Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging

Here I am going to discuss two types of blogging. Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging.

Blogging is a powerful, influential, and ‘easily operatable publishing’ medium. Anybody can start a blog and write about anything. But many bloggers do not aware of the risk in blogging. Any content we feed to internet may create an impact to its reader or left unnoticed. If it impacts it’s reader, the level of impact may vary from slight stir to big bang. At the time of writing we may not know how it is going to reach the readers.

Safe blogging deals with general, entertainment, informative, hobbies, techie info, movie/audio reviews, funny things, comedy and etc. The way content is written and the subject dealt will not hurt anybody or any organization or any entity. It may be interesting or not. These type of content provider or blogger may be a non entity in the society. The content provided is mostly materialistic type, already duplicated or cloned. For example, A.R.Rahman got oscar. Safe bloggers will write about this topic. These type of blogging are not sensational normally. They never face any problem about what they have written. Even they do not have scope for critics.

Risk blogging deals with sensational issues. It is a daring expression of writers opinion about any individual or organization. These type of bloggers believe in something and strongly express their negativity against other type of believers or disbelievers. It is a sort of ideologist content normally. It stirs the emotion of readers. Reader may be in support of what is written or against. Either positively or negatively readers will get stir. Risk bloggers are ideologist. Their content is very hot and sensational. They invite both fame and problems through what they have written.

Example for Safe Blogging and Risk Blogging:

Example #1:
a)”Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of our century. He is the highest run scorer in test matches and ODI. He is playing since 16 year old boy….”. It is a safe content. Nobody can create problem for the above content.

b)Suppose one says, “Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest batsman of our century. Even though he is best as individual, he fails many times in important and pressure full matches. He succumbs to pressure. In this point Lara is a better batsman in pressure handling. He rises to the occasion when situation demands…”. This is a risky content, it may stir the public sentiment of Indian cricket fans. Even Sachin or some Sachin devotees may sue for abusing his fame.

Example #2
a)”Terrorism based on any reason should be banned. All countries should work together to stop the terrorism. Talibans moved their base to Pakistan from Afghanistan. It will be threat to India and western countries….”. This is a safe content.

b)Suppose one says, “Jihadhi based terrorism has struck the world in the last 10 years. Even the world super power America could not escape from terrorist attack. But for the last 10 years China has no such Jihadhi/islamic based terrorist attack. Chinese are not muslims, all terrorist group based on Islam or Jihadhi should attack China also. But no such incident in china. Is China so powerful as terrorist not able to attack it or the whole terrorism is the sleight of…”. This is a highly risky content. China may send a missile to the writer’s home.

Hope I have presented the difference between safe blogging and risk blogging.

If you belong to ‘Mr.Public’ society, never engage in risk blogging. You can not withstand the nemesis of your writing. You need to go office for your living. You depend on pay cheque. Your wife’ demands and children’s school fees and house rent are disturbing your sleep. You may need to work extra hours or even in weekends. You need say ‘Yes’ to your immediate boss. You curse the traffic while going to office but never mind to find a solution to it. You will watch both good and bad movies and criticize as good movies are good and bad movies are bad. You do not have any specific individuality to stand out in a crowd. Your main goal is to buy land or house and get ‘settle’ in life. Good education, good job, good salary are having important values in your belief system. Then never engage in risk blogging. Your family or you cannot survive without the salary if you are forced to face court or your day today life is disturbed. You are Mr.Public. Safe blogging is your domain, play there.

If you belong to ‘Mr.Individual’, you can blog about anything. You have nothing to loose. You can scold anybody and criticize anything. You may have ideology. You have principles. Your ideology and principles are having more value in your belief system than money. Even your family or personal commitments are secondary to you. You breath your ideology. This life is nothing to you, You are ready to sacrifice your life or you may have stupid followers to sacrifice their life for your sake. Either you may be dead poor or you may be very rich. You may be politician or public figure want more center of attraction. Facing issues, trials, problems are piece of cake to you. You have strong background. If you come under the above classification, you are ‘Mr.Individual’. You can write about anything.

Before blogging, analyze what type of content you are going to write and what type of person you are. If you are Mr.Public, engage in safe blogging. If you are Mr.Individual, engage in risk blogging and be prepared to face the nemesis of your writings.

Our government is not prohibiting us from starting a blog and express our thoughts. But it makes sure that we are responsible for the impact our expressions.

I have shown some example to distinguish between safe blogging and risk blogging. They are example only. Not my views. If it hurts you, please excuse me and don’t sue me.

I am Mr.Public. I have to go to my office tomorrow.