Life of Addiction – Silicon Civilization

Addiction is a very important behavior in human life. It is a way to program our brain. Biological to mental many behavior and many things are happening because of addiction only. With or without our awareness we get addicted to many things. Some addictions are good and some are bad. Some addictions are genetically passed.

Once you are get addicted it is very difficult to give up. You must be well aware of ‘Practical Awareness’ to give up any habit or addiction.

From smoking to going late to office everything is addiction only. There are few people who always come lately to office. Because they addicted to ‘going late’. Even they do not know why they are late.

Some people are always happy and some are always sad. Somebody get friction with colleagues, superior, management wherever they work, they get addicted to office politics. Some people will change their job in short intervals, because they get addicted to ‘Job Hopping’.

I am going to discuss some addictions of ‘Silicon Civilization’, which are waste of time and energy.

Browsing Addiction
Browsing addiction which are major addiction to people who work with internet. More than 90% of the browsing is un purpose. Just a digression from why we start browsing.

Many software related people or anybody with access to internet browse in a useless way. For example, you are a web application programmer. You access internet or browse while programming or searching some technical help. But What do you do when you do not have anything to work, you are in ‘bench’. Even now you browse, without your awareness as why you are browsing.

Do not cheat yourself as studying or learning. If you browse one hour per day for learning which will have great impact in your career positively.

Many time, when I was sitting in front of computer without any work. I watched some feelings in my fingers. Even I do not have any purpose to browse, my fingers tempt to type something move the mouse, search something, finally browsing begins. It is because of addiction. If you are addicted to browsing, you will browse even without any true purpose.

Take an observation when you do not have any work and sitting in front of computer with internet access. No purpose of searching or browsing. Now watch and record all your activities. Many browsing are un-necessary. You land in a gaming site or chatting with a ‘friend’ or viewing porn or listen to music or reading this article or checking your email for 76th time.

When you do not have any work, sit in front of computer and try not to touch the key board and mouse at least for one hour. Now you can feel what is ‘addiction’. Some times without your intention your hands will ply over keyboard. Your mind creates so many flimsy reason to browse.

Empty mind is devil’s workshop is 100% true for programmers in bench and people who browse without any purpose. Try not to touch the keyboard for one hour a day while sitting in front of the computer.

Mobile addiction: Some people can not live without using Whatsupp, Facebook. Addicted to Whatsapp, facebook and keep disturbing others. Without any purpose use their study time and office hours to engage in Whatsapp.

In the same way people addicted to talk over mobile phone. The talk is no-stop. They keep talking, words and words. All are useless. Waste of time. Many people get into problem because of addicted to ‘non stop mobile talk’. For the sake of speaking discussing personal things, gossips, creating rumors, bad comments about others. Moreover speaking in public places, without the awareness that others can listen your speech.

Because of the mobile addiction, mobile phone and telephone networking companies are profiting. I heard a news as leading mobile company proprietor do not use mobile phone personally as not necessary to him. Mobile phone addiction is part and parcel of Silicon Civilization.