How to Avoid Emotional Hijack

Emotional Hijack can be avoided by three ways.

1) Emotional Intelligence Quotient( EQ)

2) Ventilate emotions then and there

3) Unconditional love towards rest of the world.

Emotional Intelligence Quotient(EQ)

EQ is about managing your emotions. You should not be explosive in your emotions. You should be having control over expressing your emotions. Top business management people have high EQ. You can not read the emotions or reactions or feelings of the leaders or successful bosses in the world easily.

People having high Emotional Quotient never get hijacked by emotions.

Ventilate emotions then and there

Ventilating emotions then and there will avoid emotional hijack. You are not bottle necking or suppressing any emotions. Even your negative emotions are emptied after expressing it.

This approach is not possible for all the people.

Suppose in your office, your boss or immediate supervisor irritating you. You are angry because of their tossing. You can not express your anger to them then and there. If you do so, you may loose your job. So you have to suppress it behind a smiling face. Once you go home, you can ventilate the latent anger to your family members in some way.

Only the Bosses or leaders or people with the ability to provide can follow this approach – express your emotions then and there.

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love will avoid emotional hijack. You will not have negative feelings to suppress by other’s activity. You treat everybody as your child or kid. So you will not get angry or irritated by other’s behavior towards you. So there is no chance for emotional hijack if you follow unconditional love.

Unconditional love is possible to you when you get rid off your inner negatives. Which is not possible for an average people who are obsessed to dodge wealth, health, pride, and other physical and ego needs.

The best way to avoid emotional hijack out of the three approaches is learn and improve your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ).

The best example for EQ is Black Mamba character in Kill Bill movie. The role was done by Uma Thurman. I am not aware whether Uma Thurman has EQ or not. But her role in Kill Bill I & II can be an example for having EQ.

When she wake up after bed ridden for several years, she does not express her emotions for loosing her lover and child. She does not cry. Till revenging everybody she does not let her emotions blow out.

Even while facing and fighting with the offenders she did not weep or get angry, but she supposed to be like that.

After killing the boss Bill, she returns to home. She cry for what happened so far in her rest room at the end of the movie while her kid watching TV.

She let her emotions when she decide to ventilate. Such control over emotions is perfect EQ.