Power Consumption causes global warming

Power Consumption is a big threat to environmental safety of earth. The consequences of human scientific power consumption and other scientific applications lead to hole in ozone layer.

Do you thing is human scientific way of power generation right? I do not think so. It is wrong. Like bugs in software programs, which do not give much harm at the initial stage, but later result in software crash.

In long distance scaling, slightest variation may not be spotted out initially, but result in a big blunder later. Example: A missile target is set to 90 decrees angle east from its base. The target is 1000 miles away. Mistakenly the angle is set to 90.001 decrees. This may not be much different in numerical figures, but biggest difference in the final target. 1000 miles away target by 90 decrees and 90.001 decrees are two different locations.


During the course of human civilization and scientific development, a minute error happened. That is coal, oil, nuclear reactors and dams. They are sources of power generation. These errors were not spotted out in the past. Now they are fatal mistakes.

The nemesis of using coal, oil, nuclear reactors, dams may extinct Life from earth. God keeps coal and oil deep into the earth and away from human contact. But we have dug them out.

We are doing mistakes to be unmistakable. Errors are correctable. We can correct our self.

Now we have to find alternate sources for power, which are environmental friendly. We have to find it and preserve our Bio-Environment. Wind, sea waves and Solar are other best alternates. As per today’s scientific norms they are harmless to environment. Lets transform to Bio-Electicity.

But the impact of bio-electricity will come to know only in the future.

Power Consumption refers to Electricity, fuel Usage.