Life cycle of Beautiful Woman

Beauty has a life cycle. Woman’s beauty stays for a time period. Do its duties as instructed by nature. Finally disappears from the woman.

Beauty accompanies a woman for 15 to 20 years in her life span. If a woman lives for 70 years, beauty accompanies her for 15 years, at the maximum 20 years. Remaining 50 years she lives as only a woman but not as beautiful woman.

Beauty joins with a female when she is around 15 years old. It stays with the woman for the next 15 years. After 30+ years old, beauty bids farewell to her slowly.

Beautiful woman thinks she is beautiful. It is false. Beauty or youth is not a property we can possess and maintain. It appears and disappears on its own way during a life time of a woman.

During this ‘beauty period’ woman receives the penetrating eyes of Men. Woman mistakes as men are seeing her. Actually men are seeing and enjoying the beauty resides with her. Like people occupy a house and live, beauty occupy the body of the woman.

If any VIP reside in our neighborhood house, we tend to look the house often. When they vacate the house we do not see the house. The house looses its center of attraction.

Woman’s body is a home, where beauty resides for some time. During the time every men living in her proximity look at her. They stop looking at her when beauty vacated from her body.

Remember, nobody is seeing the woman, men are seeing the beauty in her. It is a very short period compared to the whole life time. Beautiful Women are center of attraction to men for a short span in their life time. If it is a disturbance or honor, woman may consider it in anyway but they have to bear or enjoy for a while only.

Beauty may extend its stay with some women. Like some people live more than 90 or 100 years, some woman looks beautiful even after their middle age. They are able to attract the look of men when they are 40 years old or 50+. But it is rare.

It depends on various known and unknown factors. Food, exercise, mind set, normal conscious state, economy, genetic, standard of living, level of stress in life and etc are involved in extending beauty.

Many things in our life are beyond reasoning. Average beauty period of a woman is just 15 years in her overall life span.