Reasons for Job Stress

Working hard or working long are not the reasons for stress especially job stress. Stress is a psychological response than physical. Food habit also plays role in stress.

Everything is mindset. You are working with a lady, beautiful lady. You are attracted by her and she too attracted towards you. Spending time with her – speaking, seeing, and everything is a great pleasure to you. You don’t feel for working long now. You like to work long. If the office is closed sharply by 6pm, you will feel it is too early to close.

You will not have job stress now. Job is a pleasure now. You love to be in the office rather than spending time outside. You work long without minding working long. You mind only the beauty where you get hooked.

Soon either you or the lady may be fired or transfered from the office due to office politics. Anyway, there is no job stress till you spend time with the woman.

You are sound financially. You have family support. You are well off. Job is not a mandatory in your life. Job will not be pressure to you. You will not have Job Stress. Job is one more activity in your life.

If your job is what you like to do, you will not have stress even you work for 24hrs a day.

You will not have job stress if you are able to lead your life without a need to work.

You will not have job stress if you are able to say ‘NO’ when you like to say no.

If you are confident and aware that loosing the current job is not going to affect your life anyway, you will not have job stress.

Job will not be a pressure to you when you are able to unload ‘Job Conscious’ from your mind. Fill your mind with what is interesting to you. What to fill your mind is up to you. Fill good things. Best is to fill by God’s wisdom.

People who meet one or more features discussed above are successful in both personal and career life. They do not have job stress. They have high productivity. Professional management adorns and absorbs such people.

Fire is hot. Anyone touches the fire will feel hot. This is common to all. Fire will not respond differently depending upon individuals. You, me, and everybody feels the same when we touch fire. If job gives stress, everybody working in your office should have stress, but only few are stressed out. All the people working are not getting stress. You can see in your office that many/few are enjoying their job, no stress, no tension.

Job Stress is subjective. It depends upon how you interpretate the concept ‘JOB’. Changing the bosses, companies on behalf of job stress will not give any result. It is your mind-set and attitude create stress. Wherever you go, you will have the same unless you change. It is you have to change.