Surrender to your Immediate Boss to avoid Office Politics

There is a strategy to escape from ‘office politics’. No loss, no tension. You are safe and secure forever. Surrender to your immediate boss.

Having good rapport with your immediate boss is the easiest way to get your niche in office politics.

Never try to voluntarily get close to the boss of your immediate boss. It may provacate irritation and fear to your immediate boss. Soon he will execute harassment. If he allows you to create rapport with his boss, you are free to establish relationship with his boss.

There may be competitors to your immediate boss. Never never never get close to those people. They may have equal designation with your boss or having race with your immediate boss. Each one is trying to put down another. Avoid getting into cross fire. Never get close to ‘enemy’ of your immediate boss. This is worst mistake.

Show your ‘Sub-Ordination’ explicitly in your attitude and body language. Let others understand as you are in side of your boss because of his designation. So none will disturb you.

Remember, no other person can harm you like your immediate boss. No other person can help you like your immediate boss. He is the one who can either remove or give you peace in your work place.

At the same time be detached. Keep distance from your boss. You should be able to say ‘No’ when you have to say ‘no’. Otherwise, your ego will get wounded.

When your ego get wounded by your boss, you start to hate him. You will develop negative feelings. Soon, your negative feelings will be reflected in your speech and actions. Your relationship with your boss will get friction depending upon the maturity level of your boss.

Good immediate boss never put down the ego of their subordinates. They must have realized that to be successful they need the support of their subordinates as a team. He has to understand everyone’s need and what satisfy them. Some seek money, some seek respect, some seek comfort. Successful boss provides what every subordinate is expecting. Even they do not express it, he has to find and provide.

Be detached from your Boss. You may be promoted or changed. Your immediate supervisor will be changed. Change your ‘sub-ordination’ to your new immediate boss. Don’t repel your new boss. Show your subordination to the designation, but not for the human being who is holding it.

The thumb rule is establish good relationship with your immediate boss. You will have peace.

Reasons for Job Stress

Working hard or working long are not the reasons for stress especially job stress. Stress is a psychological response than physical. Food habit also plays role in stress.

Everything is mindset. You are working with a lady, beautiful lady. You are attracted by her and she too attracted towards you. Spending time with her – speaking, seeing, and everything is a great pleasure to you. You don’t feel for working long now. You like to work long. If the office is closed sharply by 6pm, you will feel it is too early to close.

You will not have job stress now. Job is a pleasure now. You love to be in the office rather than spending time outside. You work long without minding working long. You mind only the beauty where you get hooked.

Soon either you or the lady may be fired or transfered from the office due to office politics. Anyway, there is no job stress till you spend time with the woman.

You are sound financially. You have family support. You are well off. Job is not a mandatory in your life. Job will not be pressure to you. You will not have Job Stress. Job is one more activity in your life.

If your job is what you like to do, you will not have stress even you work for 24hrs a day.

You will not have job stress if you are able to lead your life without a need to work.

You will not have job stress if you are able to say ‘NO’ when you like to say no.

If you are confident and aware that loosing the current job is not going to affect your life anyway, you will not have job stress.

Job will not be a pressure to you when you are able to unload ‘Job Conscious’ from your mind. Fill your mind with what is interesting to you. What to fill your mind is up to you. Fill good things. Best is to fill by God’s wisdom.

People who meet one or more features discussed above are successful in both personal and career life. They do not have job stress. They have high productivity. Professional management adorns and absorbs such people.

Fire is hot. Anyone touches the fire will feel hot. This is common to all. Fire will not respond differently depending upon individuals. You, me, and everybody feels the same when we touch fire. If job gives stress, everybody working in your office should have stress, but only few are stressed out. All the people working are not getting stress. You can see in your office that many/few are enjoying their job, no stress, no tension.

Job Stress is subjective. It depends upon how you interpretate the concept ‘JOB’. Changing the bosses, companies on behalf of job stress will not give any result. It is your mind-set and attitude create stress. Wherever you go, you will have the same unless you change. It is you have to change.

Ignore the Office Politics to Reduce Job Stress

Office politics and work stress are closely related. Ignore the office politics to reduce stress. It is not the workload alone which is the reason for stress. It is our mindset and smouldering negative emotions, which create stress.

