Bright Sun Shine Without Heat

Sun rays are not equally distributed in all the parts of the world. Only ‘Equatorial line’ which is running across the earth have abundance of sun rays. Moreover, different seasons have their ration in distributing sun rays. Summer gives more and winter gives less.

I like the Bright Sun rays without heat.

Sun rays is bright at noon, but it is very hot to bear. Sun rays at pre-evening time from 3pm to 6pm is a wonder. In this time, Sun rays are bright but not hot. They are neither hot or cold. The sky is clear and clean from clouds. Above your head vast blue blanket. This is ideal time for playing. This evening sun rays are free of cost. It is nature’s gift and it is precious.

If you are living in an apartment, go to your open terrace. Spend time there in the evenings. If you have small mountain near by your dwelling, claim it. You can have a different view. Birds flying below to you. Your eye vision can stretch out to few miles away. This is good to your eyes.

I like to spend time in my apartments terrace under sun rays without hot. It makes me happy and sometime leading to tranquility.