Surrender to your Immediate Boss to avoid Office Politics

There is a strategy to escape from ‘office politics’. No loss, no tension. You are safe and secure forever. Surrender to your immediate boss.

Having good rapport with your immediate boss is the easiest way to get your niche in office politics.

Never try to voluntarily get close to the boss of your immediate boss. It may provacate irritation and fear to your immediate boss. Soon he will execute harassment. If he allows you to create rapport with his boss, you are free to establish relationship with his boss.

There may be competitors to your immediate boss. Never never never get close to those people. They may have equal designation with your boss or having race with your immediate boss. Each one is trying to put down another. Avoid getting into cross fire. Never get close to ‘enemy’ of your immediate boss. This is worst mistake.

Show your ‘Sub-Ordination’ explicitly in your attitude and body language. Let others understand as you are in side of your boss because of his designation. So none will disturb you.

Remember, no other person can harm you like your immediate boss. No other person can help you like your immediate boss. He is the one who can either remove or give you peace in your work place.

At the same time be detached. Keep distance from your boss. You should be able to say ‘No’ when you have to say ‘no’. Otherwise, your ego will get wounded.

When your ego get wounded by your boss, you start to hate him. You will develop negative feelings. Soon, your negative feelings will be reflected in your speech and actions. Your relationship with your boss will get friction depending upon the maturity level of your boss.

Good immediate boss never put down the ego of their subordinates. They must have realized that to be successful they need the support of their subordinates as a team. He has to understand everyone’s need and what satisfy them. Some seek money, some seek respect, some seek comfort. Successful boss provides what every subordinate is expecting. Even they do not express it, he has to find and provide.

Be detached from your Boss. You may be promoted or changed. Your immediate supervisor will be changed. Change your ‘sub-ordination’ to your new immediate boss. Don’t repel your new boss. Show your subordination to the designation, but not for the human being who is holding it.

The thumb rule is establish good relationship with your immediate boss. You will have peace.