Life of Addiction – Thoughts and Attitude

Many of our thought process and ‘day dreams’ are recurring in our life. We are habituated to have such ‘day dream’ and thought flow. It is a sort of ‘addiction’ to the psychological responses or behaviors. This type of psychological addiction is very subtle. It is not very easy to understand why we behave in such way.

We are slaves to our addiction. We have to attain freedom from our addictions.

Some people get tense always. Some people are always cool. Some people are always feeling inferior and some always feeling superior. All are addiction to respective mood. If you are addicted to get angry, then you get angry for anything and everything. A set of psychological addictions becomes our character and attitude. They are our immediate responses to evens in life.

People who are positive, always positive in all the situation. People who are negative are always negative in all the situation. Some people find problems in the workplace and change the office and keep changing the offices for the same reason again and again. They may be addicted to find problems in their work place.

Some people are always happy and some are always sad. Some people are always having depression without any reason. All because of addiction.

Normally, smoking and drinking are defined as addiction. But 99% of our character and attitude are addictions. We get addicted to behave in such way.

All types of addiction are genetic or we developed with or without our awareness.

Certain addictions can improve our life. Certain addictions can ruin our life. Human is empowered with get the control over all types of addiction. We can create new addiction and erase old addiction. Awareness or conscious about your consciousness can control your addiction. It is like watching yourself by you.

Phobia is also an addiction in some cases, it can be eliminated by conscious effort.

Please be aware that any activity which you keep doing or repeating without valid reason or sufficient emotional thrust; means you are addicted to that activity.

Psychologically induced high blood pressure is normally life long. Because the person gets addicted to the mood or mental state which increase blood pressure and pulse rate. Until removing the addiction to that ‘mood’ medicines are useless. If the person remove the addiction to that mood, within a fraction of second blood pressure will come to normal. This is not a medical miracle. Just having control over your addictions of mood.

Some people get addicted to be cool, calm, and relaxed. Whatever happen they can sleep well. Masturbation is mainly due to addiction, except at the early stage.

Addiction is not wrong. If you do not addicted to the sound of your name, then you will not identify you with your name. Depending upon the impact of addiction over you, your surrounding and your life, it can be termed as good or bad. If the addiction improves your life continue it, otherwise remove it. Removing is nothing but stop involving in that activity. Good or bad which you have to decide.

After starting my blog, slowly a new addiction developed in me. That is addiction to ‘blogging’. I try to blog when I am not moved by anything to write. Some impulse is pushing me to write about something. I come to aware that I am addicted to Blogging. I decided to remove it.

I started to blog for expressing about something which stirs me. Something which gives feast to my analytical skills. Of Course. I am proud being addicted to analyze. This addiction with limitation (not too much) improves my life and career too.

Blogging gives satisfaction to me. Initially, I blog when I can and what I like at my comfort. Later I come to know that, revenue can be generated from blogs through advertisement programs, which entice me to ‘keep blogging’. Now it is getting a stage of addiction.

I do not want my blog to be filled by ‘Vacum’ content. I want my blog to be having something stirs my feelings and analytical skill. So I stop looking my blog every day. Whenever I am about to blog something, I postpone it for two or three days. If I still have the trust after three days then I write. I gave low priority to blogging activity. Slowly the blogging conscious is removed. Often I give break to blogging activity. Now I am free from blogging addiction.

Our life is just a collection of our addictions.