Chaos Theory – Coltan – Mobile Phone Usage

Chaos Theory can be understood from using mobile phones.

Are you using mobile phone? If yes, You are killing Gorillas. You force many people in central Africa to be a smugglers, slave labors, and miners. Many boys are driven to work in mines because you are using mobile phones.

Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. Every mobile phone users are causing civil war among the African Nations Congo, Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi. This is chaos theory. Your mobile phone craze is creating war in Central Asia. Hand digged central African mines are exploited for you.

Here is how the chaos Theory worked out with Mobile phone users:

Mobile phone needs a hard mineral called Tantalum. Tantalum is the industrial name. This Tantalum or tantalite is mainly mined in Congo a African Country. The original name of Tantalite in Congo is COLTAN.

Coltan has the higher heat resistance. It is used as capacitors in high performance semi conductors. It is used/needed in high performance circuit boards of hand held widgets. Coltan used to control the current flow in circuit boards of the mobile phones. Without Coltan or tantalite mobile phones may not have such a high performance. Or there is no alternative to coltan is found so far. Your mobile phones circuit board uses Coltan or tantalite to control the current flow.

To make a mobile phone Coltan is needed. Coltan is mined in Congo forest areas. No need to say how much demand is for Coltan in this Age of Semi Conductor. Like Gold Rush in California in mid 18th century, now a Coltan rush in Congo.

So Congo forest are ‘cleared’ for mining Coltan. The main area where Coltan is mined, also contains the Kahuzi Biega National Park, home of the Mountain Gorilla. No need to say what will happen to wild animals when deforestation done. You can understand that the count of Gorilla is getting reduced. Soon, mountain Gorillas in Congo will be listed in Endangered species (might be already listed).

Because of the high price and demand people started smuggling the Coltan from the Congo miners and sell it for high cost. Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi are selling Coltan even though they do not have Coltan mines. Coltan war and Coltan smuggling are happening at the borders of Congo,Rwandan, Uganda and Burundi.

Due to the rapid expanding mobile industry, there is a greedy demand for Coltan which resulted in emergence of Coltan Mines Labours. Coltan mines labor includes all age group of people. Like pressure on Indian software developers, Coltan miners are under constant pressure to dig more and more.

When you receive a call, attend a call, send sms, receive sms, listen to songs, watch videos and photos in your mobile phone or other hand held devices, please aware of the consequences of your action which impacting other part of the globe.

You and we are part of chaos Theory. Every call we make at the cost of disturbing the Gorillas life, some body smuggles and some body engage in war and some body works days and night in mines.

The environmental issues of using Coltan is yet to be researched.