Work without Stress

Today’s biggest problem to developing and developed countries is Stress to their working force. Nobody cares about it. Because Stress is a slow process. It can slowly spoil the your relationship with others.

People fight because of the stress but without aware of it.

Hidden reason for many divorce is relationship stress.

Many job jumping is because of stress. Once the stress is increased in the current job by whatever reason, people change the company. Soon in the new company, the same is repeated.

The causes of stress may be anything, but stress spoils the quality of life. We will loose our sense of well being.

High expectation, committing more than what you can deliver, fear of loosing the job, under paid job, working for long hours, working without taking rest in proper intervals, and immediate boss harassment are all related to job stress. People work happily in one company and jump to another company for higher pay then trap into the stress. Because higher pay demands higher productivity.

We should aware of stress limit. Like body weight increases stress increases without our knowledge. We feel it later on ,when it becomes the issue.

We can work out everyday to avoid increasing body mass, in the same manner we can practice certain relaxation work out in our daily life. So stress level will be in control. Yoga, meditation, music, sports, walking, aquarium are better anti-stress practices. One should aware which best suits him/her for stress relaxation. Practice it everyday.

Use your leaves offered in office. Take leave in proper interval. Go to vacation. Never do over-work continuously. Never work with tension. If tension mounted then stop working. Never fear of loosing job.

Do not think the current employment is the end of job market. There is no job security in the world. World is the biggest market with vast variety. You can sell yourself at the price you expect easily. World is big.

Never work under stressful environment. This life is one time, live peacefully and happily.

If there is any immediate boss harassment in your working place, disappear from the place without even intimation. We are not here to fight with such superiors.

Long working hours will not kill you, but kill your quality of life. Beware of Long workings.

Better way to beat ‘Fear of Losing Job’ is save three months of your pay check in your bank. Whatever happens you can get another job within three months. Your savings can meat out your life needs. Do not be in a situation as if your pay check stopped, depend on others or borrow money for your expense. Save some amount to balance job hunting time.

Your loyalty to company, efficiency, expertise level , say many ‘yes’ to boss and nothing is going to protect expect your bank balance. Your ability to work consistently is the key factor of your survival and success not your loyalty to boss. There is no royalty for loyalty.

Your mental and physical fitness and skill set are the most important things to earn than anything. Preserve it. Protect it from Stress.