Global warming More Wealth Leads to More Pollution

More wealth leads to more pollution. It is true in case of Global warming. The more money you have, you will consume more power. Consuming Electricity, Fuels like petrol/diesel, Using Air Conditioner both at home and vehicle and office, Eating more(more burning of gas or wood), and having more cloths than actually needed, etc – everything is power consumption. The more you consume the more you are polluting your environment.

Having anything more than your basic need, leads to pollution. Both environmental pollution and Economic pollution.

If you are wealthy, you will have car. Everyday you go to your office and everywhere by car. You buy petrol to drive your car. Everywhere you go using your car, you are releasing carbon monoxide and other toxic elements by burning the petrol or diesel. You use AC and refrigerator. You will live in big house which is more than required for your family members. So you occupy more space too. Which leads to ‘space scarcity’. You are polluting our environment by your life style. You are major pollutant of our earth.

If you are moderate wealth or leading a middle class life style, you must have a two wheeler/bike. Your mobility will be using your bike. You consume some volume of petrol to ride your bike. You are releasing carbon monoxide and other toxic elements wherever you go. But the level of pollution is less compare to car owners. You may not have Air Conditioner but may have refrigerator. You may live in a house which is enough for your family members. You are polluting our environment by your life style, but not up to the level of Wealthy people. You are moderate pollutant of our earth.

Both rich and moderate income group have either major or minor role in ozone depletion.

If you are poor, you go by bicycle or bus(public transport) or walk. So for your mobility you are not polluting the environment like car or bike users. Even you go by public transport(bus), it is shared by 100 of people(in my city is more than 200+ per bus in peak hours). So your share in fuel consumption is very low since bus fuel consumption is shared by many people. You may not have refrigerator. You may have a portable TV. You live in a house which is smaller than your family members required. You live in congested house. You are minor pollutant of our earth.

If you are beggar or wondering person, your not at all polluting the earth compare to above mentioned categories. Of course, if you are such person, you are not going to read this. You do not live in house, you do not consume electricity, you do not use car/bike/bus for your mobility. You walk everywhere you go. No chemical intoxication to the environment from your side.

We need to save our planet. We need to stop or reduce the global warming. We can not live without polluting our environment. Even while breathing we release carbon dioxide. We pollute our environment by breathing. We can not live without polluting our environment but we can reduce the level of pollution.

We need not be a beggar. We need to adapt a simple life style and reduce our comfort level to reduce our individual pollution level.

The more we use public transport for our mobility, our individual level of pollution will get reduced. If you are regularly going to your workplace by car or bike, you can switch to public transport(bus) to reduce fuel consumption. It will be a great difference in terms of years. For the next 10 years either you use car or bike for your mobility or use public transport. Both have a big difference in quantity of toxic you released to the environment at the end of 10 years.

Of course bus traveling is not easy. You may not get a seat for sitting always. You may not get sufficient space for standing. You may be squeezed and you may be squeezing others. But be proud you are not polluting our environment. You are not a pollutant.
The whole passengers traveling with you are not polluting the environment like you.

If you have car or bike, but you start using public transport in your day to day life, be proud, you are sacrificing your comfort for the sake of our planet. Let our next generation have a green earth.

Have awareness about global warming. Take the individual responsibility to stop global warming.