outer space of the earth. Assume that, it will ‘cover’ the earth from sun rays and reduce global warming.

Space is a garbage, collecting rocket and satellite wastes already. If CCS implemented, space will be a dust bin for carbon.

There is no guarantee for, carbon thrown into outer space will not come to our surface due to earth’s gravitational force. There may be ‘black rain’ in the future.

Second idea is bury the carbon deep into the earth. This seems to be better than the first idea. Let the carbon go back to its original place.

We dig out the coal. Now bury the coal in the form of carbon to its original place. So, we can re-use the carbon after few hundred years or more when the buried carbon becomes coal.

We may not know, how the land and ground water will be contaminated because of buried carbon. There may be rise of carbonated water from earth. Our scientist will come out with a solution to treat the carbon contaminated water to potable water.

We seed a problem now and find out solution to solve it when it sprouts out.

Developed countries may deposit or bury their carbon waste in developing or under developed countries. Developed countries may be cleaned from carbon by converting developing and under developed countries as carbon ‘dust bin’.


For me CCS seems to be pain killer, but not a permanent solution to the root cause. It may give some relief initially.

The money, time, effort will be invested in implementing CCS can be diverted to create new forest and protect existing forest. Forest(trees) is the natural carbon capturing and storage plant.

In overall, CCS is not going to solve the problem. It may postpone the problem and allow it to rise in different form in the future.


If you do not know what is CCS, please read further.

Carbon Capture and Storage(CCS) is a new terminology in global warming to me. Developed countries and scientists see CCS is one of the way to fight global warming and climate change.

CCS’ main focus is to filter carbon dioxide emission due to fossil fuel usage. Like Coal, Petrol, Diesel, etc.

CCS is a methodology to filter carbon from air. Assume that a huge machine size of a sky scrapper building. It sucks the air. Filter the carbon available in the air. Captured carbon is deposited. The purified air is released out.

In simple words – Assume that you have fish tank or Aquarium set up in your home. You can see a motor running in the tank. There is a filter at the bottom of the tank, which may be buried under the pebbles or sand in the tank. Excretion of fishes are filtered and deposited at the bottom of the tank. Every two or three months, filter has to be cleaned.

In common man understanding the same can be assumed with CCS process.

Instead of reducing carbon emission, it filters the carbon emitted.

As on date CCS is not yet implemented.