Aquarium and Peace of Mind

People believe Aquarium can bring peace of mind. It keeps blood pressure at normal level, avoids heart decease, reduce stress. Is there any scientific proof for ‘medical attributes’ of Aquarium?

My hobby was aquarium. I kept lot of color fishes. My favorite is betta (we called it is ‘fighter’ in my city). I keep Gold fish, Moly family and cuppies. During my school days, I spent great deal of time with my fishes. Fighting tournament for betta, mating demonstration of betta, live view of moly and cuppy kid’s birth are sensational moments in my aquarium life.

Till I caught red hand by career, one of my favorite past time is Aquarium. I did not have time for aquarium activity after wards. Soon I have tension and stress related problems. I decided to re-setup my fish tank.

After coming from office, I spent time with my fishes. Within in a week all my tension mood disappeared. I felt a positive difference.

But, tension and stress erupted in my home after two weeks from I set up fish tank. My wife wanted me to spend time with the family. We have a kid. But I spent my time with fishes. This created a tension in my family.

Whenever I sit in front of my fish tank, I received ‘heavy firing’ from my wife. She started getting tense when I site in front of my fish tank and escalated her tension over to me.

Later, Aquarium became the source of my tension and stress.

How can we believe Aquarium give peace, reduce tension and stress? Because, it gave tension and stress to me.

What is true about aquarium? Both are true.

Aquarium has colorful fishes moving here and there. They get our attention quickly. While watching them, out thoughts about problems, tensions, family and office issues and etc are stopped slowly without our effort. Our mind is filled with fishes. Thoughts of fish do not give tension or stress. Some time it takes us to tranquility.

It is not the Aquarium, which gives peace of mind. It is the thoughts in our head gives peace or tension. Aquarium stimulate or change our thought pattern. It fills our head with the mood which gives peace or do not give tension.

So thoughts or mood stimulated by Aquarium can give peace of mind.

If we are able to change or keep your thought always cool and happy in all the situations, we do not need Aquarium to be relaxed.

Instead of Aquarium, I started spending my time with my family. Play with my kid. Have happy day dreams, remember happy moments in my life. Fill my head with happy thoughts.

Now I do not need Aquarium to have peace of mind.