Right now everybody has Coltan in their hand, pocket, and bags. It is kept close to human chest and head.

Coltan at micro level mingles with everybody in the Age of Semi Conductors.

Coltan is a hard ore used in high performance semi conductors as capacitors to control the current flow. It is notable for its high heat resistance.

Coltan is widely used in mobile phone and hand held devices industry. It is used in Laptops and IPODs too.

There is a sudden demand for Coltan since 2000 due to expanding mobile phone market.

Awareness of Coltan and its impact in Globe especially in Central Africa is not known to common man who use mobile phones. It’s awareness is at the techie level.

Common man should have the awareness of Coltan and its appliances and its impact to humanity and environment.

A Century back Coal and Fossil fuels were unearthed. Now we face the nemesis. Now Coltan is unearthed, who is going to face its nemesis in the future.