Sense of Wellbeing

Sense of wellbeing is the quality of your living. How we live is more important than how long we live. Till our last breadth, we should be happy and healthy.

Do not think that rich people have sense of well being and poor do not have. Money is not any way related to sense of well being. It may be one of the ingredients to get sense of well being, but not as a whole. Your economic status, social status, and other social tagging are not related to sense of well being.

What is sense of well being? It is a state of mind, which reflects in your action and speech. Sense of well being is entirely depending on the ‘emotional well being’. As long as the employees are having sense of well being their chances of job hopping is less. Relationship breaks due to lack of well being feeling.

Benefits of sense of well being are many. It reduces the aging process. Increase our immunity. It gives a cordial relationship with people around us. Sense of well being is just opposite of stress.

Enemies of Sense of well being

First enemy of sense of well being is stress. Stress can be of many types like work load stress, relationship stress, financial stress, old age stress, and many more. When you have stress you will loose sense of well being and vice versa. Lead a stress free life. Avoid getting stress or learn to relax.

Second thing which kills our sense of well being is our negative feelings or moods. Angry, fear, tension, jealous, urgency, inferiority complex, hesitation, obsessive thought pattern, hate, boring feeling, worries, depression are negative feelings or moods which take away our sense of well being.

Nothing in the universe is in our control, expect our mind. Mind is the only thing we can control. But we try to control outer world rather than inner world. We can avoid loading these negative moods into our head. It is not easy to ignore these feelings, but we can ignore these moods by practice. These negative feelings can influence you, but cannot change a single bit out of you.

If you live without stress and negative feelings, then you can realize what sense of well being is. There is no word to explain what is it? Stress management, mood regulator may be a high self management concepts. There is a simple way to have sense of well being. Which game was interesting to you when you where in childhood or boyhood or when you lived happily. Play that game again. Play with full fun and laugh. Then sense of well being will embrace you. How many of us playing after started to receive salary.