Job Hopping True Reasons

Job hopping is keeping the HR active in corporate world. Of course they too jump. It is very rare to find an employee working in same company for more than one year. From office boys to top management executive everybody finds difficult to work in the same company. Why people switch between jobs.

People change the working place, their colleagues, their Bosses but they do not stop working.

Polite and decent reason for job hopping are ‘Career Growth, Salary hike, Need to relocate’. Of course few job changing done for the above three reasons.

But not all the job hopping are done for the above three reasons. Real reasons are hidden. No one is daring to convey the real reason for appearing in the interview or leaving the current office.

Somebody decide to change the office but without knowing which drive them to change the office.

There are interview tips to tell ‘Career Growth’ as the reason. But the resume can tell whether career growth is the real reason or something else. If too much company names in the resume, it makes clear that Career Growth is not the only reason for that candidate. It means none of the companies he worked has scope for his/her growth. This cannot be true.

I like to introspect, what may be the other reason for job hopping, which is really ‘ changing office’. Job hopping can be termed as Office Hopping. People change office but do not quit the job.

Relationship stress

Stress is the reason in many jobs hopping. Type of stress may be anything. Here I am focusing Relationship stress.

Relationship between two people may lead the relationship stress in long run. Every relationship has impact on the people related.

Relation between colleagues, relation between superior and subordinate, relation between staff and the customer who utilize the service of the staff, here customer is a person out side of the company, a type of relationship evolved between employee and his/her family due to office.

Relationship between spouses will change according to their respective relationship with their office. Some time it may lead to break the bondage from spouse.

If the relationship between superior and subordinate is getting fractioned and stressful, the immediate solution is job hopping.

If the relationship between colleagues becomes stressful then job change will be a solution after long patience.

Relationship between office and staff. It will get stressful if the employee forced work in inhuman ways like no appreciation or recognition for work. Expect to work in long hours continuously. ‘Work theft’ by other staff with the support of office. There are many inhuman resource management practices to spoil the relationship between office and staff.

People aware of their ‘self-value’ change the office quickly or never allow others to execute inhuman practices over them.

People, who are mesmerized by loyalty and other illusions, realize after long time or after being a scapegoat.

What we eat has a by product wastage. Every food after digestion leaves wastage in our body, which has to be removed. Excretion.

Like that every relationship has a negative residue. Initially the quantity of ‘relationship wastage’ is very less. But in due course of time, it becomes piled and beyond tolerance. We do not know how to remove this relationship wastage and maintain the relationship forever.

When somebody joins the company, the new person is good to the office, and the office seems to be good to the new employee. No employee will remark negatively at the time of reporting. This is true that new staff never have any type of relationship with the company. This is same to company.

Later on their feelings will change or reverse.

How to avoid such relationship friction.

There are many etiquette to maintain relationship. Whatever you maintain that will collapse. All maintainable will collapse once maintenance is stopped.

During the interview or reporting time everybody will act, nobody behaves in their original character or attitude. Once the act ends friction begins.

You are able to move with a person with out any fear and hesitation, and you are allowed to be as you are. You are accepted as you are. You can sit as per your comfort in front of the person, speak as per your comfort, you can behave as per your comfort.

If you are not highly conscious about your behavior in front of the person, your relationship will not have residue. When you do not ‘maintain’ your relationship, and let it be as it is then your relationship is frictionless.

In simple words if your heart beat is not changing often while accompanying the person then it is frictionless.

It is very difficult to find such frictionless relationship in office atmosphere. Even in home too. It is possible only among true friends, that is why friendship last for ever.

What ever relationship is maintained which will be broken after stop maintaining it. As long as you maintain it, you will have relationship residue.

Job hopping is not a way to stop dumping wastages by relationship stress. It is not a way to stop a person who is dumping relationship wastages over you.

If the relationship stress is the true reason behind office changing, you are wrong. Soon you will get in to the same situation in the new office. Other person will dump over you soon in your new office. There will be no end.

Everything is same everywhere. You have to stay in a company learn to adapt to all the situations, learn to fight for your rights without breaking relationship. Learn to keep yourself at comfort in all the situations as possible it can. Learn to ignore rather than fight some times. Learn all politics in the office.

Everybody in the office is not stressed out like you. Learn from other colleagues who handle the situation successfully where you failed.

Never change the job if the reason for changing is everywhere.