Your stress level mounts when your mind is obsessed and got feverish with negative thoughts or negative emotions. Work load is not an issue if you are happy and you have sense of well being.

You will have detractors if you are skillful and talented. You will have competitors, you will earn jealous of others. The existing employees or senior by date of joining have fear or jealous at you. You will have tough time if you are smarter than your immediate boss or superior. You will be insulted directly or indirectly. What they want is to get you out of the company and let them be on top always.

Your relationship stress mounts if you react to the above scenario negatively.


My friend is a programmer. He is well talented with high productivity. He was a quickly promoted to higher levels. The programmers working in the company who are senior to him by date of joining get jealous at him. They represent the management. They insulted him directly or indirectly. They always teased him, put him down many times.

Those who are close to management or acting as immediate boss or superior expect others to be meek to them in all the aspects. Those who are better than them will be tossed like anything.

My friend who had got friction with such people. He started to develop angry feelings, and negative emotions. He did not fight with them explicitly. He kept ‘bottle necking’ his angriness and negative feelings. Even after office hours, he was thinking about them. He was always having the angry feelings and frustrations. His head was overloaded with angry thoughts. He was obsessed or got feverish with his detractors thoughts.

He did not think about his girl friend, his parents, God, brothers and sisters, and friends. But, kept thinking about his competitors.

His productivity in the work got reduced slowly. He was not able to concentrate in his work. His productivity reduced due to wasting his mental strength by having a non-stop ego friction. His workload was also increased. All led him to severe stress and depression problems.

He met me and discussed his problem. He said that he was not able to concentrate in his work. He had some health problems. He suddenly started speaking about his office detractors. He was about to quit the company due to these problems.

I understood his real problem. I explained the real reason for his mental tiredness and lack of concentration. I suggested him to stop thinking about his office detractors. I told him that he would get back his mental strength if he ignores their ill treatment, if he forgives them.

Company pays him, he does not need to bother about others. I told him few tips for how to ignore his detractors.

Office politics is everywhere. Learn to ignore it. Just concentrate on your work. As long as, company is paying you and the workload is bearable ignore other things.

My friend realized the his problem. It is not the work load or his immediate boss which give him stress. It is the way how he responded, which actually give stress to him.

My friend develops pity at his detractors in the office. He is happy that he is skilled enough to earn jealous of other people. He thinks about what he likes and who like him. His angriness disappears. He regains his form and productivity. He is rising to further higher level in his career.

Slowly and steadily, his detractors skip him. They will find another rising star for screwing. My friend is happy and healthy both mentally and physically.

Blogging Becomes Stress

Bloggers are booming. Blogging open the way for everybody to write. You do not need to be high-educated scholar to blog. With average language skills able to describe that’s all. It is free hand writing.

But this Blogging becomes stress when you blog for money. You may hear about stories of Successful Bloggers. Blogs can be monetirised. All this can make you believe that blogging can be an easy way for earning money.

This is not true. If you blog for money, you will loose writer’s spirit. You skip from blogger’s attitude. Successful bloggers blog when they like to blog. But bloggers for money try to blog all the time; they like to fill their blog with anything and everything. It is not the quantity but quality makes the different.

You will keep searching for topic, and ideas to blog. Instead of writing about something, which moves and stirs you, you try to write a diary. Sometimes you start to steal. You use your office hours to blogging. You hate to do office works. You hate to spend time with your friends and family. You always want to keep writing or filling your blog. You have urgency or hurry to get your blog filled. Your mind will be obsessed with blogging.

You dream that soon you are going to earn huge money from your blog. So you rush to get your blog filled. Each and every second something come to your mind to fill your blog.

This is a sort of stress called Blogging Stress. When you blog casually when you can and what you like, it is a hobby. You can enjoy blogging hobby. True bloggers do not expect any monetary return from their hobby. They expect a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. But when you see blogging is a business opportunity you loose the pleasure of blogging. Blogging becomes a work to you.

You schedule your timing to blog. You pressurize you to write blog without motivation. Even your creativity is empty; you do not wait for it to come up. You do not wait for something to blossom in you to write. All this because you see blogging is a source to make money through advertisement. Sooner or later you will get depression by becoming forceful blogging machine. Too much of anything is bad, including blogging.

