House Wife Stress

What are the problems of stressed wives?

Money Constraint:
Live within the salary of husband or how much is given by husband.
Either house wives do not have full financial freedom or sufficient finance. Both are tough Stresses.

Routine Job:
Working women can change the company, if they not like it or get bored with it. But house wife can not change their ‘company’. Irrespective of ‘likings’, they have to do the routine job. It is the spirit of ‘love’ glue them to their families(companies).

Lack of Appreciation:
Working women are recognised or appreciated in their office. They get promotion, salary hike and in some way their hard work and achievements are recognized by the people/company to whom they serve. But the dedication and hard work of the house wives are always ignored. Every human being deserve appreciation for the role they play. But the role of house wife never get its appreciation it deserve duly. If you are a house wife and you are appreciated for successfully carrying out your task, please post/comment here.

No Leave:
House wife has to work without leave. Even on holidays, they can not escape from the duties of taking care of their children, husband. I could not think of job with holidays.

Identification Crisis:
If the wife is an “educated house wife”, their self identification will be a stress. Educated woman wants to identify herself as ‘working woman’ in her society. She wants to have professional tagging to her identification. If she is not able to or allowed to go to job due to some ‘valid reasons’, she will have a sort of stress for being an ‘Educated House Wife’.

There is no rule that a house wife must live with all or some stresses mentioned above. There might be few house wives living without the stresses discussed above. If you have any other stress to be highlighted here, please post/comment here.