Dress Reflects Economy not Personality

Dress plays a major role in portraiting a man. Among men, everyone wears pant and shirt. But not the same quality. Each dress bear the wearers economic standard and status. Even dress is according to age wise.

Society is divided into three segments. Such as low class, middle class, and high class. Each class has its own quality of dress. By one’s dress, his class or status can be traced out. Prices of the cloth increases along with the improvement in quality. Price is fixed according to the products quality. Low class people can afford meekly, middle class moderately, high class inordinately. One can get the quality according to the amount he pays.

High quality dress shines, makes the man look better. It adds quality to the wearer. One who wears fine quality dress, he will get the quality of the dress he wears.

Middle quality dress portraits man as he is. It does not add extra beauty or facade to the wearer. The wearer of middle class dress, looks as he is.

Low quality dress depreciates the wearer. If reduces the personality of the wearer, wearer loose his original quality, which is suppressed by the worst quality dress.

High quality increases, low quality reduces, but middle quality portraits the same nature. The above quoted statement is for the safe of the writer, who belongs to the world largest middle class population in India. It is an out burst of a middle class self- projecting and self-justifying temperament.

Economic power plays the major role in designing the outer personality.

Dress does not determine the inner personality in real terms. Actually, economic condition of a man determines his personality for fifty percent. Rest is controlled by his mental temperament.

If a low class man after ascending to high class economic conditions, can wear high quality dress. His personality will change to rich man.

But a man in low class being in low economic condition, cannot acquire rich man’s personification, by buying high quality dress, by his hard saving. Because his mental temperament still sticks with real economic conditions.