True bloggers do not work for blogging. They write when something move their spirit. They blog when they like to share something. Like flower blossoming, blog blossoms to them. They do not fix time frame or join the race of filling their blog. In a spontaneous moment they start writing.

If you see blogging as a source of financial freedom, then sooner or later you will develop blogging stress. If you have blogging stress please stop blogging. Stop vomiting many things instead of writing few things with creativity.

Keep blogging, if you have the true blogging spirit. Otherwise you will be wasting your resources like time, money and energy.

There is no true financial freedom. Even if you start earning from your blog, you are not secure financially. Somebody may hack your site or your hosting server may go down or your advertiser (pay per click) company may change their policy. So blog if you have the spirit of blogging, please do not let the blogging be one more factor for stress.

Let the blogging be a hobby and pleasure, not a business until it really starts yielding business.

Say No to Manage Job Stress

Today, I spoke with my friend, who is working in a BPO as call center executive. I was afraid to speak to him, since he will start complaining his tough life style and fearful job culture. Because I was too in such situation few years back. Many times he says of giving up the job.

Tension stimulates tension. Fear stimulates fear. Stress stimulates stress. Confidence stimulates confidence. Comfort stimulates comfort. Mood stimulates mood.

So I tried to avoid him. But anyway he is my friend. I spoke to him over phone. He meets his physician (doctor) regarding his health. His doctor advised him a complete medical checkup. Strictly advised to change to a peaceful job. So he will be presenting his resignation paper soon.

It is not all the BPO people who are getting stress. If job is the reason for stress, then everybody who is working in the field must suffer. Not all the people who work in call centers or software companies get stress related problems. Some people get stress, some people enjoy the job. If it is a poison, it should kill everybody, but whether it is a poison or honey varies from individual to individual.

Even in some cases those who are stressed out now in their job, have achieved great challenges in the past.

From my personal experience and observation, I notice two types of stress. Physical stress and mental stress. When you are driven to work more than what your body can deliver then physical/body stress begins. Rest is the only medicine for this type of stress. When you do something but you do not like to do it. You are not able to say no. You do something with fear and tension. In these situation mental stress begins. If you are alone and having angry/hate feelings with your immediate boss or with somebody else then you will have severe stress. Develop an ability to say No when you like to say no and eradicating fear and tension are the only medicine to get rid off mental stress. Once stress removed its problems will be automatically disappear.

When I develop an attitude of Surrendering to God, I find my fear and tension get reduced, so that my stress too reduced. Once I stop fearing and getting tense, I am able to say No, when I like to say No. I feel I am getting back to my teen age. I never worried even loosing the job to say No.

Fear and tension sucks your energy like anything. If hate, angry, and physical excessive work joined together fear and tension, then they all make you empty.

If you give up your job, then again you will fear about your future. If you feel JOB is your self-identity then you cannot give up the job. You catch the tail of tiger.

It is not all the people who get stressed out. It is who have fear and tension in the current job and not able to say No are victim of stress.

Those who are able to say No and do not have fear and tension enjoy both job and personal life.

Surrender to God or having tremendous self-confidence is best way to eradicate fear and tension in life.

Kill your fears. Say No when you like to say No. I assure you will not have stress in doing any kind of job.

Surrendering to God reduce Stress and Fear

Surrendering to God reduce Stress and Fear

After developing an attitude of surrendering to God, I feel comfortable. My stress and fear level reduced. Soon it will be completely removed.

I was searching for people, incidents, works which give stress and tension to me. But later on I realized stress and fear in not outside. There are inside me. It is an attitude and personification problem. We do not have control over outside things. But we can control how we react. Our wrong responses are main reason for stress.

Every human has his/her own value system to life. Our value system, faith, belief everything matters. If your fundamental value system is wrong then you are prone to stress.

Surrendering to God is the best way to solve problems which gives your stress. If you are able to solve, it will not be a stress to you. It is a stress because; it is beyond your control. Even you juice your brain you can not do anything for things beyond your control. Developing an attitude of surrendering to God has great result in getting rid of stress and fear.