Reason for Diseases – BP, Sugar, Heart Attack

We do not know the true reasons for BP, Sugar, and Heart Attack.  If we are affected by any of these diseases, we will undergo treatment.  We do not know how to prevent.

Truly, we do not know how to prevent from getting sick.  If we are sick, we will have treatment.  There are many Sayings about to how to prevent.  All are hypothesis, just belief, not fact.

If we know the reason why we have disease, then we could prevent it. We know the reason for Polio, so we found a vaccine to prevent it. 

There are many illness, we do not know why they attack us.  If attacked, we will have medicine to recover or manage it.

We are reactive to diseases, not proactive, and we could not be proactive.

We do not have medicine to prevent BP, Sugar, heart disease, cancer, viral fever, cough and flu.  We have medicine to treat them after diagnosed with them.

Diet, exercise, meditation, yoga – nothing can protect you from getting sick.  Indulge in these activities as long as you like to practice.  Do not compel yourself to do anything or stop doing anything in a belief that it could help in being healthy.  Fact is you do not know the true reason why you are healthy or why you are sick.  Health is beyond reasoning.