Job Hopping due to colleague’s resignation

How do you feel, if you colleague moving to better company with better offer?

You may like your current employer. You are so comfortable there. You are recognized by your current employer. You feel happy at your pay. Medium work load. Everything is going well. When your colleague gets offer from a better company with better pay your feelings towards the company is changing.

Your pay, work load, your comfort level, and everything are same, which you were satisfied with. When your colleague got offer you start comparing and loose your sleep. You start to hate the features from your current employer, which you liked them in the past.

For example in India, software industry is thriving well. Different level of companies is there from one employee companies to companies having employees in hundreds to thousands. The top ones are CMM level 5 companies like Wipro, TCS, CTS, Patni, Infosys, HCL, and etc. Employees keep changing the companies till they reach the CMM level 5 companies. But job hopping is happening in all sorts of companies, from small to CMM level 5. Employee working in small and medium size companies dream for CMM level 5 companies, but there are employees who quit/change from CMM level too. Job hopping is everywhere in all type of companies.

You work in a medium size company. You pay is little lower than CMM level/MNC companies. Any how you are satisfied. When your next sitting colleague get offer from a CMM level or MNC company, you get upset. You start to hate what you like in current company, you to want to move like your ex-colleague. You update your resume, start attending interviews. You prepare a mind state artificially as you cannot work in the current company any more. You start giving negative comments about current company. You may get offer from CMM level or MNC companies like your ex-colleague or you may get offer from same level of companies like your current company.

Since you have developed a ‘hate’ attitude towards your current company, you can not work any more. You forget that you started to hate your company after your colleague get offer from a big company; otherwise you will be keep loving your current company. You start to believe that the company is bad. You cannot work any more in the ‘worst work culture’, which was liked by you in the past.

Due to this artificial psychological pressure or an illusion, you accept offer from another company like your current company (just another company), because you cannot wait for CMM level or MNC company offer. You fail to notify the reason for your colleague’s move. They did not have prior plan or ‘interview efforts’ to enroll into big company. His/her move may be a chance or timing opportunity S/he did not move because the current employer is bad. They move because the future company is the best. They did not have negative feelings about the company like you. They made a ‘vertical upwards move’ in their career. You made a ‘Horizontal move’. Horizontal move is not necessary unless for valid reasons like relocation.

You move vertical or horizontal, but job hopping is done. But try to avoid horizontal move, if you are influenced by your colleague’s positive move. Be aware of your feelings about the company before and after colleague’s move. Regulate your feelings and keep them positive towards company. Be calm, for your turn. Don’t rush.

Remember there are employees who quit from your dream company for the same reasons like you try to quit from your current company. Certain situations are same everywhere.