Wrong Lifestyle Causes Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure due to Wrong Life Style

Human Blood pressure is 120/80. Many people in the world are suffering from high blood pressure. These are many reasons for blood pressure. I like to discuss here the biggest and major reason called LIFE STYLE. Life style stimulated blood pressure cannot be cured by medicine.

BP is not a disease. It is an abnormal state of body. Consistent exposure to tense situation or working without taking rest, are all leading to rise in blood pressure. Tense, fear, stress are part of life. We get tense by some incident for a while soon we will back to normal mood. But continuous exposure to tense situation, make the tense as permanent stage of body.

For example when you go to your office lately. 9’o clock office you reach by 9.45 or after, when you are going to the first time, you don’t get tense and nobody makes the issue big. If you go often your superior will shout at you. Then whenever you start lately to your office, you get tense. If you continuously go to your office then every morning will become tensed morning. Even when you start early still you feel tense. Thing is subconsciously you have programmed your body to get tense in the morning. This lead to rise in BP level.

Whatever medicine you take, your blood pressure will not come down to normal. This can come down only after you change your attitude towards office going. If you start going early to office, you feel relaxed and normal within one or two months.

People going to office lately are prone to BP in later ages.

Many wrong attitude tends to rise in BP. People who hurry, burry for anything and everything, people who do not plan and work, instead of makes thing mess up, people who always criticize others. People who are not able to accept others as they are, people who are working long hours without rest/change, people who do not have proper sleep are all subject to rise in BP. For these kind of persons changing their attitude is the only medicine.

Obsessive thinking are also prone to BP.

If you are a boss and your subordinates are not obeying you and you are not able to fire them and this is consistently existing, you are prone to get high blood pressure. Be satisfied at obedient and reliable subordinate than intelligent sub-ordinate who never obeys you. When I was leading a team of programmers, I had this issue. I have to implement a ‘office politics’ to get those ‘guys’ out of my team. After recruiting fresher or obedient people I feel comfortable. Hope God forgive me for that.

Attitude, relationship management, self and people management are playing more role than food behavior to rise BP.

If your body weight is normal your BMI(body mass index)is perfect, but you have BP then it is due to one or more reason explained in the above paragraphs. Because I had all such attitude, and my BP raised little bit of the age 30. My BMI was perfect. Doctors gave only sleeping medicine. BP goes down to normal when I am taking sleeping tablets, prescribed by Doctors. Once I stopped the tablet my Blood Pressure raised little bit. I changed doctors . Thank God, One of the doctor advised me it is my change in lifestyle can set right my blood pressure.

I analyzed my Daily life. I went to office late in all days. Tension in all morning. My working hours was long an average 14 hours per day(software). Everyday was the deadline and lot of tension and fear in my office. I thought of learning yoga for relaxation, but I didn’t have time to practice yoga.

Then I changed my office where my working hour is 8 to 10 per day. No tension . I changed my home nearer to my office. No long travel and no late goings. I start to spend more time with my family. I played with my kid, chat with friends, visit relative homes.

I changed my life style. No more fault finder. Accepted peoples as they are. Started the habit of walking long whenever I have the time. Magic happens, of course it is not a magic. My Blood Pressure come down to normal level.

I had the medical records for the rise in my BP and for normal too. Nowadays I received offers from other companies with increased pay. All are far away from my home, must have long travel everyday. May lead to Late Reporting. But I denied all and I will deny all as long as my present company gives a life style with a sense well being.

I will be happy, if any one in the world is benefited by reading this information. If anyone is aware of impact of life style on our health by reading this article, I feel pleased. Blood Pressure is not the only problem stimulated by life style. There are many mind and body problems due to wrong life style. We consult doctors take medicine, spend money but no cure. If we have the awareness of lifestyle then we can cure it. Or even we can avoid it.