Hypothesis About Stress

Stress is highly ignored issue in the society. Too much of important is given to Blood Pressure, Heart Attack, and Ashthma. If half of their importance is given to stress, we could avoid them all together.

Here are some hypothesis about stress.

Software professionals are highly prone to stress.
Well, this is wrong. Stress is everywhere. I have seen a Bus conductor in chennai, India, who was stressed out by facing 3000+ passengers per day.

People who work 12 to 18 hours per day have stress. The level of hard work done by poor Indian farmers is beyond compare.

Eating too much gives stress. Watching TV gives stress.
If I eat less, I will have stress. I watch comedy channels and movies in TV to get rid of stress.

Doing Yoga, Exercise, Meditation avoids stress.
If you are obsessed and compel yourself to practice, those things when you are not able to do them, they will give stress to you. You do not have time to do yoga, but you squeeze your schedule to do yoga, soon the stress buster becomes stress creator.

Wrong life style cause stress. If you are reading this article, your life is not worse than people who live in streets and platforms. You lead a life style, which is better than 70% of the Indian population.

My hypothesis about stress

Stress leads to change. No Stress, No Change. Stress is mutation. Proper solution to stress leads to comfort. If we don’t find a solution to stress or we withstand stress, we may have health related issues due to prolonged stress.

Every stress has a solution. We have to find out.

For me the worst stress is relationship stress. Others are stress due to lack of clarity about what we want, stress due to unknown fears, and cognitive errors.

Stress is subjective. What is stress is differ from individual to individual.