Heart Attacks False Belief and Hypothesis

Sugar, Blood Pressure and Heart Attacks. Which is the worst disease? Can diet and exercise prevent them? Are they genetically induced?

The above three are not induced by external bacteria or virus. They are body’s by products from our diet and depending upon the metabolic rate of our body. Metabolic rate varies from individual to individual.

There are various belief system or hypothesis prevailing in the society about heart attack.

Avoid eating oily foods to prevent Blood Pressure and cholesterol. It is really true? I am not sure and nobody gives guarantee for that. You consult a doctor, ask him a written guarantee as you will not have Blood Pressure Or cholesterol or heart diseases if you avoid oily foods. OK, include meat in the avoiding list. You become vegetarian.

Now consult a doctor and ask a written guarantee from him as you will not have sugar, BP, and heart diseases. Doctor will not give a written guarantee.

Because, he can not also give a written guarantee as people eat oily foods, meat must have sugar, BP, and heart diseases.

In reality there is no rule that eating oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should bring sugar, BP, heart diseases.

In the same way, there is no rule that avoiding oily foods, meat, and a heavy diet should not bring sugar, BP, heart diseases..

Got it?

There are various hypothesis about foods and its effect in body.

The impact of food over body varies from individual to individual depending upon the metabolic rate.

Eating rice will bring Sugar, so eat Chappati(wheat). Eating Chappati will increase your body weight. So you will have Blood Pressure. Anyway you will have Sugar or Blood Pressure even though you avoid Rice or eat rice.

Skipping break fast will bring heart attack. Drinking hot water reduce cholesterol level.

Is it a scientific fact or hypothesis?

If a disease is genetically programmed to you by birth, what is the role of food in bringing the disease. If Sugar is genetically programmed, irrespective of you eat rice-sweet items or don’t, you will be a Sugar patient sooner or later.

If you cholesterol is secreted by your body which is programmed genetically, damn sure you will die by heart attack even you avoid meat and oily foods.

The role of Gene and Diet in bringing the disease is still a mystery, so leading to countless hypothesis and belief and ‘sayings’.

I like bajji (Capsium and onion) very much, but because of the fear of Blood Pressure, fat, cholesterol and heart attack I avoid eating it. There are list of foods I avoid because of the fear of disease and death irrespective of my likings.

I am not sure if Bajji brings the disease or I am genetically programmed.

I walk nearly four to five kilo meters a day to avoid disease. You must know it is painful to walk everyday when you are walking because of the fear of disease rather than you like to walk.

Walking for the sake of interest and walking for the sake of disease are totally different.

Act by fear and Act by like – both have drastic different. I feel walking by fear of disease brings other sort of disease psychologically or physically. It is better to stop walking out of fear, which may land you up on some other misery or mystery.

Walking can prevent the killer diseases or it can not prevent the killer diseases. I am not sure. I feel believing anything is a hypothesis. Because it works for somebody and does not work for others.

What works for me may not work for my brother or sister or friend. But what I do is if anything works out for me I started creating a new hypothesis and spread it. Rest of the people blindly follow it.

If a doctor cures your disease you immediately start recommending everybody to that doctor. But there is no guarantee that he can cure all.

When I look into the ‘sayings’, practices, prevention tactics, diet controls and etc to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and Heart Attack, I feel the whole humanity is living by hypothesis. Life is full of hypothesis.

Heart Attack is not a disease. It is a call. Call to bid farewell to this world. It is better to die by heart attack within minutes rather suffering for years and years in Sugar and Blood Pressure.

Even many saints and yogis ‘leave this world’ by heart attack, because it is quick and easy.

Preventing Sugar, Blood Pressure, Heart Attack is not going to stop you from Death. It is a fact not hypothesis.

Whether you follow diet control, exercise, regular checkup with doctor all may help you prevent the killer diseases, but you can not escape from Death. You may not die by sugar, bp or heart attack, but you will be die by some other disease or by accident.

The worst disease is ‘Health Conscious’, not Sugar or Blood Pressure or Heart disease.

‘Health Conscious’ prohibits you from eating what you like to eat and doing what you like to do. It forces you to eat what you do not like to eat and do what you do not like to do.

Health conscious people do exercise, maintain their diet to avoid Sugar, Blood Pressure, and cholesterol.

By having too much health conscious some people avoid those diseases but bring uncurable mental disease called fear.

Fear of disease, fear of death itself a psychological disease.