Office Politics

People working for few tens as salary to few millions as salary. All are doing office politics. I do not know why people are doing politics.

Here is my analysis or hypothesis about Office Politicians.

People have no big inner motive to do politics.

Some motives are, Get closer to the Boss, by separating others. They keep blaming others and act well as good they are. They show more interest in the organization more than the Boss.

Make the boss feel so important to them. They are so favorable to him. All are fake, just politics. Getting close to Boss is a simple ego game.

All are acting. They are the people who run away from back doors during emergency. Politicians are good escapers.

All are due to fears. They fear for job security. If they do not have fear of loosing job, they do not do office politics.

Office Politicians pollute the friendly working atmosphere.

Skilled people never do politics. They do not have time to think of politics. They speak through their work. They have confidence and knowledge and real experience to survive anywhere and everywhere at anytime and all time. They give earnings to the

Office Politicians suck the company.

They make the really talented good human resource to move away from the company. They do all sort of cheap politics to disturb talented human resource by the fear that they may lose importance.

They keep disturbing the employees who really bring income to company. They have the urge to dominate employee who is economically beneficial to company. Many bosses are fools; they believe the hypnotism of cheap politicians.

Be aware of corporate politicians and their politics. This awareness will help to safeguard our self and also to counter play.