Aging Process Happens at Mind

Aging process is reflected in body. But ‘aging process’ actually happens in mind, then reflected in body. Everybody has their one self-image. This self image is vary from stage to stage. During teen age, youth, middle age, at fourties, fifties, pre-sixty and post sixty, in every stage self image is vary from other stages.

This biological suit(body) changes as per change in mind. When years passed the composition , consciousness, awareness of mind is also changing. Consciousness is added with many garbage. We notice only the body’s aging process. But we miss to observe ‘psychological aging process’ in the due course of time.

People becoming fat and overweight , do not realize it day by day. But these everyday life activities slowly but steadily increase it. After few months or few years, they realize it all of sudden.

Like that mind changes slowly but steadily. But we do not realize the changes in mind forever. We let it change. Mind is a medium to interpret life. But we do not have any other tool to interpret mind.

A stress free and relaxed mind with a sense of well being can slow down ‘MENTAL AGING PROCESS’. Which ultimately slows down body’s aging process.